Have corrupted Safari by improperly deleting dropbox I think

Hello, I run a MacBook Pro and at the moment a backup acer laptop with windows.
So I have been having trouble with safari. It started by opening facebook and I think pinterest in mobile site, very annoying and I didn't ever find a solution to that. However this issue I was having caused me to monkey around alittle and what I think has caused my most recent problems was when I force deleted dropbox instead of running an uninstall program. Ever since I did this I am unable to sign into facebook, pinterest, Netflix and likely more. After hitting the sign in bottom the page simply reloads, it does not matter what information I fill in.
I have of course tried all the typical fixes of resetting safari, deleting cookies etc. Nothing has made a difference. I would love help on how to fix this.
Thank you to anyone who can give me some steps to follow. Happy

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Reporting: Have corrupted Safari by improperly deleting dropbox I think
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Clarification Request
Add more detail.
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Its Avery good thanks,

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Clarification Request
Just noticed a thing. OS version.
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PS. Complete workaround?

Try the Chrome browser.

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Additional information

Hello MacBook Pro OS X 10.7.5

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Try the third question.

Try another account.

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Different account

Hi just finished, a new account has the same issues.

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Try this step by step.
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What now

Hi I have actually tried all that, I found that link yesterday while searching.
I just ran a program called etrecheck and it has flagged a missing executable file.
Library/internet plug-ins/divxbrowserplugin.plugin/contents/resources/extensions-installer
Would this be causing my problem? And how could I fix that?

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Let's see what others come up with.

The next step is a big one (restore the OS) and I tried to avoid that.

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Ok thank you, we will see if anyone has any other suggestions thanks again.

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I saw the bat signal bulb, and decided to drag myself from my sickbed to see what I could offer as a solution.
Personally, I would move that OS 10.7 to at least 10.11 if not 10.12.
That said, it is difficult to follow the thread on my iPhone from the hospital Wi-Fi. So if I repeat something you have already done just ignore me. Prior to moving the OS, I would consider re-downloading the latest version of dropbox, logging in, and running the uninstall that gets loaded when you download the new version. The OS X update will take a couple of hours but you will find a big improvement in the performance of your MacBook Pro. As far as I can figure, your MacBook Pro can support latest version of OS X which is Sierra. Do you have at least 4Gbs of RAM?
(see about this Mac from the apple menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen)
Before the update takes place make sure you have a good time machine back up. You do have time machine running?
Good luck, I will be following your progress from my hospital bed.


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Me again

Hi thank you for answering from your sick bed! I hope you are in good care.
I have not followed through on any more suggestions yet because my mac does not support time machine I think my os is too old?
Also question for you can I upgrade to a newer os and not lose everything? I am not really sure how to go about upgrading.
Anyway as soon I figure out a good way to backup my computer I will be doing more. May have to order an external hard drive? Unless I have a big enough flash drive around here.
If I get too antsy waiting for a hard drive I will be redownlaoding Dropbox and running the uninstall program. I quite like that suggestion.

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Time machine & other things

Your MBP certainly does support Time Machine. You just need an external hard drive and sub cable that comes with it.
To use Time Machine you will need an external hard drive at least twice the size of your internal drive. A two terabyte drive would be my minimum size for your MBP
You will find TM in the System Preferences pane. Just plug in the external USB drive and follow the instructions.
It will back up your MBP every hour that it is plugged in and save daily, weekly and monthly backups until it runs out of disk space. It then deletes the oldest backups and keeps going. ANY USB, except those few that use self encryption. It does NOT have to be an Apple product.
Do you have any pop-up blockers?
Go into Safari prefs and see if you have "pop-up" blocker turned on. Turn off if on.
Do you have any Ad-Blocker installed. Uninstall if installed

You could also try deleting the Safari preferences from 'yourname\library\preferences\ and look for a safari file that ends in .plist

Do the Dropbox download and uninstall just to remove that as a suspect


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Thanks again

Hey thank you for spelling it all out for me I needed that. Just ordered an external hard drive so in 3-7 days I will be trying all of these suggestions.

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Thanks for this.

No need to reply to me. Thanks for this.

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