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Have you tried the new Avast Secure Browser?

Hi Cnet members and Avast fans!

We're proud to offer the new Avast Secure Browser. It's available for Windows PC's and is designed first and foremost to protect your privacy.

What I like about Secure Browser is that all your privacy controls are available in one place, the Security and Privacy Center, and it's easy to turn features on or off there.

It's more than just an ad-blocker too... while of course it has an ad-blocker, there's also anti-tracking, anti-phishing, and anti-fingerprinting features as well.

Let us know what you think -- you can download it for free and give it a try!

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Reporting: Have you tried the new Avast Secure Browser?
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I'm giving this a whirl. At first look, it seems quite good. It has most of the things I would put into other browsers, and is quite nippy. Will try for a few days.

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Not for me.

The ad block does not work on the sites I go to.

Their VPN is NOT free (it was not free on the old fomat neither, Avast Safe Zone browser neither).

It does not have enough extensions just yet.

So eventhough I did download it, I doubt I'll use it often.

I did use the old version (Safe Zone) from time to time, but it was the same thing, way too many adblockers do not block the sites I watch my TV shows on (as I do not have TV service (by choice), and there are tons of good FREE vpn on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (and on Comodo Ice Dragon too, which I also use, it works with Firefox anyway (same features and ads on for the most parts) .

So it thumbs down for me, for now anyway.

Maybe in the future, but I doubt it....

Sylvie in Québec (Canada).

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Unwanted Bloatware

Links to this just appeared overnight on my desktop and taskbar. I deleted them, only to have them reappear a few seconds later. The whole thing reeked of spyware, so I felt compelled to do a full system (using non-Avast software) . Unwanted, hard to remove programs is supposed to be what Avast is protecting me against. The whole experience has really damaged my perception of Avast.

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Hi KyleDonovan -- Secure Browser is an important security (and features!) update to the outdated SafeZone Browser.

I'm concerned that you say that the desktop/taskbar icons reappeared after deleting them; this is not the intended behavior and they should be easy to remove if you decide you don't want them, via standard procedures (right click -> remove or unpin). In any case, I am reporting this to our developers.

Also, Secure Browser itself is very easy to uninstall if you choose to no longer use our browser, and can be uninstalled quickly via Control Panel just like any other regular program.

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Why download another

Chrome based browser ? What's in it for us ?

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i had avast search engine, anti virus and avast clean up

hi..i had avast anti virus, avast search engine and avast clean up..the antivirus was conflicting with my computer, windows vista, so i uninstalled all of them..can i just download the avast search engine without the antivirus??

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Help Me

Hi . I want buy a smartphone .. But i dont know which phone is better between Xiaomi & Apple . Can you Help me ?

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Incorrect locaton.

You buried your question in a discussion about the Avast Browser. Few will see this.

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Incorrect category.
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Avast Secure browser Issues

I've previously have had this browser installed without my permission.
Looking at the forum for answers (see link below) I found that this browser could be isntalled without notice if one had SafeZone Browser installed.
I didn't recognize this, but accepted and simply choose to uninstall the Browser, as was recommended.
Today I opened my default browser and opened a link to another page - and I got directed to Avast Security Browser, which I had previously uninstalled.

This is not acceptable. I followed the instructions to uninstall this browser, but now it has yet again installed itself, and made itself my default browser.
I can change that part easily, and I can of course uninstall it again - but I expect you to solve the issue where it automaticly reinstalls ifself - WITHOUT my permission.

It can be how good a browser as possible, and I'm sure it's wonderful for many users. But I don't wan't it, and I certainly don't want it to override and take over my own choices and option. Kindly fix this issue as soon as possible - or at least make it mandatory for users like me to Accept or Deny the browser to be installed.

Thank you.

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Steps to take

Hi MirandaPetals,

We apologize for what happened here and we want to assure you that this is not the desired behavior; once you uninstall Avast Secure Browser it cannot re-install itself unless you opt to do so.

We recommend that, since it sounds like you do not want to use it, that you uninstall it again (we apologize for the inconvenience!) and afterwards, run an Online Repair of Avast through the user interface. After the repair completes, reboot your machine.

If you experience any other issues whatsoever, please reach out to us at and we will do everything we can to assist.

Avast Team

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