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HDMI Audio Sync problem .

Apr 27, 2014 2:57PM PDT

Last year the PVR that I was using died , so with the cost of Power rising I thought I would get a New TV as well .
Something a little cheaper to run with more HDMI ( x3 )inputs .

so I decided to try one of these new TVs a Vaili V32LEDF with PVR record function .
After about a week of trying to come to terms with the new TV recordings .

I brought a new PVR , a Noontec V9s a week later .
It is a nice unit , It has dual HD tuners in it for twin recordings .

Well everything was going along nicely until the Availi developed a problem ,
the background behind the menus disappeared , so off for repairs it went .
I got it back from repair and 2 weeks later the problem reappeared , back to repair service it went again .
After 4 weeks there , the service guys told me that they couldn't fix it and I was offered a replacement or refund .
The Vaili was out of stock when I went back to the store for a replacement .
So I decided to spend a few more buck and get a bigger screen .
So I ended up getting a 38.5 inch TV ( wont mention the brand at this point because I am locked into a dispute with the store about this )

I wish to point out a this point ,
that I have had 2 different TVs and been running the Noontec and a Panasonic DVD Home Theater Sound System SC-PT550
into both of them via HDMI and have NOT had any problems ,
the audio has been in sync using HDMI inputs on either TV .

My Problem has arisen since got another TV .

What happens is the audio gets longer behind the video signal and after an hour or two it is quite noticeable .
The longer I watch that HDMI input on the TV the further the TV's audio( speakers ) are out of sync .

Turning the TV on and off resets it
and changing HDMI inputs resets it as well ,
but this does not cure the problem .

I run the following inputs in to the TV .

HDMI-3 PVR Noontec V9s
HDMI-2 Panasonic DVD Home Theater Sound System SC-PT550 .
HDMI-1 WD Live TV hub .

Now what I also do is run the Optical audio output of the PVR Noontec V9s > the Optical input of the Panasonic DVD Home Theater Sound System SC-PT550 .

and the WDLiveTVHub audio transfers via RCA to RCA connectors to the Panasonic DVD Home Theater Sound System SC-PT550 ..

So that way I have the option of using the sound system or the TV speakers .
the interesting thing is that while the TV's HDMI audio is Lagging further and further behind ,
the Optical Signal is not , It stay sync with the screen .

Even the HDMI signal off the Panasonic DVD Home Theater Sound System SC-PT550 to TV has the same problem .
The TV speakers get further and further out of sync , the longer I watch it .

As for cabling I am using 3 meter HDMI cables , they are all rated 1.3 .

The TV has 3 settings for Audio input .... OFF , PCM or Auto .
I have tried all of them and the results are the same .

Can anyone offer some advice or solutions to my problem ?

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Clarification Request
Apr 28, 2014 4:37AM PDT

Did you say your TV speakers get further and further out of sync? Why are they even being used when you say you have a Panasonic surround system(?)

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Running costs
Apr 28, 2014 6:54AM PDT

Yes I did say " the longer I watch that HDMI input on the TV , the further the HDMI audio gets out of sync " .

What I don't understand is why I haven't had this problem before on the two other TVs I had .
The Rank Arena 32 inch LCD TV does not have that problem and the other one which broke down didn't have that problem either .
I took it back to the store and they have been testing it and say " it is working fine " .

As for why I am not using the Panasonic Sound system all the time is simple .
MONEY or running costs , the price of Power ( electricity ) has risen here ( Australia )
and is double what it was 2 years ago , it continues to rise .
The Rank Arena 32" is 160 Watts .( 2 x HDMI Inputs )
the Panasonic Sys is 75 Watts .
The New 38.5 inch TV ( Teac ) is 75 Watts .( 3 x HDMI Inputs )
Basically the TV is on most of the time , from when I get up to when I go to bed .
What I wanted was 3 x HMDI Inputs and something cheaper to run .

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What sort of real world jump in costs are you seeing?
Apr 29, 2014 2:13AM PDT

Just curious. I know housing costs & utilities are pricey down under, but just wondering what sort of monthly power bills you are seeing.

IME at least, it's devices like DVRs from the sat or cable companies that draw the most power.

The Teac is clearly the problem as far as the delay is concerned, so you will have to save up for a higher priced HDTV with better support. The lower priced/discounted brands rarely offer that, if at all. I'd be shocked if their engineers took any time investigation your issue.

More importantly- why is the HDTV turned on all day long(?) Happy

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Progress Report
Apr 29, 2014 10:09AM PDT

Thank you to all the are following this topic and those offering advise and support .

A progress report .

Last night I got a lone of a NEW Vivo 19" TV , Yes brand new straight out of the box .
I am testing my PVR into it right now .
So far it has been on for 8 hours and is still in sync with the audio .
That brings the total of 3 TVs that have passed the sync test with me .
A Rank Arena 32"( which I am still using ) , a Vaili 32" and the Vivo 19" .

I have also spoke to the repair or service people who handle repairs for them in my town .
They say it is a firmware problem and all thats needed is a firmware update .
So he gave me a Phone to ring at Teac to sort out the problem .
The service guys won't fix it for free unless I have a "RA number" from Teac .
and it seems that getting that number is like pulling teeth .
I keep getting the same line
" I will call you back "
"we we contact the store and see what they say "
So the whole thing is getting very political and nasty.
It looks like I might have to seek from a legal person .

Now Pepe7
You ask about Monthly costs of power , thats a good question .... LOL
depends on the time of year . I am billed in 3 monthly periods .
My last bill was for $400 , but in Winter that will go up to about $650+ .
The is that every 6 or 12 months there is another 10% increase .
We just had another increase 4 months ago .
Plus we now have a Carbon Tax as well .

I am on a pension because of my health problems , I am 61 years old and live alone .
I was a Sound Engineer for 25 years .
More importantly- why is the HDTV turned on all day long Happy
Well basically some people have the radio on for company , I have the TV Happy

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RA=return authorization
Apr 30, 2014 12:16AM PDT

They do that here too sometimes, FWIW. Very typical run around unfortunately.

The burning question is, does Teac even offer a firmware update for your faulty model. Have you looked around in their support site, btw?

Glad to hear you are getting proper audio now, especially given you were a sound engineer(!) Wink

FWIW, I hear a lot of complaints about high cost of living in the U.S. Looking at your numbers (and housing costs), we aren't even close. The taxes are a lot less here by comparison.

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Re: Your Power Use.
Oct 2, 2015 11:54PM PDT

You should be thankful you don't live in Canada. my monthly electrical bill for a 1200 sq. ft. house is $400.00 + in winter. Of course we are generally at -20C by then and under 3-4 ft. of snow. So even with your $200.00 + power bill I would ever so happily trade you places for the winter/summer.

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I'd try another TV ...
Apr 27, 2014 5:49PM PDT

if the shop doesn't offer a solution. Obviously, this isn't what you want.


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Apr 28, 2014 7:47AM PDT

Thanks Kees ,
Yeah Obviously .... LOL
The store has not been what I would call helpful .
trying to sell me Exspensive HDMI cables and telling that was part of my problem .

I just figured like any other " punter " that if it says HDMI 1.3 then it should work with all 1.3 devises .
The PVR is 1.3
the sound sys is 1.2 I think , the manual for it doesn't say what it is .
it just says 720 and 1080 upscaling , it is an old unit maybe 6 or more years old now .

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HDMI is not that simple
Apr 29, 2014 2:05AM PDT

There are all sort of gremlins that can pop up, given the whole handshake issue alone. GIYF (=google is your friend)

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Apr 28, 2014 4:36AM PDT

You really need a traditional AV receiver with audio delay function. Just to see if that helps. Right now your components are less than ideal in that department. Audio lag is notorious in these types of systems unfortunately. Is there a cable or satellite TV box somewhere in your mix??

Maybe try a Samsung HDTV if that's available in Oz (or NZ?) where you reside.

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Compatibility issues
Apr 28, 2014 7:32AM PDT

Thanks Pepe .
No there is no cable or Satellite TV box in the mix .
Basically I have been using this system for 4 years and not stuck any problems .
I have been in touch with Teac Warrant section and they have referred my problem to their Engineers ,
they say they will get back to me as soon as they can .
But it has been 2 weeks now and I am still waiting for a reply .
I returned the TV to the store and they " Store Tested " it and found no problems with their setup .

I am in Oz , the reason I bought the Teac was price , normally it retails @ $599 and was on special for $399
and for a 38.5 inch screen , it seemed like a too good a price to pass up .
We have all the major brands here , LG , Samsung , Panasonic and Sony .
They generally start their retail price @ $700 .

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Re: Compatibility
Oct 3, 2015 12:06AM PDT

I had a great laugh over Pepe. He kind of sounds as though he thinks of Australia as some sort of out of the way Country that is so isolated that it hasn't any modern technology. I live in Canada and we are thought of as the great white north by some US people and all Eskimo like and Stupid. Ah well, C'est la Vie!

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My vote is an encoding issue.
Apr 28, 2014 4:46AM PDT

The DVR is part to blame here as it's its job to encode, then later decode and deliver the synced AV over HDMI. You can find prior discussions about how AV sync is lost over time in the tomes of the internet. Since the DVR code is rarely open source your options are to go with what works, return what doesn't work or flame all those that dare tell you otherwise.

Now there are some that tinker with the DVR settings but I find the defaults are best in most units.

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Audio settings on DVR
Apr 28, 2014 7:06AM PDT

The PVR or DVR has two setting for Audio output , LPCM or Raw .
Raw gives Full surround sound on the HD stations .
But on Raw the SD stations have no sound .
So I run with the LPCM settings on the PVR and it works okay on the two previous TVs .

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You've found a defect.
Apr 28, 2014 8:18AM PDT

What I'm seeing is more products with defects like this and no response from seller or maker. Another reason I pack and return defective gear.

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Actually re-found this defect.
Apr 28, 2014 8:38AM PDT

Again, to save repeating what you read on the web, sometimes you can skip forward or back or pause, resume and the audio will re-sync. The worse of these systems never resync.