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About two days ago I was running an update for my ipod software in itunes, and noticed that Windows was also installing an update. Then my laptop accidentally over heated( it had been a problem in the past) and I waited for it to cool down.

When i went to reboot it later, I was shocked to find out it would NOT reboot. It gets to the screen with that little bar with the green square moving from left to right, the screen normally right before the welcome screen, and then it goes black. It takes me to a screen announcing that my computer has failed to start and that I should run a system restore to fix it.

System restore does nothing, but in Diagnostics I notice that it says the root problem is a bad patch, or a failed patch. I have tried System Restore, taking it back even to the 16 of october, and it didnt work. I tried to boot it in Safe Mode, and no luck. I tried going back to last known good configuration, and no luck. I tried a restore disc, and repairing it through that and no luck.

I can open up notepad in command prompt, and see that all my files are clearly still there. Is there anyway to fix this, and if not, can I rescue my files and save them somehow on a portable drive before I reformat my laptop?

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re : Help!

Hello there,

unfortunately MS DOS (Command Prompt) won't recognize a portable drive (USB)

If your hard disk is partitionned (ie: C:, D:, E: , ...) then you can simply format C: after moving all your stuff from the C: to D: (or E: or F: etc..) by using the different commands of the command prompt (copy/paste/move etc..) here is a list of them :

Otherwise, it seems there is a way to back up to external drives whiles in Command Prompt but I am not sure it works... Anyway here is the link I found :


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Over in the Cnet Storage Forum the 'Lost and Found' post at the top shares the most common methods. The best one is to boot up a Live CD called Ubuntu since we don't have to install that OS or even learn much about it. We boot that CD, click and drag (copy) our files from the old drive to the external.

Remember to save two copies!

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nice !

That is indeed a very good solution ! thanks for the tip Bob Happy

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Ok, so I download Ubuntu onto a disc, or do i have to buy it? Will any external drive work? Or does it have to be USb, SATA etc.? Step by step or a link to the steps would be nice. I am not quite as savvy as I'd like to be. Wink

Also, joe, so if I move everything from my C disk to my D, which is the other half of my memory, and reformat with CTRL + F10, it brings up the partition and lets me reset my laptop to factory. Wold that affect the ENTIRE hDD or just the C disk? How do I reformat JUST the C disk?

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You could buy it.

I only suggest that to folk that can't deal with making the boot CD noted widely on the net. It's over at the Ubuntu site so tell which step is eluding you.

--> CONTROL F10 would wipe out all user files so let's say that affects the entire HDD. It is never safe today to hope that other drives or partitions will survive. These forums are full of pleas such as "I formatted my C drive. Where are my files on C and D?"

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Booting up Ubuntu

I'm not entirely familiar with that step in particular. What will happen when I try to boot it up? When i boot from disc with my recovery disc for vista it gives me a repair ioption and asks if I want to install vista. When I boot with ubuntu, does it install ubuntu, or does it just somehow boot my HDD into the OS on the Disc? Will it erase anything? I have never used Ubuntu before, so I am an ubuntu virgin.

I'm assming any external hdd will work than? Just anything big enough to hold all my files? Do I save two copies of everything on the External HDD? That would take a LOT of space, seeing as i have almost close to 100GB of data on my laptops HDD, but is not impossible. Why do I need two copies? Is there known issues where data gets corrupted in this process?

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Good questions.

Here's an link about a prior version:

That was over 6 years ago and today it's even easier. Sadly if you can't click, double click and copy files in windows then you need to head to a shop and have them save your files for you. There is no need to learn Ubuntu however once in a while folk want a video of how to use it.

About the two copies. Again, these forums are testament to the concept called backup. One copy is not backup. There is no backup copy. BUT WHY NOT MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE HERE? If you feel one copy is good enough and are willing to risk it all, you can do that.

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Thank you

I will be prepping my HDD and attempting this tomorrow. I appreciate all the help, and I think I understand how to do it now. If I have any problems I know exactly where to come for help now. You guys, and you in particular Bob, are great. Thanks a load.

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Dive in!

There is not much to learn in Ubuntu. The best thing to do is to boot it and click to open up the drives and click+drag to copy out what you want.

There's not much to learn.

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