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Hard drive recovery problems

Mar 24, 2015 11:17AM PDT

hey, new to the forum so if there is an existing thread ill be happy to repost, but my problem is that i have a friend with an old laptop hard drive that has alot of things on it that we need. im using an ez dock that works beautifully on some other hard drives. but this drive has some serious issues and will not show up on any recovery program ive used "test disk" as well as not showing up on disk management. its a 320gb WD harddrive.. so any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.. if ive forgot anything lemme know!

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What about the old school method.
Mar 24, 2015 11:42AM PDT

Use some desktop to plug it into?

We also never work on the last drive. We clone it and work on the clone. Only those new to data recovery work with the last drive without making a copy first. If the drive is unstable we clone that to another master then clone that to work on the clones.

Some new to this field try to work on the cheap. Losing data and recovery is costly. Backup is cheap.

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I *assume* here...
Mar 25, 2015 3:49AM PDT

That the WD 320 is somehow able to mount in your EZ dock quite well. In other words it is capable of using that EZ dock w/o issue. If yes, and you seem to be getting an error or non-access, then the HD is bad or you really found it incompatible. As posted to you if you can actually mount on a desktop setup, basically jerry-rig(cabling only) via having an open case and thus connect it w/o actually installing it, then do so. If it fails then and all required steps were done and isn't seen or again has an issue, then the HD is kaput or unique in some way. You don't need any recovery s/w when mounted that way or via the EZ dock, it should be seen as another "storage media" and thus accessible. If not, then a real h/w issue is afoot and even with recovery s/w isn't about to comply to copy any data or is limited in such a task.

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Hard drive recovery problems
Apr 6, 2015 3:12PM PDT

Why don't you opt for a data recovery service.You will be stress free then. You just need to tel them the exact cause and nothing else. I feel inspite of doing different experiments. Consult for this option.