HD 6450 died after a few weeks, is it my old, weak pc?

Hi all,

Recently purchased a ati HD 6450 2gb to go in my HP PRO 3300 second hand business pc, i3 processor 2120 small. Form factor. 4gb ram etc. I've been playing some low end games even played skyrim on low settings. Today I got home and loaded the pc and launch skyrim. The while stream went liney with weird colours and made a strange noise. I turned it off and back on and it wouldn't connect. After a while it will show a static grey image for a few seconds then disconnect again. I was bashing skyrim all last night so how could. It have overheated. I tried the integrated again and it works fine so. Clearly it is the card. It's only a few weeks old and the card only uses 18 Watts so I thought the system could easily handle it. Can anyone give me some pointers. Is it worth buying another card. This card didn't have a fan so perhaps it was overheating? I was looking at a nvidia 710 with a fan.

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Reporting: HD 6450 died after a few weeks, is it my old, weak pc?
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need full model number of pc

need the full model number of the computer unless you know what power supply you have. if not large enough you could have problems. usage is divided amount everything in the computer and any device connected that does not have its own power supply.

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Hi thanks for your reply. I have checked and it is a 110W max. I understand this is pathetically low but the CPU only uses 30 w max. The CD drive is disconnected and the card uses 18W max. Along with the other parts surely this is sufficient. And if it isn't sufficient why didn't it die when i was on a 6 hour gaming session on skyrim. it literally died as i pressed the Load game button the the main screen of Skyrim. Iv'e taken the card out. Inspected it, removed the heat sink and checked for burning, nothing. Iv'e reapplied thermal paste to the chip and reinserted and there's nothing. The card is completely bricked. Any ideas? Perhaps i just had a bad card?

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From memory

Could be wrong but I think we chewed up a few ATI 6450's years ago.

Read my reply and hope you are in SoCal or USA.

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That's one old card. pegs it as from 2011 so use your warranty to get another.

The 710 isn't known to be that good either. Mostly because driver issues haunt these as well as other issues.

My go to card today is the 1050 Ti on the bottom end but your models are well, models you should find for cheap or free.

If you are in SoCal, email me about a low profile GT220 I have on the shelf. You pay shipping.
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Just so you know I can't hold onto this GT220 or 240 long. let me know via forum email.

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Thanks for the offer

Thanks for the offer but my system wouldn't be able to run either of those cards.

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Sorry I used the word long.
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I measured the max power use of the GT 240 at link.
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The stock psu for that machine is 220w.

Where are you seeing 110w?

If you use the gpu will it boot to safe mode?

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Doc seems to tell us 300W
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That's for the mt.

The op says they have the sff.

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I can't seem to find where smaller than 300W

Was documented. Anyhow detail matters. Wish I had the unit here to test out the spare card that has to go away soon.

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220W it is.

"POWER readings. Max: 1.32A or 160W max during tests.
Idle: .69A or 83W."

This was on a Core2Quad CPU (more power) and the GT240 and that power dipped when I replaced the HDD with SSD to "Max: 1.15A or 140W max during tests. Idle: .58A or 70W."

So for Cameron the issue for the offered card is space in the case.

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