Print and Print Spooler problems abound in these forums so it will be almost impossible for us to find that discussion for you.

If your browser does not clear History each time you close the browser down, or keeps history for a few days, then you could check the browser's History files and see if you can find the link there.

Other than that, lets start again. What problems are/were you having? Tell us all please, with computer make and model, printer make and model, error messages and what you have done so far.

From what you say in your first post, you have deleted the Printers folder. If you mean the whole folder from shortcut pointed to in the Start Menu, personally I wouldn't have done that. I would have just right clicked the printer icon in that folder and selected Delete, then found the program folders for that printer and deleted those.

Assuming that is what you mean, then close down the computer and disconnect the printer. Restart the computer, then reinstall the printer software from the CD that came with the printer.

For the Print Spooler, you can check that in the Services Console. To do that, go to Start > Run, type in services.msc and click OK. In the new window, scroll down until you see Print Spooler. Double click that entry to see its dialog box.

In that dialog box see what the settings are. If the services is stopped, Start it. If you want the service to start automatically at Startup, select the correct Startup type:

Does that help?