You need to contact the OEM system makers and request a XP restore/recovery disc. Usually it maybe free or some small cost. Otherwise, you're stuck having to buy full retail/upgrade versions to reload the OS.There are OEM generic type installs intended for DIY'ers at less cost than full retail/upgrade versions. In order to be legal, an OS disc must be used 1 per system, but not one OS across several systems. If you're lucky you may still have a hidden partition on HD where some system makers provided as a restore/recovery procedure. You can try to visit the various system supports and see what they suggest in restore/recovery.

If you try to do what I think you want to do, copy the only working OS, you're result will be blank or frozen displays as each won't work. The h/w on each system will vary and cause such a result as XP knows something has changed. Plus, if you do get beyond that, under the windoze re-authorization process, you'll fail or be told of an error. Since this is a network, some AV investment should have done or be part of the recovered when that happens. It pays to actually buy the good stuff, since this is important to warrant it.

Now, you know why many a good tech, suggests back-up is a "must do process". If anything, getting the required OS s/w and etc. will provide protection should this happen again. You can try this source for possible XP OEM restore/recovery discs:

You can google away using keywords or similar, [OEM restore disks]

good luck -----Willy Happy