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Heinz Kerry Bankrolling GOP Convention Ruckus?

At least one of the left-wing groups traveling to New York City next month in a bid to disrupt the Republican Convention has accepted money from a philanthropic foundation with financial ties to Teresa Heinz Kerry.

The Ruckus Society has been training demonstrators for months in the kind of street tactics that could turn the GOP's August confab into a security nightmare.
After riots organized by the Ruckus Society shut down the city of Seattle during a meeting of the World Trade Organization in 1999, Sellers told Mother Jones magazine:

"I make a distinction between violence and destruction of property. Violence to me is against living things. But inanimate objects? It may be violence under the law but I just don't think it's violence."

Although Ruckus protested both Republican and Democratic conventions in 2000, this year the group will be focusing exclusively on the GOP.

"Everybody is concerned first and foremost with getting the Bush administration out of office," Sellers told the Boston Globe last December.

Why the shift away from bipartisan protest?

Some say Ruckus' decision to spare the Kerry-Edwards campaign may have something to do with a cash grant from the Tides Foundation, an environmental advocacy group heavily funded by charities controlled by would-be first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Supporting terrorist organizations isn't anything new for Tides though.

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Reporting: Heinz Kerry Bankrolling GOP Convention Ruckus?
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(NT) (NT) Maybe they're hoping for a Republican counter offer?
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Re: Heinz Kerry Bankrolling GOP Convention Ruckus?

The Ruckus Society will be in my prayers in order that your God and mine will make their protests in NYC be all that they can be.

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Hezbollah, another recipient of Heinz Tides foundation...

funding probably joins you in those "prayers".

You seem to like the company.

Stalin and Lenin before him liked to call people like you and groups like Ruckus as well as donors to foundations such as Tides "useful fools". They were right.

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(NT) (NT) Provide proof BEYOND the internet
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Not a problem...

pick up your phone and contact the Tides foundation.

By law they must tell you.

While at it ask them to explain how their money laundering between the Tides Foundation and Tides Center.

Ask how much they have provided Adbusters Media Foundation with (here is a small sample but if you want non-internet you can buy the mag and help support terrorists yourself

If that doesn't satisfy you call Women's eNews Inc. (212-244-1720) and ask them how much funding they have received directly or indirectly from Teresa Heinz (They should tell you that they receive funding from the Heinz Family Foundation). She has helped fund their web site which has "glorified" Hezbollah (AKA Hizbullah) suicide bombers with articles such as this by "Sarah Smiles":

By Sarah Smiles
WeNews correspondent

In southern Lebanon, a generous support network provides for the widows of Hizbullah martyrs and ensures them a place of honor in the community.

BEIRUT, Lebanon (WOMENSENEWS)--Like many Shiite Muslim girls in southern Lebanon, Rima Naji was married early, at the tender age of 13. By 15 she had delivered her first child--a healthy boy--and by 19 her husband Sheikh Fadi Abboud was dead.

"He was martyred on the 10th of February 1995. He was 21 years old," she says. "Thank God he died according to the objectives of Hizbullah."

A member of Hizbullah or "Party of God," the Shiite Islamic resistance group that controls southern Lebanon, Aboud died in a commando operation against the Israeli army, which occupied the south from 1982 to 2000. His death was not extraordinary. During the lengthy occupation, scores of Lebanese were displaced, maimed and killed in a bloody guerilla war. When the Israeli army withdrew in May 2000, grinding their tanks out from bunkers across the south, Hizbullah--which is listed as a terrorist organization by the Pentagon--emerged victorious.

No Regrets About Husband's Fate
A staunch, pious woman veiled completely in black, Naji shows little regret about her ultimately fateful marriage.

"When I married him, I knew he followed the party. I knew I had a martyr at home," she says. Leaning closer, she confesses her ambitions for her sons, the youngest of whom was a nursling when Aboud died.

"When my sons tell me: 'I hope to become a martyr one day,' I say: 'I hope so too. I hope God chooses you as a martyr.'

"Although a mother doesn't need to tell the son of a martyr to do it," she says, "she may guide him towards it, but really, it's innate. He automatically has a feeling that he must follow his father."

After her husband died, Naji began studying to become a religious Sheik, finding comfort and acceptance of her husband's death in Islam.

"Although it's sad that he died, it also brings me enormous pride," she says of the honor her husband earned by dying as a martyr professed in the Koran. "It's more respectful to die as a martyr than a normal death."


Thanks to the Kerry-Heinz support they now have it in arabic too

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When will we see...

When will we see the required financial disclosure forms of Kerry, his wife and Edwards? AIR, for some strange reason Bill and Hillary Clinton's still weren't done 6 months into his first term. Are the Democrats going to submit the information or not? It's pertty obvious that Kerry is hiding some of his military service information, especially the Purple Heart paperwork, but submitting financial info is not optional and is supposed to be done Before the election.

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(NT) (NT) nothing like the love of a mother is there...
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Re: Heinz Kerry Bankrolling GOP Convention Ruckus?

They may as well go fund an Al Queda operation, it might do less damage to the area.

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No funding for Al Queda directly, but...

Heinz, through Tides has indeed provided funding to Hezbollah which does have ties.

Wonder if that funding was used in part by Hezbollah in their offer to assist Moore?

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Menino urges Democratic convention delegates to ignore union pickets

BOSTON (AP) -- Mayor Thomas Menino is urging delegates to the Democratic National Convention not to be deterred by picket lines set up by police, who are protesting the lack of a contract with the city.

In a letter sent over the weekend, Menino said the picket lines are informational and not an official strike line. Police have promised to post pickets at each of the 29 delegation welcome parties on Sunday and at events Menino attends during the convention next week.
"It's a right they have, but it shouldn't stop anyone from coming to the convention and having a good time, especially at the delegation parties," Menino said Sunday.


Fun all around.
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So, Kerry will cross picket lines?

Or, are they now information lines? That should set a nice precedent for labor law.

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After he said he wouldn't...

you know he will have to say he will.

He'll cross it after he never would cross it.

The man must consume vast quantities of Mexican Jumping Beans!

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Tough call ain't it, for a Dem.

Maybe he'll use this to delay his nomination so he can collect the same, extra campaign "contributions" that W will get because the Rep convention is so much later than the Dem. I hope he does.

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Don't worry, Bob...

Don't worry Bob, the biggest contributor to the Democratic campaign is the lawyers (Even greater than the unions). They are "old hands" at side-steping things.
Catch the story about Edwards on ABC's news magazine on Friday about him "channeling" and relaying the words of an unborn (as yet) child in the womb in a personal lawsuit that was seeking damages? The story about trial lawyers in general and their effect on medical care mentioned that the lawyer's "cut" of a settlement usually runs from 25% to 40%. I wonder what Edwards' standard "cut" was.

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Re: Don't worry, Bob...

On the other hand, the trial lawyers are about the only consumer protections there really are. Including for health care consumers, which we all are or will be. Doctors and hospitals are notoriously ill self-policed. And so, of course, are trial lawyers.

I don't know, J. It's a real dang mess. I know one thing, for a lot of my medical needs I'd just as soon go to a veterinarian and save the money. Better than the nothing I get now.

You say John Edwards claims to have channeled an unborn? And words? For real? That's the weirdest, sickest thing I ever heard. That don't say much for the typical jury, do it.? Or for him. You sure it wasn't like a dramatization kind of thing to impress the humanity of the child on the jury? We sure as heck don't need any more channelers in and around the Whitehouse. I'll have to stay tuned and get back with you on that one.

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Contrary to the article.........
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PS.......failed to indicate........

I read something recently where they were using
people and plans from the 2000 exercise to also
be in Boston this year.

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(NT) (NT) She can certainly afford it.

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