if you are using realone the ipod may not be an option. it depends which version of realone you are using. the newest version has something called "Harmony" which allows all the songs you bought from realone to work on the ipod. however, i am sceptical of this. realone uses WMA as their codec, and aparently Harmony switches the codec to AAC, which is ipod compatible. but converting lossy codecs will result in a huge loss of sound quality. if i were you, and you have already bought lots of WMA files on realone, do not get an ipod. actually, if you are going to run with the device, dont get anything with a hard drive. running with a hard drive WILL break it. it might take a year or so, but it WILL break. i would recommend an iriver or rio flash player with 512 MB of memory. both of those brand support WMA in their devices and 512 MB of memory will hold hours of music.