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Hanoi John's Military Records

by David Evans / October 28, 2004 11:39 PM PDT

A question for the leftists, especially the ones who bleated and demanded that President Bush release ALL of his military records. Which he did, of course.

Q: Why do you not demand the same of Hanoi John, especially seeing as how he has promised that he would release all of them but has not?

It appears from what I've read here that it's possible that he received a less than an honorable discharge which was later changed. Don't all you holier-than-thou folks want to see for sure, and don't you think this is important for the people to know before the election?

Or will you do anything and support any lie in the quest for power over real Americans?

If you can't answer honestly and without changing the subject (as usual) please don't pollute the thread. I'm passing the thimble around the leftist circle, asking that all leftist honor be put in it, and waiting to see if it comes back empty. It always has before.


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provide me with non-partisan links
by netsky / October 29, 2004 7:13 AM PDT

For, I will not go out on a snipe hunt unarmed.

I have never heard all this minutiae about Kerry's old career, nor is it something I'd go sniff the pee-spots for my own internal wrangling.

Give me links and give me a bed pan and I'll fill more than a thimble with bloody guts and leftist golden honor.

HMMMMM, did I just insult myself by innuendo? I don't prezactly know for sure!

But i would like to study the very same print links that drew DE to such a finely honed edge of mental abstraction.

Is this the place to hate, dave?

Is this the place to harvest blackened grapes of wrath etc and etc?

I'll do my best to honor you with a concurring opinion of kerry if only, please just send me some good links because

-i will not conduct my own "research" in places llike nor scour even the legitimate media, nor the posting record here to help make a sleaszy, unsupported "case" more sticker-y. You as indicter, are honor-bound to do this leg work for me.

So get to it, my friend and if convinced by your evidences you will have my kerry vote turn to acclimation for the Bush administration.

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You don't need links
by Evie / October 29, 2004 11:29 PM PDT

It is a FACT that Kerry has refused to sign the form to release ALL of his military records. The left doesn't want to know what is in the rest, but particularly since Kerry has run a campaign based almost solely on his illustrious military career, you should!

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i need links or roadside poetry
by netsky / October 30, 2004 8:43 AM PDT
In reply to: You don't need links

does your razor

pull or burn?

at every netsky

twist and turn?

apply a balm

and rub in well

on your journey

straight to


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still the same
by Mark5019 / October 29, 2004 11:36 PM PDT

he wont answer because he got a less than honerable discharge kerrys hasnt and wont talk about too sided media

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Mark, with all due respect, I have a great deal of difficult
by Ziks511 / October 30, 2004 4:11 AM PDT
In reply to: still the same

y understanding your posts. Its not the creative spelling but the less than logical leaps within the sentences like "... and wont talk about too sided media"

if you could elaborate in a more conventional English I would be obliged and could then respond.


Rob Boyter

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That's Mark's style and always has been
by TONI H / October 30, 2004 4:36 AM PDT

I would respectfully suggest that you just ignore his posts if you aren't able to follow his train of thought as he types it.


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No SF 180 & 100+ pages required to Kalibrate Kquack'r Kerry
by Catgic / October 30, 2004 1:37 AM PDT

If it walks like a ducK, Kquacks like a ducK and looks like a moose?er-r-r?ducK, it must be Kquack?r Kerry.

Kerry Kalibration Data:

K1 -> LT John Kerry, USNR used special administrative procedures to truncate his standard 12 month ?in-country? combat tour of duty into a special abbreviated four month tour of duty.
K2 -> LT John Kerry, USNR used political influence to get orders to an Admiral's Aide job that normally is staffed using a Regular, Career Naval Officer not a Reserve Officer.
K3 -> LT John Kerry, USNR deceitful words and actions were incorporated into North Vietnam regimen for torturing American POWs.
K4 -> LT John Kerry, USNR received special PI handling and processing for his Navy discharge by Jimmy Carter?s Sec?y of the Navy, W. Graham Claytor in 1978, ?by direction of? President Carter. This was six years after completion of his OCS Reserve Contract that required: Four years USNR active duty + One year Ready Reserve duty + One year Standby Reserve duty ending on February 18, 1972 [1966 + 4 + 1 + 1 = 1972].
Kn ->?

It is left as a ?Lab Assignment? exercise for ?the student? to fill in and complete the remainder of the Kerry Kalibration Data, beginning from his six year late discharge on February 18, 1978 until November 2, 2004.

Get Kquackin?!!!

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While agreeing that there are questions
by Ziks511 / October 30, 2004 4:39 AM PDT

about Kerry's discharge, at least as presented by the partisan crew who keep harping on the issue, I can think of a number of explanations. But first, as one who was thankfully not healthy enough to get sucked into the meat grinder (I have very bad respiratory problems). I certainly did not have George Bush's connections to jump ahead of the long list of applicants to get into the National Guard, nor did I have the alleged Kerry connections in order to cut his service short if that happened.

I do have questions about how one is nominated for an award like the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. It seems impossible to me that one puts one's self forward for them. Surely it's one's superior officer acting perhaps on a submission from the individual with corroboration from other individuals present or from some recognized medical authority who is responsible for forwarding a recommendation to a board who adjudicate the claim. Given the bureaucratic nature of the military it seems impossible to me that, as so many seem to be saying here and elsewhere, Kerry awarded himself the medals and discharged himself at his own convenience. It doesn't make sense.

And given Bush's vicious attacks, first on John McCain after his well publicized "vacation" in Hanoi (there's a guy who can wear the moniker Hanoi John with pride and respect) and then on the Max Cleland, I find any attacks from the Bush camp to be not merely suspect, but as disinformation not worthy of examination. Don't bother to reply here as I intend to Post this as its own discussion thread.

Rob Boyter

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Avoided the question, changed the subject
by David Evans / October 30, 2004 5:18 AM PDT

Same tired old maneuver. You avoided the question and attempted to change the subject. Your reply had nothing to do with the post. I realize it's impossible to defend the indefensible, but I was curious to see even the rationalizations. The left has been caught pink handed and is now speechless.

The question is very simple. Here it is once again, and I'll type this reeeeeal slow:

A question for the leftists, especially the ones who bleated and demanded that President Bush release ALL of his military records. Which he did, of course.

Q: Why do you not demand the same of Hanoi John, especially seeing as how he has promised that he would release all of them but has not?


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check MY records
by netsky / October 30, 2004 8:55 AM PDT

"A question for the leftists, especially the ones who bleated and demanded that President Bush release ALL of his military records."

i never demanded Bush release all of his military records

"Which he did, of course."

Those that could be 'found', yes. After much wrangling.

"Q: Why do you not demand the same of Hanoi John, especially seeing as how he has promised that he would release all of them but has not?"

it's of little interest to me. Even if he pulled special favors from Carter- the fact remains Kerry volunteered his life into harm's way on two Vietnam tours. Bush did not.

RHIP- if you were in the military you know what this means? it means rank has its privileges. Rank of military, rank of social strings to pull. Bush and Kerry BOTH had lots of strings to pull.

Now I see Puppeteer Bush pulling strings on 100,000 human puppets in Irag, and tens of millions others here at home.

Is this evading your question? Am i a leftist coward? I think not. But having fun with the basic meanness of your camp i will now provide a foil for Hanoi Kerry at your every new mention: BallocksBush.

Yes, that fits about as fairly as your (grin) conviction of Kerry. So *** for tat and the difference between us would seem to be that your crew is deadly poison. I am just a spice girl, meself.

Folks, the choice on Nov 2 is clear: Choose ONE:

-Hanoi Kerry, keeping in mind that the commies are now our staunchest allies in the WWar on Terror.

-******** Bush, the meanest, rootin' tootin-est cowpoke that never went to War, hisself.

Herman Munster Head or The Empty Cowboy Hat

-there is little reason to speak in any deeper terms than these. no one is gonna change his mind here. Besides, it annoys the readership, all this hate mongering.

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What TWO tours, please
by TONI H / October 30, 2004 9:09 AM PDT
In reply to: check MY records

he spent FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS in-country......


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Re: What TWO tours, please
by netsky / October 30, 2004 9:33 AM PDT
In reply to: What TWO tours, please

If i am sloppy it's because I get confused, recalling my Democratic Uncle Paul, who was a Lt. Col, and served two tours in Nam. The first tour was as personal aid to that

grrrreat military general, Westmoreland.

the second was to co-ordinate the our defeated withdrawal of troops and evacuate key South Viets to save them from the approaching slaugher.

In a way he helped atone for the MISERY of Westmoreland.

Was Kerry a reluctant draftee in nam? Then was he? Or did Hanoi Kerry go there to consort with the enemy only becuase ******** Bush had billeted into the last remaining 'get out of war free' spot left in the National Guard?

Oh what fun this is.

This little Oliver Twist begs: may i have some more, please?

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Re: What TWO tours, please
by TONI H / October 30, 2004 9:54 AM PDT

When Kerry signed up for Vietnam, he had a plan. He told people that he shared the initials with JFK and he was going into politics as soon as he got out of the Navy. He brought a camcorder with him to Vietnam (how many guys grabbed anything other than a 110 camera) so he could get documentation of his time there and kept a daily diary/journal (which he then turned into books, which don't match up), managed to rack up three Purple Hearts and a number of medals in a crappy-assed four month tour that guys with two full genuine tours never accomplished (some of those medals are questionable), and take an early out of Nam because of a three-Purple-Hearts-and-you're-outta-here option (also questionable). He had a plan, implemented it, and cut and ran.

Became a non-existant Senator.....and look where he is.......doing exactly what he planned out 30 years ago, and he's stepped on alot of people in order to get what he wanted for himself. His fellow military comrades and his constituents........


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The egotistical ballbuster, that Kerry goon!
by netsky / October 30, 2004 10:04 AM PDT

Wow, how i love a forceful man. (swooooon, lol)

KERRY gets my vote

-he is taller than bush

-he is smarter than bush

-he is nicer than bush

-and, gosh darn it! people like Kerry!

but I like him because he's so big and strong and has really pulled no punches to get ahead in the world. A much more successful ego than BallockB.... whose only previous political experience was to bankrupt texas and push the plungers for lethal injections.

Hmmm, that's sexy too.... so tell me more about Bush, please?

(being gay does have it's oratorical advantages, hah ha)

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Well I'm've
by TONI H / October 30, 2004 10:14 AM PDT

made it clear about why you're really voting for Kerry.......


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Re: Well I'm've
by netsky / October 30, 2004 10:21 AM PDT

"made it clear about why you're really voting for Kerry......."

Yes, for none of the reasons you or i made jokes about.

I am voting for Kerry because his path will run us into less Future Harm.

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(NT) (NT) His path will run us into less future.
by EdH / October 30, 2004 10:29 AM PDT
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(NT) (NT) And BallocksBushwillplowusintotheground
by netsky / October 30, 2004 12:22 PM PDT
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Re: What TWO tours, please
by Mark5019 / October 30, 2004 11:16 AM PDT

westmoreland what a joke lol

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Re: check MY records
by Mark5019 / October 30, 2004 11:12 AM PDT
In reply to: check MY records

and why wont kerry release his come on fair is fair hes got ghosts and we want to know

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when you get facts wrong
by Mark5019 / October 30, 2004 12:02 PM PDT
In reply to: check MY records

netsky since your so informed a tour was 1 yr not 4
months i was there 2 full tours lol you go look at
least get it right dont speak with wrong factcs oh
your a kerry supporter its ok please mods why pull this as its not degrading any more than me corecting facts that are wrong

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Superbly done Netsky
by Ziks511 / October 30, 2004 1:21 PM PDT
In reply to: check MY records

and spot on, though I might suggest that the records George W. Bush released were all that could be found AFTER his stint as Governor and his Dad's as President. I mean RHIP and there were all these papers just lying around. Anyway we wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong, or do I mean correct Idea.

Rob Boyter

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Re: Superbly done Netsky
by Mark5019 / October 30, 2004 1:58 PM PDT
In reply to: Superbly done Netsky

and again you run amock and refuse to see why dosnt kerry release his? so fearfull of a fact.

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Also, Mark...
by J. Vega / October 30, 2004 3:03 PM PDT

Also, Mark, it's not surprising that the Texas Air National Guard might not have have 30 year old records still lying about or even having it take a while for those that they bothered to save to be found somewhere in some storage warehouse.
But the United States Navy not only stores much more records about their personel, but tends to keep it in a way and places that makes it easy to produce in short order. The United States Navy has said that they have over 100 pages of Kerry's records that haven't been released to the public. Actually, they can't yet, to do so requires that Kerry himself authorize the public release by signing a SF180 form.
Although there has been a massive call for Kerry to sign that form and let the public see ALL of his records, he still refused to do so and let the public see that paperwork. It is quite clear that he will not do so before the election, which raises the obvious question of what is he hiding.
BTW, I have been absent from the Forum for a week or so because I was in the hospital. I just got out a day or so ago. Note: after tomorrow, I'll be gone for a couple of days again. I'll be in the hotel up the street kicking back on a bigger/better bed, watching cable TV, hitting room service, and otherwise recovering from the hospital "fun routine". Thursday afternoon will be the " interesting project" for which I will be "resting up" at the hotel, so on Friday I should return.

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Hope everything is now ok J - I didn't
by SteveGargini / October 30, 2004 6:52 PM PDT
In reply to: Also, Mark...

know of any medical problem, but hope the stay in hospital and the treatment has sorted it all out.
Look forward to hearing from you on S.E. when you come back.

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It'll be O.K., Steve...
by J. Vega / October 31, 2004 12:16 AM PDT

Steve, it'll be O.K., it was just malnutrition. The situation is being corrected rapidly.

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(NT) (NT) Good! Glad to hear all is now ok J.
by SteveGargini / October 31, 2004 3:59 AM PST
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Re: Also, Mark...
by Mark5019 / October 30, 2004 11:48 PM PDT
In reply to: Also, Mark...

get well and hurry back to another 4 yrs and then we see y hanoi kerry hide

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Will do, Mark...
by J. Vega / October 31, 2004 12:11 AM PDT
In reply to: Re: Also, Mark...

Will do, Mark. Hopefully the "cure" will be administered this Thursday and I'll be down there in very short order.

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Hi J.
by Cindi Haynes / October 31, 2004 3:24 AM PST
In reply to: Also, Mark...

Sorry to hear about your hospital stay, hope it wasn't anything too serious. I know good things are ahead for you, hang in there, my friend!

Saying a prayer for ya!

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