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Has microsoft gone off the deep end

They are releasing all sorts of programs for free, office 2007 beta, vista RC1 (granted its a trial) and Virtual PC ($3000 PROGRAM).

My question is why?!

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All beta. They get free testing and get to discover

In reply to: Has microsoft gone off the deep end

For free what bugs there are.

Why not use Open Office?


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Open Office

In reply to: All beta. They get free testing and get to discover

Is really nice, i use it religiously...just curious, sorry to start a CNET battle Grin

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You didn't

In reply to: Open Office

Just like some people can't hold their liquor, some people take their religion way too seriously and end up betraying everything they profess to believe, so some people can't seem to help themselves from creating emotional attachments to software.

Most of these people are fervent Mac or Linux supporters, but there are also those who are just as zealous in their defense of Microsoft and Windows. Any negative comment, no matter how slight or deserved, must be met with extreme stupidity.

You don't usually see these people come out of the woodwork on a site like Cnet, which wouldn't dare do anything to offend the advertising revenue Microsoft brings in. Since their main content regarding Microsoft or Windows are puff pieces and articles that read remarkably like press releases, there's usually no need. However, these are also the places they tend to congregate. It's a lot easier to delude yourself into thinking the rest of the world thinks the same way you do when you actively seek out like minded people and only read publications that espouse similar ideals.

These people would make for a fascinating case study for a psychology student's graduate thesis. At the very least they should be studied, and some of those here could probably do with some nice meds to help them stay balanced.

Long story short, you did nothing wrong. You asked a question, and it was some people who couldn't handle the answer to that question that caused the problem. These people are probably considered the resident geek at their work place because they know how to turn a computer on or something, and that makes them feel like they're more qualified to speak on a subject than someone who has a degree in marketing. YOU, NetworkingGeek101, did nothing wrong. It's not your fault other people are idiots.

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Don't forget the time bombs....

In reply to: Has microsoft gone off the deep end

Aren't Vista RC1 and Office Beta only supposed to work up to a specific date? If you haven't learned to read the fine print, I highly suggest you do that.

In the case of Virtual PC, I think there is a competitor that Microsoft wants to try to drive out of business and so just like when IE became free and Netscape wasn't we could have a repeat in the virtual machine world.


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Who is VMWare?

In reply to: Don't forget the time bombs....

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And Xen

In reply to: Who is VMWare?

Don't want to forget the plucky little open source option.

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In reply to: Has microsoft gone off the deep end

It's very low cost quality control for Microsoft. The more people you have poking and prodding a product, the more bugs are likely to be found. That makes it easier for the developers to go in and fix these bugs. A very expensive problem once the product goes "gold" and is being sold in retail outlets.

It also is a sort of grassroots sort of advertising system to help generate hype about the upcoming products. It's a lot easier than paying off the likes of CNet and Ziff-Davis to publish a bunch of puff pieces that are little more than press releases written in the form of an article. It's a variation on the free sample method of advertising. In the case of Vista, I think it's backfiring quite a bit. People are seeing how there's very little new about Vista, and deciding it's most definitely not worth the price tag attached to it.

And finally, as pointed out, the programs will only work for some set period of time. Which is another tried and true marketing method, often associated with drug dealers. Someone gets "hooked" on using one of these pre-release Vista builds, then it blows up due to the time limit, and they have to either wipe the drive clean and reinstall XP, or go out and buy the full release of Vista. Even if only a small number go out and buy a copy of Vista, it still works out in favor of MS.

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Offensive Remarks

In reply to: Simple

Mr. McDoogle,

I find your remarks that cNet and Ziff Davis are being payed off to be very irresponsible, especially while you are posting on the cNet forums. Obviously you have no proof and these are just your opinions.

Additionally, equating Microsoft with drug dealing is not only irresponsible but deeply offensive. Posts such as yours do not do anything but show us your own level of .... well I refuse to stoop to your level, so I will just leave it there.

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Settle down

In reply to: Offensive Remarks

You're making a very critical, but easy to make, mistake in your thinking. You're thinking, thanks in part to some excellent marketing efforts on the part of the journalism industry as a whole, that it's all about the romantic notion of reporting on the truth. Well, it's not, it's about making money, just like every other commercial enterprise out there.

The main way companies like Cnet and Ziff-Davis make money is through the sale of advertisements. Microsoft, is probably considered to be one of the biggest advertising clients for both of those companies, and so they both probably have someone who's whole job is to have their face firmly planted on the backside of someone at Microsoft 24/7.

There's not even the remotest of chances that any editor with even a small amount of business sense at either of these places, is going to let any piece that may in some way offend Microsoft (used only as an example here) be published. They aren't going to be willing to risk the retaliation of having Microsoft yank all their advertising.

And assuming there ever was such an editor, who also believed in the same romantic notion as you... They would likely last all of a single issue before being tossed out on their ear, as a sacrificial lamb to Microsoft.

You have yet a lot to learn about the way the journalism BUSINESSES are run. You'll quickly learn that when you've got people who are expecting monthly paychecks from you, that all your high and mighty principles and naive romantic ideas about the world will come crashing down around you very quickly.

Nothing I said isn't already common knowledge to most people. I mean, on of Ziff-Davis's most popular authors, John Dvorak, was caught on tape not long ago, admitting to almost exactly this. He stated that any time they need to increase circulation or website hits, he will write some anti-Linux article just to get the Linux zealots all worked up. Do a little searching, and you should be able to hear Dvorak say it for himself.

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You are asking the wrong person to settle down!

In reply to: Settle down

As I said, you offer no proof, other than Dvorak, who is a contributor, not an editor as proof. You also completely ignore the fact that you equated Microsoft with drug dealing. If anyone here is misguided and uninformed, I would suggest it is you sir, not I.

You come off as some type of informed computer user, yet looking at your posts, all I see is the standard anti-Microsoft rants. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I would gladly defend that with my dying breath, it doesn't make you right. These forums are here to assist people who are looking for help. Spouting your zealous anti-Microsoft screed does nothing to further that cause, and in a few instances I believe it has hurt more than helped as it confuses the problem and obfuscates the issues.

There are many places one can go and openly rant about Microsoft. I just don't believe a help forum is that place. So while I disagree with you in many cases, I ignore the rants for the most part. But when you start equating Microsoft with drug dealing, you have crossed a line and I will call you on it! You should apologize for that remark, period.

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In reply to: You are asking the wrong person to settle down!

Enjoyed reading your last few posts.
I have been around & trult appreciate a Man that stands by his convictions.


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Not really

In reply to: You are asking the wrong person to settle down!

You seem to be the one who's loosing composure over this matter, not me, so I think I was quite correct in saying you should settle down.

Also, I did not equate Microsoft to a drug dealer. That is a very simplistic, infantile, and incorrect interpretation of what I said. I made a simple analogy, by comparing something many people may not be familiar with, to something most people can relate to or understand. That's what an analogy is. It's not a declaration of fact, it's a tool to aid understanding.

Why you seem to be the only one who cannot understand this is a good question for another time and place. I happen to have some theories, largely involving it being you who's the pro-Microsoft zealot, and out to defend your beloved company's honor against all slights... Real or imagined. But that's all the more I'll say on the subject, because my time would be better spent chatting with a brick wall. With the wall, I can at least claim insanity.

Anyway... Since you seem to have problems understanding basic literary techniques, I think I will take my leave of your company. I simply do not have the time, nor the inclination, to tutor you on these things to bring you up to a sufficient level. You have my pity for being cheated out of a decent education, and all the things in life you will miss out on as a result, but my pity is all you have or will have. If by some divine intervention, or the miracle of osmosis based learning, you show that you have obtained a grasp of some fundamental concepts you are currently lacking, maybe I'll consider conversing with your further on this subject. I'm just not holding my breath when you have yet to master simple analogies.

So, until that time comes, I will take my leave of you. Best of luck to you in your studies.

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John........You Can.............

In reply to: Not really

Take your leave of me too. Besides being a geek, who relies totally on MS, Google etc. I have found both you & Bob to be a pair of Pompus Asses

I will ask for no help from either of you & expect no replies.

I do more reseach into answering other members ??? than you both comined & have not asked a question yet.

You both shoot from the hip & I have posted twice about this, but you are too busy answering posts without reading the threads (which really makes you look foolish)

I don't know, maybe you're overworked, or maybe it's a power trip thing.
In any case, I don't like the way the both of you answer posts, or the arrogant manner in which you chastisize the "Newbie"

I really think you're both "burnt out" & need a Vaca!

Can't help you there - Talk to the boss

Good Luck!

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It's called experience

In reply to: John........You Can.............

I assume you are referring to Mr. Proffitt by Bob, the only competent one I've seen sporting the Cnet logo.

From what I've observed of Mr. Proffitt's posting habits, he and I seem to be of similar mindset. We're not interested in simply handing people answers. It's not that we get some sort of sadistic pleasure out of denying people this, it's that we recognize in doing so, we aren't really helping these people. The only thing we really succeed in doing, is creating a dependency. The people we "help" don't learn anything except to keep coming to us for every little thing that comes up. It's a nice ego boost at first, but the charm wears thin very quickly. So instead, we try to give them to tools necessary to help themselves. Such as suggesting the use of Google to find answers for their problems.

People who are willing to learn, and don't shy away from a little hard work, tend to recognize this for what it is quite quickly and are appropriately grateful. It's the lazy people who want other people to do their work for them that get upset and complain. Saying how arrogant we are, and how we "shoot from the hip". They see it as a personal affront that we won't just hand them an answer all gift wrapped in a nice little bow, and might go so far as to say we're "chastising" them just because they're a "newbie".

You might want to be careful though, because the more you learn, the more you'll become like us. The better your understanding of the world, the less innocence about it you will be able to maintain. So you might wish to simply remain in blissful ignorance, and continue to complain about things you don't understand.

With that I will take my leave of you in this matter. However, as I rarely pay much attention to who has posted what, it may well happen I answer some question you pose. So before you get your panties all bunched thinking it's some sort of intentional act designed to get you all worked up, try to remember a few simple things. First, people really don't pay as much attention to you as you'd like to think. Second, insofar as my responding to you here, it's more a case of general indifference to who's posting rather than my trying to get you all worked up, because of the first thing I said to remember.

So, good day to you, and it might well be you who needs the vacation.

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imo, the ONLY comparison

In reply to: It's called experience

between you and Bob is the second letter of your first names...


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That's disgusting

In reply to: imo, the ONLY comparison

You're a moderator for chrissake! Try and act the part!

Do something useful for a change and lock this bleeding thread.

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Ears burning.

In reply to: John........You Can.............

I've answered this question before and it's pretty simple.

Don't hand out fish. Teach fishing.

If you want fish, goto a fish market and pay up.

Hope this clears that up for you,


PS. Yes, I do occasionally answer an issue with a solution. If you missed that then you read less than 1% of my replies.

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Obviously you don't know the meaning of Analogy

In reply to: Not really

Analogy - A form of logical inference or an instance of it, based on the assumption that if two things are known to be alike in some respects, then they must be alike in other respects.

So let's see:

Microsoft - a publically held company that creates, markets, and sells software for computers. Gives millions of dollars each year to help schools and charities for the betterment of mankind.

Drug dealers - an illegal organization that preys upon the people of the world by enslaving them with harmful and deadly drugs. Known killers and murderers.

By your exaggerated definition, the Pope must believe in genocide because we can properly infer that:

1. He is German
2. Hitler was German
3. Hitler believed in genocide

Therefore the Pope believes in genocide.

Both this and your analogy are erroneous conclusions. You know it and I know it. You cannot use a single point of commonality to make an assertion or analogy. It is against all scientific principles and guidelines. It also defies common sense.

I have done my utmost to refrain on any personal attacks. I have made my arguements based on the merits of my case. I have made no references to your, or my, educational achievements. You do not know me, nor what I have attained and achieved in my long life, nor I yours. I will however make this point, it is almost always true, that the individual who begins a personal attack on someone is not only not capable of debating the points of their arguement but they have also assumed a defensive posture that will undermine their very arguement in the long run.

And thank you very much for your pity, I can use all the help I can get, and I'm not to self-centered or ego driven to admit that.

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Lock Please

In reply to: Has microsoft gone off the deep end

It's obvious some people are looking to pick a fight, and I don't foresee anything constructive coming from the furthering of this thread. The question posed at the outset was answered multiple times, then degenerated into little more than namecalling and petty insults. I am appropriately ashamed for the part I played as an enabler to the two members who I shall refrain from naming. As part of my penance for that, I am calling for the immediate locking of this discussion thread. I should have known better than to entertain the sick fantasies of those two, but apparently took a short leave of my senses. They have since returned, refreshed and revitalized, and are telling me that locking this discussion seems to be the most prudent course of action.

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Is that capitulation I hear?

In reply to: Lock Please

When an individual can not defend their point of view, they attack the person, not the message. When even that does not work, they attempt to divource themselves from the arguement by appealing to others to assist them.

The fact is, I have treated you both respectfully and cordially. I have read through all of my posts on this matter and nowhere can I find any disrespect or name-calling on my part. I do not need to resort to this tactic to further my message, for I believe my message is not only just, but correct, based on your statements.

Additionally, the original topic of this discussion was, "Has microsoft gone off the deep end" and that I posted my disagreement behind your statement. As such, it is neither off-topic nor does it break any other rules I am aware of.

The problem stems from the fact that you have dug yourself into a rather deep hole and you now see yourself getting buried there. That sir, is your fault, not mine, not the moderators, nor any of the other posters. I pray that the moderators do not lock this discussion, but should they do that, I will graciously abide by their decision. I wonder if you will be equally as gracious?

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Case in point: LOCK Please

In reply to: Is that capitulation I hear?

I wasn't going to mention any names, but since someone has decided to self-identify, we can clearly see that they're interested in attempting to persecute people who have a different opinion from them.

This entire thread had no real place on the XP forum to begin with, and has now become little more than one or two people's personal crusade to try and get everyone to drink the kool-aid. Hurrah for groupthink!


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