First, let me say I am a little jealous; I wish I had some of the resources you listed. My System slowed dramatically not long ago, and I thought it was freezing up. I finally discovered, if I waited long enough, it cleared itself, and then just ran slowly. Second, I have been a Roxio user for a long time, and loaded the new 7.5 version almost before anyone, I think, and I believe that was the culprit. After trying every analytical tool imaginable, I started removing programs. This may sound unscientific, but after removing Roxio 7.5 and running my clean-up tools, and re-booting, I suddenly was back to the old speeds. So far, I have not put it back ..... I need my Roxio, but I still have the throw-away discs I got with Roxio 6 and Roxio 7. I would love to hear from anyone who has info about all this,
Paul Archibald, Age 65