It's actually a Good Thing(tm) that you see those boxes with a red x instead of images. That means the mail client isn't loading remote images by default. Spammers love to embed special codes into images, which let them know which email addresses are "live" so they can send more spam to them.

Of course this also means you're using some Microsoft email client (probably Outlook Express) which is a Bad Thing(tm). Microsoft just hasn't quite figured out security as a company, so it's best to avoid using any of their products that connect directly to the Internet. In particular Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Combined they represent a rapidly sinking ship under the ever increasing tide of spyware, self-replicating worms, phishing attacks, and plenty of other things. You'd be well advised to switch to something a bit more defensible, like Mozilla Firefox for web browsing and Mozilla Thunderbird for email. Both should have no problem importing settings and what not from their Microsoft counterpart, and they're free.