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Help a student with a very Short Study of XP please

Dec 14, 2010 6:05AM PST

Hi Everyone

I'm just wondering if this is the right place to ask or if it's allowed, but would any of you please help me?

I am a degree student and have chosen to write about how the interface looks and acts between 2 different systems (Windows XP and another undefined one).

I would like to post a short questionnaire of some description on here. I am looking for people with all different skill levels to answer the questions if possible.

Its very basic - the task I am covering is how to shut down a netbook, thats it.

Please can you help?? If i get a few responses I will post the questionnaire asap.

Look forward to your support.

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But since XP has a few variations on that.
Dec 14, 2010 6:15AM PST

For example I can have that XP Orb showing, or have a classic windows 2000 start button or other variations and it's still XP.

How can you cover the 5 or more interfaces plus the setting of the power button?

Here's the bottom line. There is no standard here. We can create one if we want so skip the research and just document what you have?

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do u mean installing 2 different OS on 1PC?
Dec 14, 2010 10:26AM PST

hi ,there.I just did not understand yr question.

do u mean installing 2 different OS on 1PC?

if it is so, u can do the following: installing the Windowsxp in the driver/disk C;another OS( better not XP edition)in the driver D.
hope to be helpful.
thk u

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Dec 14, 2010 7:45PM PST

Sorry for any confusion. The only thing i require is for you to answer questions on Windows XP, thats it.

As far as covering all the interfaces I'm basing my study on default installation. The test parameters have to be the same 4everyone otherwise the study will have no meaning.

Since I cannot come visit you all in person to perform an observation study, I have adapted my questions for users on a forum. Hope that helps.

I will post the questionnaire since the moderators/administrators have not declined this thread.

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The default varies.
Dec 15, 2010 1:34AM PST

I've seen it change from maker to maker and from retail to some OEM.

Your study has a tiny flaw in it.

Plus the forums (see the forum policies) don't support surveys.

Your post is now locked.

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Dec 14, 2010 7:49PM PST

XP Usability Study?

The purpose of the study is find out how easy it is to shut down a netbook/laptop style computer.

Would you kindly complete this questionnaire, I have kept the questions are kept as a brief as possible. This will help me with an assignment for my Foundation Degree. I have asked for your name and email but this is optional, otherwise I will not ask for any personal details and these results will only to be used to support my university work.

Q1. What operating systems have you used in the past? Windows / Linux / BSD / Mac / Other

Q2. how do you rate Windows XP Interface compared to the previous systems you have used?
(easier to use / similar to use / harder to use / not applicable)

Q3. What is your skill level on XP? Beginner / Competent / Expert

Q4. Which method would you use to shut down a laptop/netbook?

Mouse or Touch Pad / Terminal / Keyboard / Other ______________

Q5. How would you rate the interface in terms of shutting down the computer for the following: (NOTE - 1 is Poor, 5 is Good)

Wording/Language used on shut down menus -
Graphic/Icons easy to follow -

Q6. Would you find it easier if you could shut down using any of the following:

(i) Motion (move your hand over a sensor)
(ii) Speech (speak in to a microphone)
(iii) Hit a single key (on the keyboard)
(iv) Icon (click a short cut on the desktop)
Other: _____________________________________

Q7. Please leave any comments here on shutting down using XP or for general comments on the questionnaire)


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