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I bought a seagate barracuda st31500341as 1.5TB for my newly built computer and windows wont read it everything else will read it RAM Bios CMOS all of it and my computer has a 36GB hard disk that is running low on space what do i do?

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Could be proper.

For example XP would have troubles (well discussed) and then we have the issue of partitions and formatting. Your post didn't tell how you prepared this drive for use with your machine.

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here is the info

I have set it up with seatools and that read the disk but my vista software wont read it at all. I formatted it and i created a partition on the disk but vista wont read it

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Now try the Vista tools.

Seatools while a nice idea could be defective. Try the native tools Vista supplies.

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I cant vista wont read my hard drive if you were paying attention its all in my computer properly i just cant

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Disk Management Tool

I can't see in your posts where you used Vista's own "Disk Management" tool.

If that doesn't see the disk, then it looks like the disk itself is faulty.


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The disk is not faulty because it works on other computers but not mine and disk management wont read it either

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Ahh, that's new info.

However the fact it was not prepared on this machine is one clue.

I can't find where you reveal if it shows in DEVICE MANAGER.

Remember that if it's not in device manager, it won't show in Windows.

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its not

it is not in device manager i tried it and it did not show

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Actually that's good news.

Many machine BIOS are now arriving with the IDE EMULATION enabled. Be warned I can't guess the 20 other names this feature is called but that SATA AHCI or other setting in the BIOS means that 2 or 4 or any other SATA ports might be disabled.

What I would do next? Try the SATA data cable in the other ports. If the drive shows up in the BIOS and Windows Device Manager then we begin.

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Tried it

I have a not very old or new mother board i built the computer myself and my mother board has two sata ports on it and i have tried changing it. It all showed up on the bios and seatools and intel raid software so i have run out of ideas

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Would it be possible?

To share the make and model of this machine?

And if some home built, then a link to the motherboard's manual?

I had an board from 2004 that did this. Turns out its design for the SATA ports was for raid only. I could not have 2 SATA drives unless it was a RAID. Very strange board.

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here is the link to my board
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As noted.

The native tool is Disk Management. The steps are not intuitive so here goes.

1. Blank or badly prepared drives do not show in My Computer AKA "Windows Explorer."

2. Such drives must show in the Device Manager or you have a setup or other error.

3. Now that we're past 1 and 2, we head to Vista (this is common to XP, Vista, 7 and most versions of Windows) Disk management. On the new drive I would delete all the bad partitions on it, create a new partition and format it. IN DISK MANAGEMENT.

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Did you look over the installation ...

instructions that came with it (unless it was OEM)?

If not follow this link to Seagate Support for the drive

Installation, troubleshooting, Capacity issues (this link might well be the one you really need as you will be able to select whether you intend to install it as the boot disk or as a storage disk AND you can select the Operating System which you failed to mention but which you will see is an IMPORTANT consideration.

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yes i have done it all its properly installed windows vista ultimate wont read it though and i cant figure out why vista wont read it

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Maybe set it up on another computer

Can you use a working computer to partition and format this HDD, then put it in your new PC and see if Windows 'sees' it?

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(NT) yes
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i have formatted it with sea tools and put a partition on it

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Windows can't read 1.5TB HD....

Please clarify.... I cannot figure out what you mean by "Windows can't read"... BTW, does the MOBO supports 1.5TB ?

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I see on pages 40 and on this is one of those boards with 20 choices for SATA, IDE and more.

Please read those pages about the SATA LEGACY IDE emulation.

If any RAID feature is enabled then Vista is unlikely to detect this unless it is setup per those awful instructions.


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In what mode of storage this 1.5TB drive is designed for?

You might need an x64 O.S. installation for it to format your 64bit sectored HDD.

Look on the box of the packaging of such newest HDD.

Does it say: Designed for Vista/7 64bit O.S.?

Be warned people, 64bit formatting only is coming to retail shelves and, very soon, in the pre-assembled Desktop Tower machines(very high-end gaming systems, mainly).

Any luck?

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i will try

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