According to your condition I still focus on Nikon, Canon's fast and in the telephoto field than Nikon has obvious advantages, depending on the Canon fuselage than Nikon caliber, research and development of large aperture lens potential greater, more convenient, more affordable , Canon's super telephoto has 1200mm, and Nikon R & D to 600mm, and the effect is not as good as Canon 600mm, while in the wide-angle Nikon has a slight advantage of imaging sharpness than Canon strong, in terms of color, Canon accurate natural Warm, Nikon cold and rich, so take pictures like Canon, shooting scenery with Nikon, Canon is in exchange for sharpness level, Nikon is used in exchange for the level of sharpness, or have their own focus because Canon's speed so fast sports journalists Generally have to use Canon, that is, we see the side of the white side of the cannon, but Canon's low-end products can be said to be cheaper, but no Nikon kind, especially the lens, Canon's dog can dog to no longer dog, Relative, Nikon do some kindness, that is, Nikon's dog can also make do with the head, but the body is also strong to where to go, you can say, low-end Nikon good, high-end Canon is good, which depends on how you choose their own , If you want to play the film, I will not hesitate to tell you: with Nikon! For you to use the Canon investment will be bigger, I use Canon's speech fairly objective?