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Have you been cheated by Samsung's Warranty Service?

Just for some perspective, I have been in the electronics business for nearly a decade. Working with microelectronics is something I do on a daily basis.

So, imagine my disappointment when I sent a phone to Samsung for warranty service, only to have them return it with reported water damage!

Since my warranty was voided, I took apart my phone and signs of water intrusion! You can find details in a document I have sent off to Samsung for review:

What concerns me is that when I contacted them for assistance, all I received was an apology and request that I contact their voice support, which is notorious for being unhelpful and having no escalation procedure.

I'm willing to bet that there are many others like me who have had phones returned with "water damage" but have actually fallen victim to Samsung trying to save a few bucks because they know that people don't have the technical expertise to dispute their claims.

If you have a story similar to mine, I'd like to hear from you. I have a feeling that this happens fairly often, and we would benefit as consumers if we can gather this information into a common knowledge base and raise the issue to Samsung directly.

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Reporting: Have you been cheated by Samsung's Warranty Service?
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Wow... Very nice post & research. I do not have a problem atm but I am inpressed with your work.

Please re-post if Samsung's disposition changes.

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Samsung replied to my customer service complaint

Unfortunately, Samsung's reply to my complaint about this was simply "we can't handle this through our email department, please try our call center at 1-800-...."

Trying to reach someone over there who will help has been like beating my head against a brick wall. If anyone around here has any experience dealing with Samsung, I'd be glad to have their input.

I'd love to get some public eyes on this story. Given Samsung's ironclad defense against unhappy customers, I have a feeling this is a common practice. The possibility that so many people are being cheated by false water damage claims makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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Mixed feelings!

I to have had an issue with charging my Samsung g galaxy s9+. After sending it in on warrenty they denied the warrenty due to water damage..... which did not exist. Though I did get a moister warning it was never in direct contact with any water.
After calling with my concerns they told me I was denied due to water damage. The person I talked to was very nice and tried to explain to me why I was being denied. I proceeded to explain why they shouldn't! I have previously spent thousands of dollars in the past 10 years with samsung and pressed the lie brand on to others because of my faith to their good brand.... it's a terrible lose on them over a $107 on a warrenty that should be covered without question. Expecially since they have sold their last 3 phone on submersion under water!

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Samsung warranty scam

Hi I've been cheated by Samsung .with alleged water damage when not the case . and he agreed to fix it and the changes his mind so hurtful.

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led screen internal crack issue

Yes me also cheated by purchasing Samsung product it's very pathetic in 8month only led failed and denied to provide warranty by blaming customer is very common trend for Samsung by involving there service center person all this are froud person sitting for looting the customer and our system and law allow them to do so because no action has been taken for customer right I never and ever suggest anyone in my life to buy Samsung product

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Hey man.

I have been in contact with MANY pissed off customers like yourself. I also feel organization with all of us essential. I will be in contact with you soon, if they screw me around today. Perhaps we can speak about a class action lawsuit.

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Warranty scam

They pull the same crap the their hot batteries that cause screens to crack and LCDs to bleed in the Galaxy 5s. You send it in and they send it right back and say it's abuse. The turn around time is so quick I don't think they even look at the phone. I may sue them in small claims court. How annoying if they get hundreds of small claims lawsuits filed against them.

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If interested....... I know there is Samsung reps that watch C-net (Damage Control). I have had success using this technique with other companies. I DID BATTLE with Samsung, and have to say they are miles above everyone else, with screwing customers. I am a seasoned vet and relentless, and I had to fold'em due to attrition alone. TRULY the biggest scum suckers in the pond. Good luck with the good fight!! I wish you some success.
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Cheated customer here!

Hi, I would like be part of this class action. I purchased a samsung 65" on 28 Dec 2017 & on 12 Oct 2018 by screen has developed vertical lines & web of internal cracks.. maybe a thermal burst or something. I live in Toronto, Canada. Please let me know what needs to be done. I feel cheated. My $1400 just vanished in thin air for no reason. And they wont replace or repair it in warranty. Thanks

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Worst Experience

I would like to share a recent experience with Interdiscount.

I bought Samsung S6 Galaxy from Interdiscount in July 2016 with an year of warranty.

In Nov 2016 the phone start blinking or some problem occured in it. I gave it to Interdiscount and they send it for service. After 3 weeks, I got a letter from them that the phone doesn't work as its battery broken and other reasons. This is the most stupid reason I have heard. And then they said, this is not covered in the guarantee as well. They ask me to pay CHF 80 for the work they did. They can repair it but it costs almost the same price as the new phone. And offered me if I but something of the same price then I do not have to pay the CHF 80. And all this when its in the standard guarantee period.

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Something that you may be interested in................. I know there is Samsung reps that watch C-net (Damage Control). I have had success using this technique with other companies. I DID BATTLE with Samsung, and have to say they are miles above everyone else, with screwing customers. I am a seasoned vet and relentless, and I had to fold'em due to attrition alone. TRULY the biggest scum suckers in the pond. Good luck with the good fight!! I wish you some success.
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this is what small claims court is for.

this is what small claims court is for.

See how quickly it gets resolved when you file the small claims court case

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Been dealing with Samsung reps for the last 50 days. Lots of apologies as they explain why they haven't done a single thing to back up my warranty. Samsung tv sets have a history of bad capacitors. A problem they have "fixed" by ignoring the customer. Bottom line is that I am out over $1,000 for a tv set that I used for 8 months. If you can afford to throw money in the trash, buy Samsung. I personally won't ever make that mistake again.

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Hello, I have also been dealing with Samsung for many months in reference to my TV. I spent $5500 and have only been thru nightmares with faulty panels changed out numerous times. Then Samsung provided another TV which also went bad and the panel nightmare repeated. Now they’re telling me that they don’t have any TV’s to offer and i can only accept an cash refund at a devalued price. This is robbery.. and BS as I’m under warranty. I’m actually looking into getting an attorney for Consumer Protection. This is really bad.. I can’t believe a company like Samsung would do this.. any advise would be appreciated. Maybe we should all get together and do a class action suit?!?.. I know there are a ton of people who are also having issues with Samsung washers and dryers. This is a really bad practice that needs to be brought to light.

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You are going to hire an attorney ????

Do you understand the amounts for small claims court vs civil court?

To my limited understanding them not fixing it then wanting to reimburse for less than value is called breach of contract when filing

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It took 3 months of hounding Samsung on Facebook and forums such as this.. I finally got a check for full value minus taxes.

Odd they never even looked at the set. Makes me think that it was a common problem, like they're almost purposely putting out defective sets to cut manufacturing costs. Poor quality control, where it's cheaper to push out multiple sets and then stall the repair work. It becomes an interest free loan.

Never again. They've not only lost a customer for life, they've gained an adversary. They seem to be gaining a lot of adversaries lately. Don't buy their junk.

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I had to file a small claims case against them

this is what small claims court is for.
they settled before the court date

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info needed for Small Court procedure


I am so pissed off that i think i am gonna do what you did, could you tell me how it works. what court, whom or what entity did you file against. you may reach me at thank you in advance.

thank you


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phone repair phone time on hold at least 6 hours sofar

here is the history of my phone repair.
phone 6 edge plus gets more hot intermittently during use
sometimes when charging, the phone does not charge the battery. example battery at 6% for 1 hour
sometimes phone gets emergency calls only mode. Samsung support said this was because of weak cell signal. I said but I can see the tower.

I call get RMA
send in phone
while waiting for phone I call to check the status.
support rep says they reprogrammed the phone to work better with the battery. ( ????)
I get it back. phone works weird, more unable to make phone calls errors than before.
same battery issue

I call support . Support person said service had checked the phone and found nothing wrong so service did not repair the phone. please at least keep the lies straight samsung people.

I tell them I will be going to court to sue samsung. support person says we must transfer you to different dept.

The new person says they are authorizing replacing the battery and the main board. of the cell phone. They said they normally do not do this on phones as it is not covered under warrenty. Say what??? repairing the phone is not covered under warrenty?

I send in phone.
week later I call to check on status.
I speak to person A . Person A takes 20 mins to figure out I want to know what is going on with the phone. Person A puts me on hold for 1 hour. After 1 hour they say they had been trying to get in touch with the service center. and not whe service center is closer. They say I will need to call back tommorrow.

I call smasung. Support person B answers . I tell him I do not have the phone samsung has it and I want to know the status. He tells me he will help me troubleshoot the phone. I ask him if he can transfer me to his boss as he is an idiot. "I told you I have and existing RMA and samsung has my phone." He says oops my error . and he tries to contact the support center. After 1 hour he comes back and says I need to call the service center directly. as they are busy. He transfers me to service center. 45 mins later someone answers . person C says wong service center. transfer me to the correct one, plus give me the direct number. 45 mins of on hold I get disconnected. .
I call back . 2 hours of being on hold que Theri phone system transfers me back to the origional support line. Support person D answers and says thei si just the Technical support dept NOT service dept. Because repair dept is closed now.
Fine. in one week if phone still in service, I will go to court house to file small claims court papers.
If "repaired" and shiped back to me with problems, then I will file small claims court papers.
Then they can discuss it in court.

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Please dont buy Samsung products.Samsung Cheating its Custom

Please dont buy Samsung products.Samsung Cheating its Customers by selling defective Refrigerators and not receiving any support from last 30 days

Subject-Samsung Cheating its Customers by selling defective Refrigerators
Refrigerator Model-RR19K111ZSE/HL
Serial Number-03HL4PAH202404F
Dealer- Vasanth & CO. Chennai

I Purchased a Samsung Refrigerator on 12th March 2016. First time cooling issue occurred due to Gas leakage around 6 months after date of purchase. Reference number-4220396366. Now again the same problem has occurred on 30th September 2017 and I have been calling customer care for the same. Now my product is 6 months out of warranty and again cooling is not happening at all. This is embarrassing for me and I have lost trust with Samsung. Finally the Technician came and told that this needs a gas refill again like the last time. Now, Samsung is asking for Rs 2000/- + Technician Visit Charges to refill the Gas again. I am not going to pay any single money for this. Why should I pay for a product, which has no guarantee when the next time it stops working? This is second time happening in the last 1 year. Samsung should replace the product or refund all my money for selling a defective product, which has stopped working twice within 1 and half year due to Gas leakage problem. Is this the definition of consumer durables product?

I have escalated to customer care and have called them 3-4 times but finally Samsung escalation executive told me that they could not fix the issue without money as my product is 6 months out of warranty. What a cheap response from Samsung.
Looking forward for your help and intervention.

Now it has been 20 days and I have not received any positive response from Samsung.

JagoGrgahakJago COnsumer Forum Compaint ID-9961299

Thank you.
Gautam Gupta

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Re: out of warranty

I'm afraid that only your local consumer organizations and such (I don't know how this is organized in India) or lawyer can help. Nobody here can.

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Samsung Cell Return Policy

Do not order on I cancelled the order on 10/29. They have had my return for a long time as I have tracked the fedex back to them since the order was cancelled before it was ever delivered to me. They are now telling me it takes 14 days since today, 11/12. THe worst customer support I have ever dealt with. So bad, I never thought I would say this, makes apple look good. I will never buy Samsung again.

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TERRIBLE customer service by "Executive Customer Support"

The mistake was buying a Samsung phone - a new S6-Edge Plus - for my wife. When I bought the device from Amazon, did not realize it was an AT&T phone (since I have always been a T-mobile customer), but the device was unlocked and the phone worked fine. In 3 months though the phone would not charge any longer and that is when the problems began. Samsung replaced the battery, but it now had an AT&T lock on. Even after unlocking the phone, the phone continued to have issues - dropped calls, text messages that would not send, emails that were not being received, etc, etc. After sending the phone back to Samsung multiple times and talking to "Executive customer support" about 20+ times they replaced the phone since it was within warranty - charging me $700 until I returned the defective one I might add - but the new phone does not work still - it is again locked, and trying to unlock, the AT&T site claims there are unpaid installments!!! And Executive Customer Support now wants me to go to AT&T to figure out why - when I have never had an AT&T account. This is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced!!!!! They clearly sent me a used phone in replacement and charged me for it!!!! Will never recommend Samsung to anyone!!!!!!!

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Samsung avoids responsibility

I purchased a $2500 Samsung washing machine not including the extended warranty I purchased and got an error code after 2yrs of owning it, they sent out a repair guy that had no idea what he was doing and asked me to tell him where the serial and model number was, I showed him my owners manual where I had written it and he said he had to see the numbers on the machine, I said I dont remember where the serial and model number are, he called Samsung and told them the machine looked suspicious, he gave me the phone and Samsung cancelled my warranty. I asked him why he did that and he said because he couldn't find the serial and model numbers on the machine, he told me I could have bought the machine off the street, I showed him the receipt from Lowes and he left. I put the washing machine in the garage and went to purchase a quality Whirlpool appliance from Lowes. Dont waste your money with Samsung.

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Bad, extremely bad, experience with SAMSUNG oven

Samsung seems to have corporate policy of making any excuse possible to avoid honoring their warranties. We bought a built-in oven, with many nice features, and after six months, particularly when cooking food with some moisture, it began shorting out. Badly and dangerously. It would throw a ground fault interrupter (GFI) that served a panel for the entire downstairs. The GFI could not be reset until the oven cooled. The only other choice was to try to pull the hot oven from the wall and unplug it.

Samsung made every excuse possible. They said the GFI was bad. They said there was a fault in the house's electrical supply. They finally agreed to send a technician who spent five minutes at our house. He pulled off the top cover, looked at a circuit board, without testing anything, and said he needed to order a part and would be back in about a week.

He never returned. Samsung never called.

We visited the retailer, we called the SAMSUNG service number probably five times. SAMSUNG began a story saying they had visited several times and said we had damaged the door. They offered to fix the door for $200. Said our house electricity was bad. Said they had photos. All untrue.

We said you have us mixed up with someone else. They replied they had all the evidence and insisted they were right even though it was all lies, or charitably, a long series of serious mistakes, all in SAMSUNG's benefit. They said the damage we caused was not covered under warranty.

The oven looks like new.

After three months, the retailer paid for SAMSUNG's service tech to visit. He replaced a circuit board assembly that had something to do with door security. It did nothing to fix the problem.

We have a year-old $600 oven we need to get rid of. How much time can you spend on a problem like this? The oven does not work except maybe to heat low-moisture food. No roasting. No baking. I read all the accounts of how SAMSUNG does not honor their warranties. Ours is not an isolated case. Their company policy seems to be to design products with many features and take no responsibility when their design or manufacture is bad. To the point of absurdity. I have four SAMSUNG products in my house and will never buy another. Tell your stories of bad SAMSUNG products and how the company operates so other people can make good decisions and not buy from this irresponsible, despicable company. Quality appliances used to be made in the U.S. Companies like Samsung put people out of work so they could make their bad products. The only recourse citizens have is to not buy from them. I do not see anyone or any organization that holds them accountable.

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Update on despicable SAMSUNG

After another five months of hearing nothing but lies from SAMSUNG, and avoidance of responsibility by the retailer, we finally called in our own independent repair person. He did an excellent job of diagnosing the problem and coming up with the best solution possible for a horribly designed product.

There is a direct opening into the oven's electronics to accommodate the security door latch. There are direct openings into the oven's two lights. Moisture completely soaks electrical connections and circuit boards. The only solution was to disconnect the security door latch and the lights and seal up the openings with high-temperature silicone.

The oven now works. We do not have any lights. We cannot used high-temp cleaning, but we did not have to discard a $600 oven that looked like new.

SAMSUNG must know about their poor design. They aggressively and belligerently attack their customers rather than fixing their design and taking any responsibility. Why does any corporation think they can get away with this? I will never buy anything from any of SAMSUNG's brands. I encourage all customers never to buy anything from SAMSUNG or the retailers that sell their products.

The model number was SAMSUNG NV75K5571BS / EF.

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---I posed this to a Samsung owned forum but have a sneaky feeling it may get deleted… maybe posting it here too may keep it alive. –

I am an engineer for one of the large tech companies and cannot fathom how Samsung stays in business with no regards for customer retention and seemingly no fear of being slapped by government agencies either! Must be too many politicians with their pockets being lined… My company has its faults especially with customer service, but if this crap happened there, people would be fired FAST!!!!

So, I have sent in my S8 because one of the cameras stopped working. The phone is less than a year old. I have been with Samsung since the S2 and have both a s7000 and a s8000 television.... Guess what? No more. my own stupidity for sticking with them so long...
Device repair depot states they need proof of purchase, one that reflects the IMEI number (serial number) I kept my receipt but all it shows is a date, invoice number and product numbers ordered. I just pre-ordered a S9+ and guess what? that SALES RECEIPT also does not reflect a "serial number" Needless to say I am now canceling that order and looking at competitor’s devices.
So, with that being said, you will never be able to have anything purchased directly from SAMSUNG repaired under warranty.
Do yourself a favor and shop their competition., there is plenty of it out there and most have quality customer service that actually honors their own warranties.
By the way I HATE crApple but seriously thinking of switching....At least crApple stands behind their crappy locked down products.

Too bad Google SPAMS its pixel 2 owners! I would go for them instead......

So still completely frustrated and at a loss as to why Samsung will not recognize its own receipt or look up my original order to verify proof of purchase, I have done the following:
1. Opened a case with the Federal Trade Commission.
2. Opened a case with my creditor that I paid for the device with stating I received a defective device (True)
3. Once again attempted to contact Samsung and have this case escalated to a manager instead of the poor support people over in India who barley know their own name much less how to escalate anything....

All I got from them was "you need to call into support and speak with a support representative" No thank you...... too many times already I have been told the receipt from Samsung will not suffice as proof of purchase because Samsung does not include a serial number (IMEI) on pre-order receipts. Everyone I talk to claims no way to escalate anything and I can get no higher than a supervisor at any department. The last conversation I had they requested I contact support directly….. idiots….. they are support! I said sure, provide me the number and email of a C level manager. They had no clue, I actually had to explain what a C level manager was! Holy crap!

So, I will leave the FTC case open (not holding breath) and leave the payment dispute open with my creditor. With any luck I get a refund from my creditor...... key word there is "luck"

LESSON LEARNED - DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG!!!!!! at least not from Samsung... if you must buy this crappy companies products..... pay the extra bucks and go through a phone carrier and let them deal with the MORONIC warranty repair situation.

By the way, I doubt anything will transpire from my single complaint to the FTC but I know there are probably thousands more people out there in the same situation.....

if so start with your payment method, if a credit card was used file a dispute with them requesting a refund due to receipt of a defective device.

Also go here to the FTC and file a complaint:

If enough ripped off customers file complaints then the FTC may move to investigate.
And by all means post your experience all over social media (stick to the facts though)
As I find more ways to file complaints and or disputes with other government agencies I will post here as well.

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Spot on Samsung,,, is worse then going to a casino

Samsung appears to have an over all way of dealing with "issues" customers have with their products. Side step it, ignore it and Hope you give up and walk away .... I'd post as much anywhere I could to get you message out .Where companies feel it ,is in their wallet .The best advertising is word of mouth . And it goes both ways .For good and bad ..... Shaming companies seems to work .As i have, as far as I can , posted negative reviews /opinions where ever I could . Time allowing ..... Even then Samsung did not fix my problem , what they did was make appointments to fix it and then never show up. not a Telephone call or email to cancel or let me know they would not show up. So I waited a ALL Day at home waiting for NOTHING .
The Store who sold me my TV did .,They offered to exchange the defective product with a new 1 .... I accepted that offer in a heartbeat ..... Coincidently , Samsung called me 10-15 After the Store I purchased the product from ,had made the offer I accepted , to "FIX" my QLED next week . I Declined .... And told them "Why would I think you would show up , after you didn't the last 2 appoints you made before to fix the TV? Reply was "it is difficult to get to your location". NOT MY PROBLEM .... Maybe don't sell things for locations you "can't service" and OFFER V1 year 100% Warranties on ....And 10 year Burn-in warranties .

If needed , Start action with your CC company ..This is what all companies understand ..$$$$$ .
If they lose $$$$ or have it taken back from their bank ..They will be very unhappy . those who need to go to this point should check their CC protections ... Many Cards DOUBLE THE WARRANY when it's used to pay for a purchase . Having Visa or MasterCard or other major names of CC's talk for you , should be a somewhat more powerful voice .....

I only hop that luck is on my side this time with the new 1 ..... And the Odds of that getting 2 bad TV's are relatively small .

Call the place you bought yours and don't give up ..When you are in the right ,stand your ground ....
Keep pushing to have your problem resolved .
Better YET ,Never buy anything Samsung and don't have this problem ever .....

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Phone lit on fire

My S8 active lit on fire a week after we got it. Sent it into Samsung 4 months ago. After 18 hours on the phone with Samsung customer support over the last 4 months I have no phone or replacement phone and no one at Samsung can help. They won’t even send back my original phone so I just paid Samsung $700 and have nothing to show for it.

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