It's a risky thing to post it.
If unchanged, you have:
400mhz, 64mb ram, 2mb or 8mb video, 56k modem, DVD player, 17" monitor, 14.4gb Hdd, and more.
This is good enough for XP Home or Pro, at a "discount" upgrade price. Mister Proffitt can clue you in on this, and how to do a clean install, if you have your W98SE CD or Quick Restore. Or you can "search" the Cnet XP forum. Or you can upgrade from W98SE to XP if you have stuff you want to save.
If you're referring to a Cnet "course", you're ready for it.
Hopefully you have: Adobe Reader 6.0; I.E. 6.0 updated; Firewall; spyware detector-cleaner; and up-to-date McAfee ($$/yr).
And you have Scandisked-Defragged recently.