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HDMI/PS3 not working

I recently started having problems with my PS3 and Samsung (LN52B530) TV.

Basically, the PS3 will not work when connected to the TV via HDMI. The PS3 works fine when connected via the regular A/V cables. Additionally, my Sony Blu-ray player also does not work via HDMI (but does work via A/V cables).

I know it is not the HDMI cable (I have tried 4 different cables) and I know the HDMI still works on the TV (my xbox360 works fine via HDMI on any of the 3 ports).

The PS3 and bluray player themselves work fine via HDMI on my other TV so there isn't a problem there.

It doesn't have anything to do with output settings because I have tried manually adjusting them to basically all possibilities.

Any other ideas what it could be? I tried calling Samsung tech support and they weren't very helpful.

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Reporting: HDMI/PS3 not working
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Oh, no. A thread hijack.

I don't like when that happens. It confuses the discussion.

Here's hoping for a good outcome.

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if you read my previous post... it's not really my issue...

I doubt my friend will go for bluejeans now... since it's another waiting game...
order it, wait for it, and maybe wasted another cable...

this kinda sux...

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This is ParthD's discussion.

Some members have two accounts they use so I miss it sometimes that folk jump into a thread.

Sorry about that.

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Reviving the thread

Sorry about this.
The thing is, I am also having the exact same problem.
PS3 don't work in a TV with HDMI but works in an other, and the same TV that don't work with the PS3 works with other HDMI devices.

Well, since you had this problem with the Sony Blu-ray player, I believe it is something to do with HDCP that Sony is using (something to protect copyright stuff).

I saw in some other forums people saying that their problem started after a thunderstorm. They called a professional and they explained that the place where the software that deals with this HDCP thing might be damaged (maybe not a physical damage, but something that changed the binary).
This would explain why it doesn't work only in the TV.

The problem is: what do we do now? I've been trying to find the firmware from my TV to see if changing it would help, but I don't seem to be able to find it.

If you found a solution, please share it.

Thank you

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RE: Reviving the thread

Sorry. I haven't found a solution either. All of the cables that I received and tried never worked.

If you do figure something out, please post it here. I will do the same.

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time to send to fix....

I think best bet is just call Sony, and send it to them to fix it....

That's what I ended up doing to mine... after trying amazon cable which didn't solve the issue...

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Problem Solved, I Hope

I had the exact same problem. I was able to connect my PS3 slim to my 42in Vizio but not to my other 32in Digital Research TV. I thought it was an HDMI problem but I was able to connect my DVR box via HDMI to the same port and it worked so I knew it was something with the playstation. I found that it was simply the settings on the PS3. My 42in is 1080p and my 32in is 1080i and apparently that makes all the difference.

To get the PS3 to work I first hooked it up to the 42in TV so I could see what I was doing. Then I went to SETTINGS > DISPLAY SETTINGS > VIDEO OUTPUT SETTINGS

Then it says "Select the type of connector on your TV."

I chose the top setting, HDMI, and moved to the next screen to the right. The next screen says "Select a setting method." and the options are 'Automatic' or 'Custom'. DON'T CHOOSE ANYTHING YET. First unplug the HDMI cable from your TV that works and plug it into the TV that's giving you the problem. Then, on the PS3 controller, move the arrow to the right on the D-Pad. This will choose the 'Automatic' setting and it will automatically detect the best setting for the TV. For me, when I did this, the picture finally appeared.

I really hope this works for everyone else because it's been such a headache for me!

Best Regards,

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Thank YOU

I just wanted to let you know that you solved my problem! Thank you so much for your idea =D

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The usual

1. The SLIM PS3 cable issue. It's a shame that occurred since many will try many cables and then it's still the cable.

2. The PS3 settings. After years I still find trouble with PS3 video settings. Too often I set it to 720p and it works with more units.

Best of luck,

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Problem still remains

I am having the similar problem.

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1. Try the Sony HDMI cable

Yes, the HDMI cables work with other things. You and I can be at loggerheads over this but time after time I've solved this with the cable.

2. Try the old fat PS3 with that cable.

Amazing test that proves little but that something changed in the PS3 from fat to slim.

Sorry but folk are losing a lot of time on this one. You can find thousands of discussions on this but folk at bluejeans cables know about it and are likely tired of repeating the answer but they know it.

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HDMI/PS3 not working

Hi PathD,

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It's one of the most annoying issues I know today.

And why my tech friends carry a Sony HDMI cable when they go to look at this one. After curing it with that too many times (100% 100$ each time) you shake your head and wish your tests would change this.

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mine's not slim

i have same problem. new series 8 samsung wont work hdmi on old fat ps3.

i cant try zstamey1984's solution as my old tv is wall mounted int he other room! although im trying and my ps3 wont come up with an auto setting when changing to hdmi.

not happy just spent 3 grand on new tv and ps3 wont work!

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I thought the old PS3 had component connections as well?

Worth trying. Cheaper than a new PS3.

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RE: HDMI/PS3 not working

Nope. I gave up a long time ago.

Looks like you have exactly the same problem I do though.

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Any Luck

I have the same issue. Figured I would ask if you solved the problem?

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Hey, if you made it to the end of this thread the answer is:

1. Plug HDMI into telly, Go to the right input channel the "no Signal" or "video not supported" what ever,
2. Turn on the PS3 and keep your finger pressed on the power button for 5 Seconds.
(this should reset the PS3 video settings)
3. Wipe brow.

Peace Happy

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