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Help me please, CD WRITER doesn't work

Dec 12, 2010 8:41PM PST

hi people,

I really need some help.. There was a time ago that I tryed to put WINDOWS Vista on my computer. But in a accident I pressed on the Windows Vista Activator problem.. I think since then the problem started. Well since that day everythime I start my computer the first thing that appears on the screen is "BOOT FROM CD". Now I have downloaded the WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE AND BURNED IT ON A CD on my other computer. Well still it isn't working. My CD WRITER cannot read anything.. but I know it's working.. It's like it reads it, you see the minidisc next to the cursor and then stops and does not do ANYTHING.. So for already 1 year I cannot put cd or dvds in my writer.. and the thing in the beginning of my screen "BOOT FROM CD" Is still there..


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Just checking
Dec 12, 2010 8:44PM PST

Where did you download that Windows Vista Ultimate from?

Also, tell us more about the "Windows Vista Activator problem". What problem was that?


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Re: boot from cd
Dec 12, 2010 8:49PM PST

1. The boot from CD/disk/usb/diskette switch is in the BIOS. So go into the BIOS setup, find the screen with the field that defines the sequence of boot devices to try and set to to whatever you prefer.
2. You can't burn Vista Ultimate to CD, I think. Only to DVD. It's too big. It's distributed on DVD. How many MB is the version you donwloadend?
3. Where did you download it from?
4. How exactly did you burn it? Are you sure you did it the right way so it's a bootable DVD? Did you try on your other PC?
5. What do you mean with "it can't read anything, but I know it's working". I'd say it's not working.
6. If it's bootable disk, and it tries to boot from it, and it doesn't boot, it's a hardware issue. Time to try a new drive then.


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Dec 12, 2010 11:15PM PST

Well I just downloaded the VISTA from
There was a torrent for the Windows vista only and a Windows Vista activator.

Everything went well, the download just everything.
But I was so curious that I pressed on the activator, just to look what will it do. But I think that was a bad idea of me to do that because as I assume.. I first had to put the disk and afterwards I had to activate the activator.


Yeah I know I have done that in the BIOS, boot from CD.. and I have burned the Vista Ultimate on a DVD. I did it in a good way, because I tryed it on my laptop and it WORKED... just perfectly.. What I mean with It can read.. I mean Like when I put the DISK in the writer you can see the green light on the writer.. It trys to read but in some way he stops and does nothing.. He can't even read a normal music CD or what ever... But what I meant it's working I meant that the CD WRITER isn't broken.

What do you mean with a HardWare issue, and a new drive.. Im not so good in computer..

I Aprreciete your time and efford guys,


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Try the one and only real DVD from Microsoft.
Dec 13, 2010 12:32AM PST

And we lock threads about illegal subjects like this.

Moreover, we don't recommend Vista for people who are not so good in computer. Windows 7 is much easier and not more expensive.