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Guess I can't get SACD audio signals thru new 5.1 receiver

I finally bought myself a 5.1 Surround receiver for my birthday (good deal from eBay--Insignia NS-AV511) and have put it in the living room. I have two Sony DVD players and will probably put the one that also plays SACD in the living room now (it had been in my studio). It is the newer of the two (DVP-NS425P), but they are similar.

I have been reading how you cannot play SACD unless you hook up the player with HDMI (player does not have it) or via the multiple audio outputs. The receiver does not have a matching plug-in for the 5.1 (6 RCA cables) as they come out of the DVD player.

I only have a few SACD CD's. Does that mean I can't listen to the SACD audio signals with this receiver? I looks that way. Neither of my other two receivers are 5.1 (they are Dolby Surround Pro Logic). If that's the case, then I guess there is no sense swapping them.

I just found this on another forum:
My ancient Sony DVD player is connected to my newish Sony receiver via
coax, but will only play SACDs in 5.1 via 5.1 analog output, and the new
receiver doesn't have 5.1 analog input.</i>

His previous receiver DID have 5.1 input, both of mine are pre-5.1. Considering how few SACD's I have, I'm not going to obsess over it. Just wanted to make sure. All of these new-fangled connectors and what-not. Mainly wanted to finally hear DVD's in 5.1. Still need to get a subwoofer.

Maybe my buddy will luck out and find me a cheap receiver some day at a garage sale than can connect to the SACD player.

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My understanding is that it should work.

The receiver has both optical and also coaxial audio connection, this is also true with the player as well (digital output). Or you might also use the stereo output in the player then using the simulated surround feature of the receiver. It might not sound as good as digital but surround none the less. That's how I look at this.

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SACD audio

That's a good point, which I missed(!). The OP should try to see if either of those types of connections will work w/ his current equipment.

And that actually reminds me about the somewhat murky situation w/ content from SACD discs (of which there are three types, btw). There are some SACD players that require analog connections due to copy protection issues. This Sony is not one of those players though.

OTOH though, any type of simulated surround sound feature will probably mess up the wonderfully rich SACD audio track IMO. Of course that option always works in a pinch, but I find it less pleasant w/ music than I do usually with DVD movie audio tracks. With DVDs, at least you get the video content to focus on Wink.


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Thanks for your replies

I did more looking last night and I saw many folks had the same problem I had. It boils down to if you want to buy some expensive new receiver or maybe luck out and find a used one with the old 5.1 analog multi-channel input to match the player.

My son bought us a new 32" TV for our bedroom recently and I had told my wife we could put a DVD player in there now. She's hard-working and hardly ever watches DVD's, but she likes that idea now that the TV looks better. I could move my oldest Sony DVD player in there and also take out the old CD player (that's all it first one). Maybe move my studio receiver in there (we rarely turn on the receiver anyhow in there..."That's too loud!").

Now, I had read some Sony Blu-Ray players and even PS3 (my son gave us his PS2 to sell or doesn't) will play SACD in 5.1 via HDMI now. If that's the case, I'd better read up on it and make SURE. I have zero Blu-Rays, but could rent them and buy the stuff I want from now on that way. The older I get I try not to buy too many. I could put that in the living room and maybe that will be a cheaper solution. If not, I'll just look for a good deal. Doesn't look like there is any new receiver that would have been a bargain solution to the SACD 5.1 output player connection problem.

I'm not that hardcore an audiophile! And a lot of this does boil down to that copy protection issue it seems. Otherwise things would have been simpler all along.

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If possible, buy an Oppo

Hands down, for great customer support and quality/format 'playability', Oppo is the brand to beat. Sure, you will spend more than a Sony, but you get what you pay for with the Oppo IMO and E. Plays nearly everything.

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Guess I can't get SACD audio signals thru new 5.1 receiver

I checked the operating instructions for the "newer" Sony DVD player -- it can play SACD disks but not the high definition (5.1) layer on those disks -- only the standard layer of 2 channel stereo (like any brand of DVD or CD player). So, your lack of 5.1 analog inputs on the receiver and outputs on the DVD player and lack of HDMI on the DVD player is not the problem.

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Put the older model # by mistake

My mistake, the newer one is DVP-NSV775P. The model I mistakenly listed is the older one that does not play SACD.

I don't have a Blu-Ray player (don't watch a whole lot of movies), but I saw some folks posting that some Sony Blu-Ray players play SACD via HDMI. I have been able to listen to my SACD's via my other Sony DVD/CD player, but that obviously was not 5.1.

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I wish there was an edit feature for after you post. Most of the forums I use have that feature unless you wait too long. I have only played my SACD's on the DVP-NSV775P, which is the player I was hoping would hook up to my new 5.1 receiver. Sorry for the confusion. I should have double-checked before I posted. Blush

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Still not finding that model number

Could you point me to a direct link on the web of that particular player? I'm not seeing it anywhere.

I can understand wanting to finally grab a surround receiver. Remembering back when I made the transition to surround sound, IME, it really can feel like you are seeing movies for the first time all over again.

That said though, IMNSHO, you would have been wiser to wait until a better deal came up on a receiver that had the features/connections you wanted. FWIW, it's pretty easy to find an Insignia nearly any day of the week for $75-100 on fleabay, so I guess I don't see the rush per se.

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DVP-NS775V - I got the last letter wrong!!! Sheeesh!

Good grief! Here I got the last letter wrong now!! No wonder you couldn't find it.


I am a fairly obsessive person (and 'thrifty'). If I obsessed over everything too much I'd go crazy. I got kind of sick of researching the receivers and had seen the Insiginia at our local BB. I didn't want to pay what they were asking (+ no remote/manual). The one on eBay had the manual, remote and was in great shape and was only $100 total. I never saw others with the manual & remote. I'm 58 and wanted to get 5.1 while I could still enjoy it...time is flying by.

I guess there goes my career as a proofreader!!! AAAGHHH!!

I hope I haven't made any more goofs in this post. Doh!!!!

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Sony was the creator and proponent of SACD and always had CD/SACD players in their product line but now -- no -- except for a $1500 ES series model. I thought that maybe a CD/SACD player with HDMI could work for you.
Onre option is to see if Ebay or other site has leftover Sony CD/SACD players with HDMI output (the HDMI out is probably the kicker -- may not find any or very few with this feature) as this was what you need for your receiver.
Another option which is probably more costly is a blu ray universal player (DVD/SACD/DVD Audio/DVD/CD). I haven't checked lately as to who makes them and what the costs are but Denon , Yamaha and Oppo make them. If I remember correctly the cheapest I've seen is $349.
You can get a small sub woofer for $110 (and a 12 inch 300 watt Polk for $199).

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It asked me if I thought this was resolved, not Best Answer

Uh, I didn't choose that as the best answer, I just feel that I've got my answer. That you need to match the 5.1 Multi-Channel Analog input to experience the 5.1 for THAT type of player. To hook up the other ways will let you hear stereo. They did it that way on purpose unfortunately. You can't get the benefit of that HD layer unless you match it up.

I'm sorry if this has been a confusing thread. It did not as if I wanted to designate that answer as the Best Answer. Thanks to all for their input.

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Just curious,

you've tried the optical or coax connection without success?

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Not yet, but it says it will not output SACD audio that way

I'm going to do that, but based on my research it will still not give you the 5.1 that way. The DVD player manual states that. It will play it in stereo.

Super Audio CD audio signals are not output from the DIGITAL OUT jack

I was going to get a coaxial audio cable anyhow. I should try a similar cable first (half of a L/R stereo one--to see if it will output stereo audio that way from an SACD). Otherwise I guess just LINE OUT will have to do. I have never hooked it up with the optical or coaxial.

They really wanted to force you to connect with the 5.1 output to the same thing.

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Darnit, Sony(!) ;) (n/t)


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