Hard wiring

Hi all.

Currently I have a desktop machine in my study at home, which I hard wire to my router in the living room. I have a long Ethernet cable joining the two, but this isn't ideal as 1) I have two small children and 2) I have two small children.

I don't want to use home plugs etc etc, just want to hardwire it. Can someone help me with the basics? I only need this room hard wiring.

thanks in advance!

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Clarification Request
Re: hard wired

That's not clear to me. You have it hard wired and now you want to hard wire it. What's the problem?

My wife once had a rabbit that liked to nibble on cables. Small children usually don't.

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Re: hard wired

Valid point... I want to hardwire it, but route the cable through the wall cavities. Do I simply need a switch thingy on each end so I can just plus the RJ45's end's in? Excuse my ignorance.

Small children like to pull cables, trip etc. I've never had a problem with rabbits as I've never had one.

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Re: cable

You need an Ethernet cable that's long enough, 2 RJ45 plugs and the crimping tool (if that's the correct English term) to put it together. Or a ready made cable if you manage to install that with the plugs already attached.

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What I want is a clean finish (like wall plates or whatever they are called), so i don't need to run an Ethernet cable over the floor. I.E. Plug my desktop into the wall plate in the study, and then plug the router into another wall plate in the lounge. "Behind the scenes" I'm questioning what I need to do to actually get the wall plates set up. I.E. do I need a hub/switch or anything, or literally just RJ45 connect to wall plate, and plug in?

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Re: cable

No hub, switch or whatever electronic device. Just a cable, plugs and wall plates.

It might be easier to go wireless.

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Great, thanks! Wireless isn't an option, I need super fast connectivity.

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Wireless speed is now faster than most Ethernet.

100BT is 100 megabits per second.

802.11ac is 500 megabits per second on a good setup.

Even AC600 starts at 150 megabits per second or 50 per cent faster than 100BT Ethernet.

-> I see Kees covered the wiring. It can be daunting the first time so watch YouTube videos on the hardware installs of such. There are such plates but it's all about the mechanicals and wiring it up. I won't broach this since we have the Web and YouTube. Here's a plate, one of thousands out there.

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there are devices which allow you to use electrical wiring.

Powerline Networking is the usual term for it when googling.

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are you living at grade level?

Is there crawl space under the flooring?

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How about

Run the cable across the ceiling.
Small staples and some patience will make it look neat.

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