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HDD disappears

I have 2 120gb HDDs in my HP a250n, this had been working fine for several months. About one month ago the D: (non-system) disc disappeared for 2 or 3 days, then sort of came back from vacation. Last week the same drive took off again for 2 days, I opened the box and checked all the connections restarted and there it was back again. This AM it was gone again, restarted and is back.

I have the SMART thing that shows up on Belarc report which I ran last night and both HDD show their health as Healthy. This always seems to happen overnight with computer left on. I suppose the obvious solution is turn it off and sometimes do with no prob. Both drives work fine in a sort of binary fashion. If there it works, if not who knows? My 425 watt psu is 2 mos old. Could it be the wires to the HDD? the motherboard? or something with the HDD itself. I can put up with this or put that drive in the kids puter to see if it shows up, but the registry will be all messed up there and have to do without that I guess. This is far from the end of the world but I would like to get some suggestions.

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Reporting: HDD disappears
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re: HDD Disappears

The only time I have ever had this problem it was a power issue. A power supply tester that tests individual power feeds (you can find them on for under $20) or a simple multimeter will tell you if you're getting the proper voltage. That being said, it could be the hard drive controller. Putting the drive into the kids computer to see if it would work would be a good idea to try and would not harm the registry. Any registry entries added would be removed when you took the drive back out. Check the power supply first and work from there.

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Drive having issues?

Hello there,

Let me just ask afew questions.

You say the drive is missing. Does that when you go access it it is unavaiable? or the icon is literally gone.

I have had issue with discs similar, though not exactly like this before. I have never seen a system recognize a disk and then forget it is there. In fact I think it may be impossible in a normal context for that to happen. I say this because once , just for fun , I opened a machine that was running and dismantled a hard drive that was running in it right down to the spinning platters.

I saw some movie with a bomb on a plane that had exposed hard drive platters running on it for looks and didn't believe that that would work. (It actually does, for a few hours)

I beat and abused this disc, pulled jumpers, snipped the cable, made veiled threats against its family. I generally made it non functional.

But windows NT still thought it was there. Newer windows may react diffrently.

But I digress.

I had a new system a few monthas ago that was driving me crazy, until I replaced the cable. The cable worked most of the time.

Power supply may be an issue, as may be heat.

My personal comuter has three 120 GB drives and they were getting powerful hot. Uncomftorable to touch hot.
I didn't wait for them to have issues, I just went and got a few HD coolers. Basically heatsinks with fans in em. Now I don't feel uncomftorable when I touch my hard drives.

But in any case, Power supply or cable would be my guess. Check that all the jumpers and any socketed chips on both the drive and the controller. Make sure they are all firmly seated. You may have a thermal creep issue here.

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thanks for the ideas

I did have a HDD failure with this same system while it was still in warranty, Aug 04, HP replaced what is now my main drive and it has worked fine since but the older one is the one I am having trouble with and the impetus for putting in the 425 watt psu I got from Tiger Direct. I am still using the same connector, flat gray strip that came with puter. I am leaning toward some of those rounded cables I have seen to increase airflow, but I am reluctant to stick fingers in while the power is on to test temp, and the only thermometer I have is rectal so not much help. Though it is an HP system.

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