Headphone bluetooth compatibility

Hello, I wonder if anyone can advise me how I can determine whether a pair of Bluetooth headphones is compatible with an LG55EG910 TV I recently bought?.The TV has no 3.5mm jack so i am rather keen to buy a pair .LG do wrap around types but i would prefer a conventional over ear version.Thanks

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Reporting: Headphone bluetooth compatibility
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It's not a matter of the headphone but the TV.
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I did contact LG

and their reply was "Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding your 55EG910V TV. You can set up your Bluetooth headphones (providing that they are compatible with the TV) by bringing up the settings menu, then clicking on the “advanced” option at the bottom. From there, go to sound, then sound out, and you'll find the options there to connect and select your headphones are your primary audio output.
I always assumed Bluetooth compatibility was never a problem between devices but it seems it can be .
I have subsequently emailed LG and asked them what I should be looking for in terms of compatibility.Maybe one of their own, but i dont really fancy them .It's frustrating because the TV does not have a 3.5jack socket either

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I neglected to tell more

Because the "Bluetooth Audio Profile" is a standard. And because LG didn't have a manual for me to read so for this round, it's back to LG and sellers.

It's a shame they don't have a manual at their site.

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there is a manual

but its basic .Only gives a range of connections ,safetly aspects, how to take out of box , attach stand etc. The WebOs gives fuller instructions but stops well short of explaining which Bluetooth devices may be paired and why..Customer services wasnt exactly overly helpful with advice given.I will try the sellers though.

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Sorry I shortchanged you.

There is a very basic "bluetooth audio profile" that almost all bluetooth headsets support. In fact there are so few that don't that it's hardly worth mentioning. But there are those that fret a lot and you have to include that there might be dragons.

The manual and what not on the web site is horrible. So I couldn't answer from that.

But I can write if they say bluetooth supports headsets then you go buy one and 99.999999% of the time it will work.

-> Worth noting is the second question I get a lot of. Many folk will want the bluetooth to work while the speakers are on. 99.99% of sets don't allow that.

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Thats great

Many thanks! Just to be on the safe I'll try a cheap pair, to begin with.Oddly it's very difficult to find any info on the matter online .I checked AVSforums and one poster mentioned he had been told by a member of LG's support staff that only LG phones would work with the TV.I myself wasn't told that so I'll take your suggestion.
I wouldn't want the speakers to work at the same as the whole point is for me to be able to watch tv when she is in bed

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I have come to the conclusion

that LG are like Apple in as much as they don't allow third parties .Whatever small bits of information I have gleaned online,seem to suggest that.There is an LG headset which might fit the bill - the HBS600.It is an on the ear type with detachable cable

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That's not my experience.

The LG headsets use the standard bluetooth audio profile which means just about all bluetooth audio devices work.

I'm guessing here you couldn't try this.

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Its a matter of

taking a chance with whatever I bought,thats all.I am very tempted to do as you suggested but if it didnt work it would be money wasted .I will contact the sellers tomorrow just to feel more certain. Happy

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I wish I was there.

I have a few bluetooth headsets and if the TV says it supports bluetooth headsets, they just work.

In your case you are worried so I can't tell you much more than 99.999% of the time it just works.

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I spoke to the seller today

and his response was - "The wireless sound sync is only designed for use with sound bars and not headsets, LG inclusive".He seemed quite certain as well.Odd because LG customers services didnt completely rule out headsets, just the non-compatible ones.I think I shall take a chance and follow your advice.In any case I am thinking of buying an AV set up so I could use the 35mm jack socket on that .

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Wireless Sound Sync does indeed support headsets!!!

I have Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones and they paired almost instantly and the sound quality was amazing. My low cost $35 Anker Soundcore Spirit X headphones also worked great. With both, the sound of the series Stranger Things totally comes to life!!!

I tried my PowerBeats 3 and didn't succeed with the pairing. So not every recent bluetooth headphone works.

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Conflicting advice

After the phone call I read an email from LG which just arrived and they are quite adamant that any LG headset should work ok so to be on the safe side I shall buy an LG HBS600 which has a detachable lead.
Thanks for your help

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Samsung has another sound sync.

Bluetooth audio is a standard. If they support your everyday cellular earbud then other bluetooth devices work. There are speakers that cost 10 bucks or less and what I carry on a call to test it out.

I guess you are adverse to doing any testing. That means you must buy their solutions.

Remember that makers love to keep folk "in line."

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Oh I would test, but lets just say i am cautious

.The HBS600 cost me £15 plus shipping so it's not exactly a fortune and if LG endorses it for my particular purpose, then I am willing to try it. If on the other hand, they hadn't replied or given me a negative reply, I would have, as you suggested, bought another headset with the apt-x codec (recommended). In both cases, I would have ignored my seller's advice and yet they are the very people I should be relying on the most.If all goes well I have a good mind to inform so they can give the correct advice to others.They seemed quite adamant.
You have been very helpful by the way, and I thank you for that Happy

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same issue

I recently purchased an LG LED UJ654T 2017 tv. they quote external bluetooth capability but it's not quite so simple. the internet is awash with people experiencing problems with connecting a non-LG bluetooth headset to their TV's. In fact i've only ever seen 2 people who have had success. I own multiple bluetooth headsets, obviously the most expensive being a recent $300 logitech one, also Jabra wireless headphones and apple AirPods. All these devices connect to multiple other TV's and audio equipment without issues. LG's bluetooth sound sync won't connect to any of these. the LG tv recognises the headsets and can pair with them but no sound is transmitted. essentially bluetooth works but the data transfer of sound is incompatible. long and short is if you buy an LG tv you'll need to buy LG bluetooth headsets for them to work. As to incorrectly but correctly quote an earlier poster "99.999999% of the time it [non-LG bluetooth headsets] WON'T work."

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Jabra Move / LG oled65e8pua

Theses devices pair but definitely no audio transfer.

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My hp connect, audio out

I have had no problems connecting my Amiron wireless hp. LG sound out set to LG Sound/Bluetooth. While it is searching I turn on the hp and it connects.. sounds out that aptX is active.

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For any further communication with the LG support, I think they will just recommend one of their own headphones. But maybe they will be the most compatible with the TV, and the best solution.

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After many weeks spent over searching compatible Bluetooth wireless for my LG 4K tv since lg's own wireless headphone doesn't work properly (sound cut due to low range) I have found one in the market which works perfectly with full range without any issue.
It's called SKULLCANDY GRAND S5GBW. It's easily available over eBay and Amazon.

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Thanks ;)

I have been looking around for one that works 100% for a family friend. I will hit amazon today and use up my last credit there...

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Thanks redeye250

A great thanks to redeye250 as this issue was bothering many of us. I have one LG 49UB850T webos model purchased in Jan 2015 in India. I was desperately looking for this solution. I hope this would work with this particular model also and there won't be any webos version issue or some issue can appear?

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Check Manual

You can find this in user manual.

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Umm, no.

Nice try though.

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I just purchased Sony Bluetooth headphones. They are "compatable" but badly out of sync with my brand new LG OLED C65. Anyone know how to fix this.

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A widely reported problem.

Not limited to your choice of models.

My first try would be to be sure my audio on the TV is set to PCM or Stereo to avoid issues folk have reported for years. After that, call the TV and headphone maker for ideas as they get your complaint call more than we do here.

-> That said, try the headphone jack (if it has one) to see if there is no sync issue. I've found OTA (over the air or antenna) channels to sometimes be out of sync and have to test this with the headphone jack. The cure for this lies at the TV station. Some receivers can push the sync backwards or forwards in time but this is expensive and messy.

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Bluetooth sync

Many devices have time sync capability. My LG TV UH7650 has sync for audio. Look through your settings. I can adjust delay to match audio to video. I suspect all the android smart TVs will due to manufacturing scale.

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Trying to pair my logitech boom box.
At first i got same bad result: connected but only silence in my LG uj651v (2017 model)
Solution for me was to change sound format from automatic to HE-ACC in sound -> DTV audio config option.
I hope that helps you

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Beats Studio3 Wireless over the ear headphones work!

I bought a $1600 LG 55inch UJ65 smart TV in 2018 yet I couldn't get any bluetooth headphones to connect. Actually no, that's not exactly true, they connected but no sound came through. I tried a >$150 Logitech pair, a random $60 pair over the ears pair and also the apple AirPods. All these show up in the bluetooth sound sync setting but no sound plays through them. I talked to LG assistance who said there's some kind of special bluetooth that the LG TV's use and I needed to buy LG bluetooth headphones. I wanted over the ear ones and read above about the LG HBS600. I bought them and they worked great but eventually broke after 6 months and by that time LG had stopped manufacturing them- they were also the only LG over the ear ones I could find. I then bought a bluetooth transmitter on Amazon for ~ $35 that plugs into the back of the TV's headphone jack and transmits to all my bluetooth headphones including my AirPods and worked fantastically well but was a little annoying getting up to plug it in and turn it on and off all the time.
Serendipitously I bought Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – The Beats Skyline Collection for $410 AUD and these connected straight to my LG TV's bluetooth without any need for any transmitter or anything and they work perfectly. They connect straight away, have awesome sound and make listening to the TV at night time in quiet a breeze. As soon as I turn on my Beats a dialogue box pops up on my LG asking if I want to connect- I hit yes - and wa-la, connected! Also great that Beats sound awesome, far better than the HBS600. Couldn't be happier.

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