I should not use a cable. I used a 10m s-video cable (no gold) and there was no video signal from my PC to the TV.

You have a MackBook so you would need a mini-DisplayPort to HDMI converter too. Depends if the laptop has DisplayPort or whatever.
I think you want HD no?

I think you want to use HDMI. In that case, HDMI has a leinght limit of 15m if it is Category 2 (High Speed HDMI). I would also recomand Gold plated cables because they are more reliable.

If want to use DVI there are some problems. A normal DVI cable can transmit 1920x1080 content up to 4.5m. For 10m you have to use a special cable.

As for wireless I have no idea but it may be unreliable and it could be laggy if you have thick walls. Wireless is not worth it IMHO if you live in a crowded city with lots of radio interference. I can hardly use a single band 802.11 g wireless hotspot let alone HD streaming.

I hope it helped you,
Cristian from Romania