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HALLIBURTON being investigated !!!!!!!

by Bob / October 28, 2004 6:24 PM PDT

As I've been telling you, there is someting very rotten about HALLIBURTON (Cheney's former company) recieving huge no-bid contracts for material handling in Iraq. Now a whistle-blower has come forward and told of the politically- generated coverup. You can read about it at: MSNBC- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6356265/ BBC News: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3963967.stm CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2004/us/10/28/halliburton/index.html

I repeat my question. Why was Cheney given the job as CEO of HALLIBURTON with no prior managerial experience, no oil related experience and with already- existing Heart problems? I believe the answer to my question lies in the story that the FBI is investigating.

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Re: HALLIBURTON being investigated !!!!!!!
by Bob / October 28, 2004 6:32 PM PDT

Why would Halliburton believe that they could profit by appointing the non-qualified Cheney to head their company? Did they already know of the impending attack on Iraq? Did they suspect that Cheney might end up in a position to help them? Or.........did they just decide while he was sleeping, during a fishing trip, that he was their man?

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Let's look at the conspiracy you suggest.......
by TONI H / October 28, 2004 9:27 PM PDT

1. Cheney has a lucrative governmental career going back decades......and retires. (obviously from that career has sprouted friends and contacts over the years)

2. Halliburton specializes in the oil industry and has for decades, and now needs a new CEO around the same time that Cheney has retired.

3. The heads of Halliburton are personal friends of Cheney (see #1) and offer him the position of CEO of their company. The fact that Cheney would know the ins and outs of who/departments handing out government contracts in their specialized field is a major asset and makes good business sense (how do you think most independent businesses end up with government contracts if not because someone in that company knows which departments to play nice with). Remember that Cheney and heads of Halliburton have been personal friends for a long time already so somebody else at Halliburton had to have also known the same contacts as Cheney over those years and didn't really need him as CEO to open any doors for them.

4. Cheney is now seated CEO for Halliburton and Halliburton goes on with business as usual (and making a profit just like they always did before Cheney entered the picture as CEO).

5. GWBush approaches Cheney for advice regarding a running mate and Cheney offers up names. Somewhere down that road GWB offers Cheney the spot instead. Cheney accepts and resigns from Halliburton. (If Halliburton was already getting government contracts during Cheney's time with Halliburton...and it stands to reason that they would have....resigning resolved the conflict of interest problem and Halliburton is now on their own again, acquiring their government contracts on their own (just like they did before Cheney became CEO).

6. GWB (now President with Cheney as VP) and coalition go to war against Iraq, and Halliburton gets the contract to clean up and stablize the oil issues there......coalition countries were the only ones at that time being given reconstruction contracts and Halliburton was the only USA company qualified to do that particular job and had the manpower available (I believe it is also the only coalition company to specialize in that particular field)

Now comes your conspiracy theory......somehow, some way Halliburton, Cheney, GWB, and the UN (don't forget to include the terrorists and Saddam playing nice with all of them in the background to get the end results you would need) all knew ahead of time that

1. Cheney would make himself available to become CEO
2. Halliburton didn't know how to get government contracts and needed Cheney for that
3. GWB was going to run for President
4. GWB was going to ask Cheney to be VP
5. Cheney would resign from Halliburton and have even more powerful contacts/influence in awarding contracts to Halliburton
6. GWB would win the Presidency and that the Supreme Courts would 'guarantee' that over the Gore issue
7. Terrorists would hit the WTC giving GWB an open back door to attacking Iraq
8. The UN would refuse to help in the coalition thus cutting off their getting any immediate contracts in the reconstruction.
9. Halliburton would get the contract automatically for the cleanup because no other company in the world would be considered (see #8)

Yep........works for me anyhow. All so that Cheney could help Halliburton out.....what a friend.


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Everything but step 7 of the conspiracy "could" be a plan
by JP Bill / October 28, 2004 9:49 PM PDT

that was put in motion by the government.

The fact that the terrorist attacked #7,just made steps 8, 9 easier to implement.

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Re: Everything but step 7 of the conspiracy
by TONI H / October 28, 2004 10:14 PM PDT

So you're suggesting that with worldwide cooperation, including the UN, terrorists and Saddam, the Republicans and other government officials knew ahead of time and conspired together to get GWB/Cheney/Halliburton in place specifically to make sure Halliburton got a contract in Iraq.....all nearly 8 years ago or more?

Gimme a break......if that's the case, Halliburton is more powerful than any person, business, or country on this freaking planet....and if they are, I would think they would be smart enough to cover all their tracks from any mickey mouse effort the FBI would put forth.

If Halliburton is that powerful and that influential, they had the perfect opportunity to also reconstruct in Kuwait or Afghanistan ......I didn't notice any lucrative contracts going to them during 41-Bush's term and Cheney was still in influential positioning as a government employee back then.


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the ties that bind were not in full wrap then
by netsky / October 29, 2004 12:44 AM PDT

toni, your previous post of seven and steps to some gargantuan collusion before present history could've been predicted, was well written, sensible and interesting. I compliment you.

Now, in this rebuttal above, you close with

"If Halliburton is that powerful and that influential, they had the perfect opportunity to also reconstruct in Kuwait or Afghanistan ......I didn't notice any lucrative contracts going to them during 41-Bush's term and Cheney was still in influential positioning as a government employee back then."

My answer is for you to give a glance to my subject header.

In amplification- I DO agree that Bobby's base allegation is just wishful thinking and paranoia. A left wing version of what you right-ies do here daily. Hence, your rebuttal was interesting to read because it was unusually well done.

However, the fact remains that Politicians Court Big Business. And Big Business suckles off Politicians.

Old story,
Big stakes
this time around.

The sheer size of the hastily awarded, "emergency", "temporary", multi-year contract to the VP's benefactor without bid process is just too much in-bed-ness and too silly to entertain as "fair and balanced" without considerable rational debate.

You successfully question Bobby's tenuous conspiracy theory but you have not killed the more persistant scandalous, whispered green ropes that bind these figurative lovers in the night.

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The 'green ropes that bind' would have
by TONI H / October 29, 2004 2:43 AM PDT

also been in place when Cheney was the Secretary of Defense under Bush I.....and nobody complained when Halliburton was given no-bid contracts under Clinton.....long before Cheney had that definitive bind to them. If Halliburton is to be investigated for getting no-bid contracts, I would hope that that investigation goes back as far as the DEMS, too.


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(NT) (NT) i would so hope, too
by netsky / October 29, 2004 2:33 PM PDT
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Re: Let's look at the conspiracy you suggest.....--- Toni..
by Bob / October 29, 2004 1:24 AM PDT

Yes Toni, my conspiracy theory is hard to imagine. Even though it would not take involvement by terrorists, Saddam or the UN, it would take a powerful group of men in a collusion-for-profit scheme that is bigger in scope than we normally see in the US. But not unheard of in our country racked with under-the-table deals, influence peddling for profit by politicians and other shameful conduct by officeholders. Such as The Iran-Contra scandal, Watergate and the theft of the Presidency in Florida in 2000. I have seen many shameful things occur in our country in my lifetime but before 2000 I would have called it impossible to steal a Presidential election right in full view of all of America but ....... After seeing that transpire right before my eyes I now believe that anything is possible with the right planning and the right people. Giving juicy NO-BID CONTRACTS to HALLIBURTON is a minor accomplishment compared to what "THEY" have already done in the past. "They" epitomize the saying "Think big to succeed". You certainly countraverted all of my allegations and "blew my theory out of the water" Toni so I'll just sit quietly until the FBI announces their results of the HALLIBURTON investigation.

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Re: Let's look at the conspiracy you suggest.....--- Toni..
by cbbrown / October 29, 2004 1:58 AM PDT

The same FBI which is headed by pal john ashcroft? Right.

Next you'll be telling me he has reason to fear calico cats and that he has every right and rationale for covering the busts of "naked" women in the justice department.

God help us all if gw gets another four and appoints ashcroft to the head table of our USSC.

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Full investigation should include
by TONI H / October 29, 2004 2:46 AM PDT

the Clinton DEMS administration since Halliburton was getting no-bid contracts from 'his watch' as well. I believe that if an investigation is happening, then a FULL investigation should include PAST contracts and not just CURRENT contracts, and let the REPS and DEMS fall where they will.


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BBC has the better capsule
by netsky / October 28, 2004 6:52 PM PDT

synopsis of the story, plus handy links to related halliburton stories.

For instance, from the BBC I learn that this "sudden" announcement of FBI inquiry less than a week before election day is not due to partisanship.

The FBI simply responded, had to respond, had to investigate to a whistleblower's complaint.

And that complaint came some small time ago: about the middle of the month.

If anyone on the R side thinks this a partisan-caused, partison-timed news story, then blame Ms. "Bunny in a Greenhouse".

Maybe she is a partisan- a democrat or a republican for such non-partisan democratic philosophical principles like fair conduct in awarding $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ contracts.

Bunnatine Greenhouse. I do love that name and I do wish she'd come out with her allegations a lot earlier. The investigative result might've been completed in time to use as a partisan tool against the Bush regime, moreso than as mere allegations under investigation.

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Re: HALLIBURTON being investigated !!!!!!!
by Evie / October 28, 2004 10:45 PM PDT

From the MSNBC headline: The FBI is probing the PENTAGON Bobby.

The FBI declined to comment Thursday, but a law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the investigation does not involve anyone in the White House ? including Cheney?s office.

This blows your little conspiracy theory out of the water.

The oil restoration work was given to KBR without competitive bidding through 10 separate work assignments called ?task orders.? The orders were issued under an existing contract between Halliburton and the U.S. military that was awarded competitively in December 2001.

While the Corps was authorized to spend up to $7 billion for the oil restoration work, the actual cost so far has been $2.5 billion. Halliburton is still working on the oil facilities, but it is now operating under a new, competitively awarded contract.

No "there" there. Did you have a problem with Halliburton providing similar services under no-bid contracts in the Balkans when Clinton was President?

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Loose Slips Sink Ships
by netsky / October 29, 2004 12:13 AM PDT

bobby's referened news item contains "The FBI declined to comment Thursday, but a law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the investigation does not involve anyone in the White House ? including Cheney?s office."

evie replies imperiously and in perfect off-topic diversion: "This blows your little conspiracy theory out of the water."

I presume you reference Bobby's many allusions to the suspicion that **** Cheney runs Bush's white house and the contract awards system by remote control.

"This blows your little conspiracy theory out of the water."

No, that is your smokescreen of a generic kind of "fool's lie". The FBI is investicating an allegation set up by a whistleblower internal of the Pentagon.

INVESTIGATIONS ARE ALWAYS LIMITED TO THE PROCESS AT HAND. IF investigation turns up a trail, the next step will be to make new investigations follow that smoking trail.

And so, you do NOT blow bobby's little conspiracy theory out of the water. It stands, sinks or swims by what comes from future, fact-finding investigations that may come.

Such is the modus of blowing smoke, or the modus of disconnected logical processing. Evie, i would expect better from you, because you have a university degree and I don't have anything but common sense and self education such as it is.

my complaint runs too long already, with only one point addressed. But it is a key point and so i think it sufficient now to make a poetic naval analogy to fill space, blow off humorous steam and maybe make a friend or two smile:

I, Cap'n Blight of Her Majesties Navy, blast an enemy frigate with one ball fatally, whilst gazing into the whites of of the crew's eyes from my distant glass.

My First Mate observes that that the lapstrakes of the frigate are oakumed by wishful caulkings, now dissolving in this ultramarine sea of pure reality.

The old dame Brunehilde, formerly of the Prussian Imperial Navy is settling by the stern.

Her proud poop deck is first to dip beneath the waves; and her true colors are showing: black and white. Skull and crossbones.

She was no country's ship, other than a pirating privateer.

Arrgh, me hearties. There is a kegger at Davey Jones' locker to-night. Once-fair Brunhilde is pulled down by her own petards, sunk in a thousand fathoms in less time than it takes to spin off a thousand words. Arrrrgh! Party, hearties. Tis a Birth Day and a Death Day Every Day. Your day is to-morrow. So party, me hearties!

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Kindly refrain ...
by Evie / October 29, 2004 10:25 PM PDT
In reply to: Loose Slips Sink Ships

... from critiquing my posts. If you want to offer a dissenting opinion, feel free to do so without all the extra sideswipes. And you know what I'm talking about so please don't insult the membership here by playing the "what am I doing wrong?" game. Sad

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Re: HALLIBURTON being investigated !!!!!!!
by Dave Konkel [Moderator] / October 29, 2004 2:00 PM PDT

Hi, Evie.

Here's more on the story -- an interview with the woman now making the charges (she made them only after being threatened with demotion for refusing to go along...)
Did Pentagon bend rules for Halliburton? Exclusive: Whistleblower alleges misconduct in awarding of contract.

>>Why the favoritism? Greenhouse claims co-workers told her it was for unspecified "political reasons." She says she is not alleging any impropriety by President Bush or Vice President Cheney. ?None whatsoever,? she says.<<
(However, there are other allegations that do connect the "unusual" activity to Cheney -- we've discussed that here before!)

And speaking of the Balkans: >>After she raised her objections, Greenhouse says she was eventually cut out of key decisions. In July, documents show she objected to extending a Halliburton contract in the Balkans, writing "incorrect!", "no!" and "I cannot approve this." She refused to sign. Eventually an assistant did.<<

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
click here to email semods4@yahoo.com

The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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(NT) (NT) All of which support my point Dave.
by Evie / October 29, 2004 10:08 PM PDT
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