Has anyone heard of XTRA PC ?

I have an old laptop I was going to discard then I saw an ad for this product . It sounded like a good way to re task old computer but I can't find anything about it other than company's web page. Anyone out there know anything about it?

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Reporting: Has anyone heard of XTRA PC ?
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It's rather horrible.
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Save your money!

Not worth it, it's a free Linux OS.
Just buy a USB and install any free Linux OS using a bootable program like Universal installer USB. If you want to protect yourself use TAILS OS.

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I like their sales pitch.

Sounds great but got nothing to do with their product.

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It is a simplified version of the Linux operating system

Yes. It is a simplified version of the Linux operating system, that, when used properly, can run faster on old PCs than Windows does. But, you have to stop running Windows and leave behind everything you learned in Windows, and learn the way to do things on this is system. For most stuff, its easy. You may get stuck where you need tech support, which they offer.

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It's not the device, it's tech support

For people that only use their laptop for web browsing, word and media player, i guess a simplified Linux would be easy enough to learn.

So you would be paying $25 for a USB stick with pre-configured OS and tech support. That seems like a fair deal... if it turns out the distro doesn't support your favorite web page, doesn't work with your printer (bubblejet printers are the biggest ripoff in tech IMHO, but I still use them) and the tech support doesn't help you -- you would still only be down $25.

So I would say, NOT a scam. It's plausible.

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I have a bridge for sale !
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How big is it?

I've been trying to bridge my router for ages. Silly

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I would have bought it

But delivery wasn't included. The sellers can't compete with Amazon Prime.

The Xtra PC stick is best tossed in this.

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Reminds me of my gran.

She had one like that. I think the brand was Spong?

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Had to google it.

Spong seems to be into coffee grinders now. Their meat grinders made in England appear to be sought after or collectable.

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That's the point...

Why would I buy your bridge when I could build my own? Happy

That's all Xtra-PC is. A pre-built install of Linux. Some folks don't want or know how to install Linux from scratch. In that case I don't see Xtra-PC as a rip-off. What I don't like is the misleading way it's being promoted as a fix for old slow computers.

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Hit the wrong Reply link. Happy

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It's still a rip.
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It works fine

Being a complete noob at anything that has to do with computers, except using them, this product worked very well for me.

Have been thinking for a year+ to get Linux OS on an older laptop - only used for some browser games played in the house - but just never could get to 'getting it done'. However, having been 'forced' to update to Windows 10, the old laptop just became unbearably slow.

Hence, I bought the XTRA-PC thingy as a last ditch resort.
$25 + $10 shipping to the Netherlands.
Was shipped next day and arrived in 1 week.
Flawless order processing and shipping.
Install also easy.

It basically offers a ready-to-go (I think 4 or 5 clicks total) worry free Linux (Ubuntu) install for noobs like me.

Just had to get rid of the standard Firefox browser, which was extremely bothersome. Installed Maxthon for Linux instead.

The old laptop now is again capable of running 2-3 screens simultaneously at a good speed, enabling to enjoy the games, which had become impossible in Windows 10.

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Free ubuntu os on a cheap usb stick

This is just a free ubuntu/linux on a cheap and crappy usb stick.
I'll make one for free or just do it yourself.
Even the most " noobskilled noob" with no basic training with computers can do this
( within an hour.!!!!!)
E.g. 5 clicks away;

But it it still doesn't do what' s advertised. It doesnt't make anything faster, it's not an extra pc, it alone cannot even boot, if your old pc has hardware problems , your extra pc on an usb stick has the exact same problems.

Soo it's a scam. Sew them for every penny.

This is a 2 cent message from your local support guy! Free of charge!

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Narrow minded. Only one language and keyboard layout.

I liked the idea and bought two versions and up until now tried out one of them. It was really easy to install, and I was quite happy until I realised, that it only has English languages and only English keyboard options.
A bit narrow minded to say the least, and to ship it to Europe with her dozens of different languages and keyboard layouts is ridiculous.
I suppose they vote Trump too... Good luck, USA. You are going to need it.

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I'm back: Not too bad after all.

It is not completely true, that only English is supported. I went to the Xtra-pc to complain, but found what I needed on their FAQ-page.
It is possible to get all the language support that other Linux-systems had, it is just not obvious in the enclosed material. A minimal instruction here would have saved Xtra-PC for at least my negative reaction.
I am in an immediate crisis since both my Windows and my harddisk have become unreliable and I am going abroad and this laptop is the only one I have just now, so I have to get something working fast. It seems Xtra-PC actually can do what I need now. I have actually been wanting to switch to Linux for many years, but my perseverance wasn't strong enough for the initial resistance agains learning something new. Now when I have to and Windows is not there to tempt me back, I actually think I am going to make it "over the bridge". So even though any USB-stick with any Linux is technically just as good, it seems it took Xtra-pc for me to do it.

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Too bad folk report badly about it. Fraud and more.

This thread is now closing.

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I ordered this usb of fraud on OCT 11th 2016.
RECEIVED in Greece on OCT 27th 2016
It was not working (no way to boot an ASUS Eee1015BX, windows 7with that) and asked for help immediately on their'''' support'''' department.
They left me with absolutely not support until Nov 8th 2016, even if I asked for help 2 more times in between. Then someone named GARY HODSON just close my case AND DELETE OUR CONVERSATION without any support.
HE just told me to search in google for help and that this usb works on most... computers newer than 2004
He closed my case, as I can't send  this fraud usb back until Nov 11th, no more
He must receive it back at most 30 days from the day of order no matter where you live.

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