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headphones for hearing impaired

Dec 28, 2007 3:47AM PST

I've not yet ventured into the MP3 world because I wear hearing aids in both ears. Everytime I ask someone at a store if they make headphones for someone who wears hearing aids they look at me like I'm from Mars. Can't just take out the hearing aids because I have different levels of hearing in each ear. Anyone have any suggestions or have solved this problem?

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an audiologist might know
Dec 28, 2007 3:59AM PST

I suspect you might have to do something custom made. I would imagine that something like this wouldn't be available in regular stores, as you wouldn't buy your hearing aids from Best Buy....and I wouldn't expect the employees there to know anything.

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Audiologists don't know
Dec 29, 2008 9:48AM PST

Actually, I've tried. I've been hearing impaired since early childhood, so I've dealt with a number of hearing aid dealers. None of the ones I've encountered know much about headphones. Some of them carry those TV ear thingies, but there does not seem to be much concern in the community for anything except hearing aids.

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Siemens Blue Tooth
Jan 26, 2010 2:15AM PST

My new Siemens hearing aids have the added feature of blue tooth wireless connection. They'll connect to anything that uses blue tooth.

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Simple solution
Dec 28, 2007 4:15AM PST

I too am someone who is supposed to be wearing hearing aids according to my audiologist. I've suffered a hearing loss since a childhood illness and chronic tinnitus from military service. But I'm putting it off as long as I can.

The simple solution is to where a full-cup (also known as around-ear or AE) or on-ear (OE) headphone. Since your hearing aids only amplify sound to compensate for your hearing loss you would leave them in, with the full-sized headphones played at a comfortable level and you will hear what everyone else with normal hearing would hear.

Obviously, earbud or in-ear headphones are not for you. There are plenty of good quality sounding AE or OE headphones that an mp3 player can drive. I use and like the BOSE TriPort AE headphones. They are pricey, about $140 at Best Buy, but they are super-comfortable and sound great to me. You can get a whole lot of others for less though.


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Dec 29, 2007 10:49AM PST

I'm a bit shocked that you have not venture into this yet.

I've had several portable players in my life and always had use the headphones with no problem. Just set your hearing aids to the telephone mode and place the headphones over the hearing aids. No problem! (This is for the behind-the-ear aids)

If you have a hearing aid that is a box placed on your belt with a cord up to your ear, then you can use the earbud thing and place one over the hearing aid box (of course you may have to tape it onto it).

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Jan 7, 2010 11:04AM PST

I have behind-the-ear aids and a weak speaker for a portable cd player witch needs ampilfied. can you suguest headphones for me?

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hearing aids head phone
Nov 5, 2008 8:19AM PST

hi, i am also looking for something that i could use cause i am also deaf and waer hearing aids, i don't like the over your ear cause it make it look big on me and yes i am picky but i was woundering if there is head phone that could connect to your hearing aids instead of me taking them out everytime i listen to my mp3.. if anyone know where i could get them let me know at my email address thank you

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Headphones for the hearing impaired
Dec 29, 2008 9:43AM PST

I have struggled with this problem for years. Custom solutions cost a young fortune, on top of the 2K per ear cost of current technology in the hearing aids themselves. I like to wear wireless headphones to listed to TV, especially while I am cooking. My hearing loss is pretty symmetrical, so I can either get headphones with a good range of volume and wear them without my aids (only viable at home), or look for headphones with deep cups that will fit over the aids. That only works for a while--even the biggest cups eventually get uncomfortable because they are jamming that hard plastic into my skull.

For my mp3, I use over the ear clips. It's not a good solution because not only do they look funny, the sound is not actually picked up much by my over-the-ear aids, so I have to have the mp3 at pretty much maximum volume. Even the maximum is barely enough with some sources. Also, between the hearing aids and my eyeglass frames (don't suggest contacts--they don't work with my vision), I end up with a lot of stuff behind my ears and the clips fall off a lot. They also tend to pull my hearing aids out from behind the ears when I take them off. They are, however, the only style I have found that doesn't do the jam-the-aids-into-the-head trick.

A super cheap solution for TV and other ambient sounds is to use one of those battery powered amplifiers you see advertised on TV. You can use the ear clips for comfort and the sound volume is good, but a $20 amplifier is going to sound tinny at best. Also,they amplify everything, not just the signal you want to hear. They don't work with mp3's, afaik.

CNET folks, this is one problem that would be an EXCELLENT project for your professional reviewers. Surely your staff includes someone (or someone with parents or grandparents) with hearing problems who would love to test headphones and provide specific information for the growing number of people with this problem.

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I am hard of hearing
Mar 29, 2009 5:17AM PDT

the best head phone I have found is the bose port head phone as the head phone sit on your head not your ear. you don't what a head phone the sit flat on your ear as it cause the hearing aid have a feedback. There the best head phone I had and gone though four of them. It work best for in the ear hearing aids.

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Apr 6, 2009 12:19AM PDT

Hi everyone!
I am a 27 year old with a nearly profound hearing disability. I feel your pain and frustration. But I think I may have stumbled upon something. It is calle:

ClearSounds Amplified Neckloop

To my understanding you wear the device around your neck (it's not big, looks similar to a ipod shuffle). The device connects to your MP3 player, cell phone, home/office phones, laptop computers, portable gaming devices, Personal / TV Listening equipment and other audio devices. It works with the t-coils in your hearing aids so there is no need to wear a headset. It also has a little Built-in microphone to make it easy for cell phone/home phone use. There are other brands and a range of prices. This one I found on for $64.95.

I will let you know how it works!! wish me luck

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Hope it works!
Apr 6, 2009 2:05PM PDT

I have seen the neckloops advertised--they are mostly found on line, so I haven't seen one in person. I don't know how they work, so I haven't had enough faith to try one. I'm eager to find out your experience.

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Hearing loop
Aug 23, 2010 3:40AM PDT

Hi, how did this device work for you? I'm at a point where I'm having difficulty hearing the TV and my laptop video strings and don't know where to begin. I keep reading about amplification but what I need is some amplification WITH clarity. If I just turn the TV up loud I still have trouble hearing conversation and the noise is disturbing.

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I have found something that works
Apr 26, 2009 8:44PM PDT

Hello all,
I definitely understand your frustration. I spent a lot of time using headphones that were perched on my ears or simply not using my cd player or iPod at all. I asked my audiologist the last time I went in for something that would help and she suggested these:

I bought a dual pair and have been using them on my iPod ever since. You have to turn on your t-coil in order to hear the music, so I often only turn on one so that I'm not completely blocked out from the world. However, if you wanted to fully immerse yourself in music, you could turn on both. Also, they are very slim and fit directly next to your hearing aids on your ear. The sound quality is not as good as what might be offered by Bose headphones or something else of that quality, but overall they are very good for the technology and they have allowed me to fully "enter" the mp3 world in a way I haven't been able to before. They also plug into my computer, allowing me to use skype to make phone calls with more clarity than a regular telephone, or just to watch videos on youtube without background noise!

Please check them out...they may seem a little pricey for what you get, but they were worth it for me. I hope they help you!


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I'd lke to know more.
May 22, 2009 6:02AM PDT

Hey there, my son is 6 and is HOH. I've been looking for something that he can use with his OTE hearing aids and will still plug into an MP3 player. I've been told by his audiologist that for just under $200.00 I can order a set of cable-like things that plug directly into his Unison's, but I"m looking for something less expensive. This T Link ear hook looks promising. Do I need anyting else to go with it? How does this work?

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Hearing aids
Sep 12, 2010 10:36AM PDT

I've been wearing aids since I was about 5 years of age, am now 21. I do have cord which is called a loop headphones for hearing aids. it transmits whatever you are listening to, to your hearing aids.

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Wireless headphones
May 28, 2009 10:10AM PDT

So far my only workable solution only works at home. I got
a wireless headset from Radio Shack so I could watch TV
and not disturb my wife. The one I got has separate volume
controls for each ear. Since it has a miniplug on the base
I can plug it into a radio or MP3 player. Unfortunately it
is limited to about 20 foot range but I don't have to carry
the player.

Still looking for a MP3 portable player that has a balance
control to deal with my VERY unbalanced hearing.

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Bluetooth for the hearing impaired
Mar 30, 2010 6:36AM PDT


For those that are hearing impaired and have to wear a BTE to assist with their profound hearing loss, I have wonderful news!!!

I have severe profound hearing loss in both ears, which I was born with and have used BTE all my life from analog to now digital. I am loving the fact that Cell phones have come a long way to be hearing aid compatible but the next hurdle that came to play that we must now overcome is the new "don't talk on your cell while driving" law.

Well, with the bluetooth technology, it was of course virtually impossible to meet the need for those that has the BTE with ear molds. There are even options to acquire a small device that can be attached to the BTE but problem with that was that they were not universal for ALL BTEs'. So, how do we overcome this if we cannot use the ear piece for bluetooth??

Not only that, I even had a concern about whether if I did find anything, if it was going to give me the same power that I required based on my hearing loss.

Well, today, that answer became very simple after doing quite a bit of research. Some of the manufacturers of these BTE's also include a bluetooth wireless technology within the same aid with no additional attachments whatsoever and it is a matter of carrying a small remote control. THAT'S IT!! What are the odds of me knowing that the exact same style of my current hearing aid can also be bluetooth to accept my calls will no major modifications??!!


Now, words of advice, only inquire if you can afford it because they can run anywhere from 1800 being a sales price to 3000 dollars because as we all know, they ARE NOT covered under any insurance like they were 20 years ago.

TIP: Those that wear REXTON BTE aid, this is available in bluetooth so get it while you can. Mine is being ordered as we speak but wish I knew this before I got my new set of aids a few months ago. Well, that was because I did not think or know to ask my doc. I am extremely excited that I can wear the same style with the same power and include the technology that I have so longed for these last few years.

I hope my comment has given those good insights. Love to hear your story!

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What if I don't have BTE?
Mar 30, 2010 10:47AM PDT

I have in the ear (CIC?) hearing aids & want to get an MP3 player/ iPod to listen to audiobooks. My audiologist says the Bluetooth stuff won't work with my hearing aids. Any advice?

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bluetooth aid
Mar 30, 2010 6:22PM PDT

ELI is bluetood aid, you can find it by searching "ELI".
wish it is helpful for you
Good luck.

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MusicLink Headphones
Jun 15, 2010 6:23AM PDT

I have used these headphones for the past 4 years and I don't know what I did without them. I have worn ITE hearing aids for 20 years. When I was younger, I used to have to take out my hearing aids in order to use headphones. This made it frustrating whenever someone would talk to me and I would have to pause my music and then put my hearing aids back in in order to talk to them. I continued to have the same problem when the Ipod became popular and earbuds were all the rage. I found a brochure at my audiologist's office when I was 20 advertising the MusicLink Headphones. I bought a pair (dual, white) and fell in love. When my cat chewed through the wires, I immediately bought a replacement. They are so easy to use if you have a telecoil on your hearing aid or cochlear implant. All I do to use them is place the hooks over my ears, change to telecoil mode, and hit play! They work with my computer, laptop, Ipod, etc. Now when someone interrupts me when I'm using them, I simply hit pause and switch back to normal mode. No more taking out my hearing aids!! They are also a very reasonable price compared to other technologies. The only complaint I have is that I can't use them on the metrolink where I live because it is an electric train (similar frequency as what the telecoil uses). Please feel free to ask me any questions you have. The link for more information and to purchase is below.

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personalized TV and music sound without hearing aid usage
Jul 8, 2010 8:19PM PDT

Anyone ever heard about headphones which can be configured to one`s hearing ability so wearing a hearing aid while watching TV or listening to music is not necessary? My father does not want to wear his hearing aid all day long. Also, he does not want to have it too complicated, like receiver plus neckloop etc., and the sound of hearing aids might be great for speech, but for true TV and music sound!?

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Aug 31, 2010 2:19PM PDT

I have in-the-ear hearing aids in both ears. I went to circuit city (before they went out of business) and tried on all of their around-the-ear headphones. I bought the Sony MDR-V600 for two reasons. One, they have a deeper ear cup than all the others I tried (the ear cup does not press against the hearing aid) and two, the ear cup mold is oval-shaped and fits the ear better than the round-shaped molds of other headphones. Even though Circuit City is gone, just search MDR-V600" on the internet and there are several places that still offer the headphone.

Also, I have a friend who has b-t-e's and uses this headphone. The deep oval-shaped ear cups fit over both his ears and hearing aids. He says it is a close fit, but it is comfortable and no feedback. I would encourage you to try them.

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Without hearing aids
Aug 31, 2010 11:59PM PDT

Thank you for the advise, I will check it out. However, this solution would incorporate wearing hearing aids, but what if I do not want to wear them and still like to have my personal sound?

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There are many

Im am deaf too but i listen to music on my ipod using special headphones. It depends what type of hearing aid you have- You can even get headphones that fit in your hearing aid shoe like i have a three pin shoe.
One store called connevans limited sell these headphones. The website is british and in english currency but they do ship internationally.
here is the link:

Phonak also do some headphones but Im not sure how to get them. I went to Canadian Phonak HQ to be shown around the facility and I asked about the headphones and the guy just gave some to me.

I hope this helps