help me please. laptop display issues

i turned my laptop on this morning and got nothing in my display but a black screen. after trying various things to fix it, i found out that closing the lid on my laptop so that it goes to sleep, then opening it again would cause my computer to show a display as normal, but only for about 2 seconds, then screen would go black again. by closing the lid and opening it again repeatedly, i was able to try a couple of things. first i connected an external monitor and changed my display properties to extend my desktop to it. the display on the external monitor did the same thing my laptop screen was doing. the display worked for about 2 seconds but then black screen. i tried disconnecting all external devices then restarting but no change. then i tried a system restore to a couple of days ago. this didn't work either. i was about to try another system restore to an earlier time, but as i was in the process of closing the lid and opening it again to inch my way through the steps, as i opened the lid for probably about the 30th time, the display was different this time. it was very faint and flickered a bit, but it didn't go to a black screen. then a few seconds later the display started working as normal. no black screen, no faint display.

currently my display is working as it should, but i am very worried that at any time it will die on me again. also, i am afraid to reboot my computer, thinking the same issue will come back. i cannot keep it on forever because many things require you to restart your computer (updates etc).

i do freelance work over the internet so it is critical that i have a working computer. please help me figure this out. thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

my computer is an HP HDX 16 laptop running windows vista home premium 64 bit. my display driver is NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT

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Reporting: help me please. laptop display issues
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Try that generic reset.
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tried it already

thanks for the post Bob

the reset seems to be for laptops that will not start. my problem is not that my laptop will not start, it is that the display is not working. when i turn it on, everything works just fine, except the display.

i actually did do this generic restart anyway when i was first trying to figure out what was wrong with it, but it did not change anything. i forgot to include that in my original post, sorry about that.

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Have you ...

tried a system restore to a day PRIOR to the problem?

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If you boot with ...

a bootable CD such as one of the Linux distros or the Windows Instalation DVD do you still have display problems? If so it would point to hardware rather than software such as drivers or corupt files.

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At least you tried it.

I've used this on wonky display laptops too but the 9600m is a bad chip in my view.

Google this -> 9600M DEFECTIVE.

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new info

i have new information for anyone interested. i had been keeping my computer on since my display came back on, afraid that if i turned it off i would lose the display again. one night i was going to bed i turned my computer off without thinking. i turned back on immediately to see if i would get my display back, and everything worked fine. my display showed up just like normal. i thought maybe it was fixed somehow so i turned it off again and went to bed. the next morning when i turned it on, no display again.

again, when i closed the lid of my laptop to make it go to sleep, then open it again, the display shows up as normal for a few seconds, then goes blank again. this time however, when i hooked up an external monitor, i was able to get a display in the monitor. i didnt have to do anything special, just connected the monitor and changed my display settings to display to the monitor, and it worked just fine, even though the display to my laptop screen didn't.

i kept closing the lid and opening it again in hopes that the display on my laptop screen would come on again, but for a very long time it only showed up for the few seconds. the next day i was doing the same thing to try and bring back my display, and it eventually worked. the display to my laptop screen is working again.

to answer edward's post, yes i did a system restore to a time before my display issues started happening. i did not use an OS cd though just the system restore stored on my computer.

at this point im convinced that it is a hardware problem. im thinking it is a failing graphics card, though i dont know much about these things.

if anyone has any new info that could help me i would love to hear it, but as of now i guess i will just try to keep my computer on for as long as possible, and save up for a new computer. hopefully it will last until then.

thank you to edward and bob for trying to help, and to anyone who might post here in the future

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If you did your research

You'll find others with odd behaving laptops. It really doesn't matter since the usual owner will grasp as straws and supply endless details about the behavior. When the usual reset does not bring back the display we know to swap boards, cables or displays. This can upset those that are not in the repair business.

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