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Help does our T.V. Support 1080i?

Hi my father bought a Mitsubishi HD1080 Series TV back in 2002 I believe, and honestly to this day we don't even know for sure what Hd resolution our TV supports. Ive checked the back of the TV and the spot where you can plug component cables in says (1080i , 480p). While im in the TV's menu, the only HD resolutions I can change from is 480p and 940i. Can anyone help me out and tell me what my TV really supports? I would really appreciate it.

Note I don't know much about TVs Grin

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WHAT IS 940i............

In reply to: Help does our T.V. Support 1080i?

TRY 1080i maybe.
Just research some more. Good luck.


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In reply to: Help does our T.V. Support 1080i?

I've never heard of 940i, or 940 anything for that matter. Despite the recent popularity of HDTV, the formats were developed quite some time ago, with 1080i being one of the standards. Without a model number, it's hard to say for sure, but I would guess that the tv will ACCEPT a 1080i signal. It may even accept a 720p signal. What the tv ends up displaying could be different (although I'm still having trouble with the whole 940 thing, but I suppose it is possible...) Anyway, I bought a tv in 2002 that could accept either a 1080i or 720p signal via Component Video aka "YPbPr" or "YCbCr" (3 RCA-style cables for video alone) or via DVI (which is a rectangular cable, identical to what you would find on the back of any new desktop computer). Even today, these cables (in addition to HDMI, which is the successor to DVI) are the only way transmitting HD content to the tv due to the enormous amount of information in an HD signal. So, if you're trying to hook up an upconverting DVD player, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD, PS3, external ATSC (HDTV) tuner, and you've only got one (yellow) video cable going into the back of the tv, you won't be able to send a high-def signal.

Look at the jacks on the back of the tv.

YELLOW - Composite Video (1-channel)
WHITE - Left Audio
RED (only if next to White) - Right Audio

None of these will work for HD.

These are what you'll need to plug into for HD.

GREEN - Component Video Y
BLUE - Component Video Pb
RED - Component Video Pr

or HDMI or DVI

(note that DVI does not carry sound, nor does Component Video; if you use those, it should also have a separate White and Red input for sound)

I hope it's not too confusing with RED being in both categories. The inputs should be grouped pretty tightly, and stacked either in one column (Y-Pb-Pr-L-R) or two columns (Y-Pb-Pr....L-R) and really ought to have some sort of visual designation that they are all for the same input, even if it's just a single white line drawn on the back of the tv.

So, what do you do now? Well, you need a source that can send an HD signal. You'll have to post again and tell us what the source is so we can confirm its HD-ness. Happy However, if you're feeling frisky, if you have a VCR or DVD player hooked up to the tv currently, and you've connected it to the tv using the YELLOW-WHITE-RED method for video and sound, those cables can be used to connect an HD source (VIDEO ONLY) via Component Video. Just make sure you connect each cable to the same input/output color on the tv/source (or else you'll get funkafied colors)

YELLOW cable = Y Component out from source, into tv
WHITE cable = Pb Component
RED = Pr Component

Hope that makes sense. =/ But remember that you won't have sound if you do this. Unlike the VCR/DVD player, those 3 cables are now all dedicated to video. If it works, you can go to RadioShack or wherever and get one more set of cables to connect the audio (for a grand total of 5).

Hope this helps! Good Luck!


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In reply to: 940i?

Are you sure the TV doesn't say 540i? My old Toshiba does 540i and back then I think it was a common format (half of of 1080). Just a thought.

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Thanks for the quick replies

In reply to: 940i

Thanks for the quick replies, I really appreciate it. Im sorry about saying the TV had 940i.. I checked the TV again to make sure and it turned out to be 960i and 480i I can choose from in the menu.(Although I didn't notice any difference when switching besides the screen flickering once). One thing I noticed was when I plugged my cousins Xbox 360 into our TV 480p seemed to work fine even though I can't choose it in the TVs menu, which is why I get the idea 1080i would work since its printed on the back of the TV alongside 480p. My cousins weren't too excited about me trying 1080i so I figured id ask here and see if you all could help me out. I wish we still had the model number for the TV, Im sure it would have been easy to find out on the internet with that.

Oh and Ben, our TV has green, blue, and red slots to put component cables in, which is also where (480p , 1080i) is printed.
The reason why im trying to figure out whether we have 1080i support is because we have a Playstation 3 and Im wondering if our TV would support its High Definition.

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PS3 via Component looks great

In reply to: Thanks for the quick replies

I'm currently running my PS3 via Component Video and it's fantastic; I started a thread about having trouble with HDMI (though that's irrelevant for you). Anyway, PS3 is definitely good to go with green-blue-red. Happy

Be aware that, for both PS3 and Xbox, some games run at 1080i (for PS3 even 1080p), and some run at 720p. I would set the PS3 Display Settings so that 480p, 720p, and 1080i are checked. The PS3 will acknowledge this as "a maximum resolution of 1080i". The main PS3 menu thing will run at 1080i, and it will run games (if the game does not override the Display Settings) at this setting, such as Gran Turismo HD (which allows you to specify 720p, 1080i, 1080p, or the PS3 settings). If that works, which it should, uncheck 1080i so that 720p is the max res. This will be interesting, as this ought to test the tv's ability to accept a 720p signal, which the tv should in turn convert to 1080i (or 960i) using its own video processor. I can't predict whether this will work, particularly because my 2002 tv said 1080i/720p/480p on the back.... However, it's worth trying because I've noticed that with the game Call of Duty 3, despite it clearly saying on the box: "Supported HD video output: 480p, 720p, 1080i", if 720p is not checked in the Display Settings, the game reverts to 480p. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in this area and I cannot force the game to run at 1080i (much to my dismay, cuz it's a gorgeous game, esp. level 10). I don't know whether this is a problem with the game or the PS3 itself, but after shelling out $50 for it, I would have been pissed to find it not running in HD. If you don't have Call of Duty, you can download the Motor Storm demo for free from the Playstation store, which is also where you'll find the Gran Turismo HD demo. Motor Storm also prefers to run in 720p, and thus if 720p is not checked in the Display Settings, it will default to 480p.

I'm rambling here, sorry. Basically, in the Display Settings, see what you can get away with. On the screen where you check off the different resolutions, you can push SQUARE while highlighting a certain resolution, and it will test that resolution for you; you'll know if it doesn't work Happy and just press CIRCLE and it'll go back to whatever resolution it was using before. See if 720p works despite it not being listed on the back of the tv. And this will save you the time of downloading stuff, too.

I know all these numbers and letters are confusing. The number simply refers to the number of vertical lines in the signal. Higher is better, as a general rule, though this is the topic of much discussion, as the letter paired with the number is not insignificant. However, for you personally, considering your sources and your "necessity" for HD, I feel comfortable saying that 1080i will server you just fine. If you want to test 1080i using an actual game (not just the PS3 main menu), download Gran Turismo HD. If 1080i is selected in the Display Settings, it WILL run in 1080i, and you will notice the difference. Even my girlfriend was like, "Wow, you can see the driver's eyes...and the key hole on the door...and it's not just a silver dot, like you can actually see the hole!" I'm pretty sure that's the most excited she's EVER been about Gran Turismo. You have no idea how I dreamt of that moment... Wink

Anyway, good luck! Hope this works for you.


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In reply to: PS3 via Component looks great

Thanks so much for the info, you were very helpful. I'm going to get some component cables soon and try it out. That'll be the only way I know for sure what my TV supports. I downloaded Motorstorm when we first got our Playstation ( and bought resistance ) and even in 480i I was amazed by how well it looks so I can imagine how nice these games look in HD.
Once again thanks for the help!

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Don't spend too much

In reply to: Thanks!

I've seen component video cables for PS3 selling for $60, even $90. It's outrageous! I'm STILL using the component video that I bought for my PS2. I KNOW they were less than $40.

Definitely look online and comparison shop.

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In reply to: Don't spend too much

Wow I didn't think they would be priced that high. Ill definitely look around. Does it really matter what name brand it is? Or should I go for a Sony one?

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Wal-Mart or Sam's Club will do fine

In reply to: Wow

Last time looked, Sam's had Philips brand at around $23.

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(NT) I have some of the Phillips cables from Sam's, no problem. J

In reply to: Wal-Mart or Sam's Club will do fine

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Not in this case

In reply to: Wow

If you had a $7000 tv, I'd tell you to get the "best" (read expensive) cable you could find. Why? Two reasons: (1) Money doesn't seem to be an issue, and (2) even if money WAS an issue, you went and spent $7000 on tv! Clearly this indicates a passion for the tv. For me, I might spend that extra few thousand on my car or some other passion of mine, but if your tv is REALLY that important, then you should by "the best", regardless of what it costs, because it is in fact the best, you want the best, and the tv IS that important, and you'll be glad you that the tv is receiving the best signal possible.

Now, let's get back to reality. Happy First thing, you can't buy any old component video cables because one end of the cables needs to fit into the PS3; it has it's own Playstation-type square connector (see the video cable that comes with the PS2/3). So, that will limit your options because you've now entered a specialized area. That being said... no, brand doesn't really matter. In fact, aside from Monster, most of the other PS3 cables you'll come across won't be by brands you recognize anyway.

Here are some rules for cables in general:
-- Analog cables, which include component video cables, are subject to "interference". Theoretically, placing unshielded cables near other electronics or power cords can interfere with the signal quality. I can't say that I've ever experienced video interference before. If a cable package specifically said it didn't have shielding, no I wouldn't buy it. But I would be surprised if any cable you bought didn't have at least SOME amount of shielding in it.

-- Analog cables are subject to degradation over distance. I'm no physicist, buy I do know that "resistance" in regard to electronics is called such for a reason. The shorter the cable, the more signal "strength" will get through. What does degradation look like? It could look like noise, it could look like washed out colors, etc. Sounds bad, but honestly, unless you're running like 50ft of cable, I don't think this will be an issue. In other words, a 6 ft cable by pretty much anyone ought to suit you fine. Again, if you had a $7000 tv... but you don't... and neither do I, so don't worry about it.

Now, all that being said, I don't think either of them are going to an issue.

I did a search on, I searched for "PS3 Component Video Cables", couldn't find anything under $60. Then I searched for "PS2 Component Video Cables" and came up with this:
It's the same cable! It just costs less because they're "for PS2". Maybe that's why my mommy thinks I'm smart...

$10 sounds pretty sweet to me. I'd e-mail and ask whether the cable is brand new. Other than that, seems like a good deal. Maybe pick up a game as well to justify however much shipping costs. Or even Component video cables for your Xbox 360, take advantage of its HD capabilities, too.

Anyway, this is the same cable that I'm using! I would e-mail gameasylum.

Good luck!


Now, this is irrelevant to your current situation, but I'm throwing it in just to be thorough. I did notice some problems when trying to run 1080p through this cable. I found that the colors on the bottom third/quarter of the screen were off. But it runs 1080i JUST FINE!

The PS3 is supposed to support 1080p via Component for GAMES ONLY (not for Blu-Ray Disc playback). And It does in fact work, but the colors are a distraction. This may be where the $60 cables are supposed to make a difference, but I'm skeptical. But, your tv can't support 1080p anyway, so don't worry about it.

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In reply to: Not in this case

Thanks again for the info everyone. I went to circuit city and found PS3 component cables branded by sony for 20 dollars. They also had those monster cables for about 60 dollars. I'm glad I had a circuit city in the area, the other stores i went to didn't have any component cables for the PS2 or PS3. I plugged the cables in today and I was really happy to find out my TV really does support 1080i , but sadly not 720p. So hopefully in a future update for the Playstaion they'll upscale the resolution to 1080i instead of downscale them to 480p. But it is nice playing some of the demos in 1080i! Thanks again everyone for all the help!

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