Avenue A is just a tracking cookie, not a full-on spyware assault. The difference is that tracking cookies are typically used for advertising purposes (even Cnet uses them) and anonomyously collect data about your surfing habits, while spyware is typically used for malicious purposes, monitoring your every move and recording sensitive information. (Note: You can manually delete the cookie by going to the directory ''local drive:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies''.) The reason the tracking cookie keeps coming back is it's being reinstalled every time you visit a website that uses Avenue A for advertising purposes. I suggest downloading the free program Spyware Blaster, which prevents a host of unwanted ActiveX controls and cookies from ever being installed on your computer. (Note: It will not remove something if it's already been installed.) Avenue A is just one of the cookies on the list.

As far as the 2 negligable MRU (Most Recently Used) lists are concerned, it's nothing to worry about. Every time you access a file, the program, and Windows, records that, then lists the document as a recently accessed file. If you go start->my recent documents, or open a program such as MS Word, then look at the File menu, you'll see the last several files accessed. this feature is designed to provide easy access to files you've been reading/working on. If you're really concerned ith your privacy, you can use AdAware or CCleaner (free program that erases MRUs, temp files, cookies, and obsolete files to save space) to erase MRUs after your done accessing a file. However, it's not something you really need to be concerned with.

Hope this helps,