in it's logs. Did you quarantine or delete the malware file?

Reason I ask is because when you delete, you have no option left over. File is gone for good. Delete only after waiting two weeks or so, and only if the file is still found to be malicious, but your system is still running fine without it, only then do you delete it.

Quarantine is an area where a malicious file cannot harm your system, leaving it there will do no harm.

Otherwise a needed system file can be gone forever, never to be recovered again. Sometimes a system file is reported to be malicious when it is not, (false-positive) and restoring it after virus definitions are updated to reflect it as clean, and file then scans clean again, it would then be safe to restore that file.

and here:


Ring a bell?

System repair may be your only option here. If that fails, a clean, fresh install of Win 7 is the only way to go. You will lose all your documents and pictures if you do a clean install, so use Ubuntu Live CD to backup files you want to keep before you do this.