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Green flickering pixels on my monitor

my monitor - HP LP2475w. running at 1900x1200 res
my computer - Dual 1.8Ghz Mac G5

I know this is a PC hardware forum. But bare with me please.

my problem - i have green (sometimes pink, once red) flickering pixels on some parts of my screen. They are not always in the same positions, in fact they move in accordance to the image currently on the screen.

here are a couple of photos I took to better illustrated the problem: (pink vertical line, 1 pixel wide) (when moving the window, the green pixels will move with it)

I've tried the monitor with a Windows laptop, as a 2nd screen. and there was purple pixels on the desktop wallpaper.

I had a cheaper LCD monitor about a week ago (returned it because it wasn't very good quality) but it worked fine with my setup. same resolution etc.

So I suppose all these experiments point at the monitor being faulty.

But when I change the screen resolution. the problem is non-existent on some resolutions and back again with others)

I've just swapped the standard DVI-D cable with a heavy duty DVI-I cable as both the computer and the monitor female ports accept DVI-I, so I thought it was best to give it a shot. But this gave horrendous results: see here: plus the whole screen flashed on and off repeatedly.

I'll send the monitor back to HP but was wondering if anyone had any ideas to what causes this?

I suppose I'm just a bit reluctant because I've already had to send back another monitor and it's a hassle. Plus I've read on other forum posts where people have had several displays replaced... but had the same problem on each new display. There's actually a discussion over on the apple forums that's lasted about 2.5 years with no one solving the problem.

Any ideas? Thanks,

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Reporting: Green flickering pixels on my monitor
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" the problem is non-existent on some resolutions and back "

" the problem is non-existent on some resolutions and back again with others)"

To me this nails it as the display is mis-rendering the VGA signal. Sadly to fix this you need to try other than VGA connections or change the display. Also, if you can control the refresh rate, drop it to 60Hz.

"I've tried the monitor with a Windows laptop, as a 2nd screen. and there was purple pixels on the desktop wallpaper."

You've proven to me this monitor has issues not in the actual LCD but in the circuitry that renders VGA to the LCD.

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did you mean DVI?

Thanks for the reply.

The display doesnt have any VGA connections. When u say VGA, did u mean DVI?

the computer only has 1 DVI port (and 1 port specially for apple displays)

I also only have the option to run it on 60Hz to begin with.

The monitor also has a HDMI port. but I don't have an HDMI-DVI cable to try it.

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Alphabet soup connections.

You got the message. Try other connections. I will not attempt to untangle or define all the possible ABCD connections. Sorry.

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cool. well i'll try to get my hands on a HDMI-DVI cable on monday and see if that sorts it out. cheers.

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Thanks for understanding.

I had to hit google up for more info as I connected up HDTV for the first time this year.

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I tried a high quality shielded DVI-DVI cable and a HDMI-DVI cable. but unfortunately the problem got really bad and worse respectively.

after getting no help from HP email tech support or phone I will be returning the monitor. and hopefully getting a new one which works. tempted to blow more money on the monitor just so don't have to deal with HP again. (took me about 45 mins to talk to a real person who actually tried to help)

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was the problem ever solved?

I have a similar problem with my screen. It's an older LCD tv/monitor. I recently bought a new plasma and wanted to use the old one as my monitor, but I have the same problem with random pixels flashing green/red/purple, etc.

I thought it might be a problem with my graphics card (it's 4 1/2 years old, nvidia 6800 gt). I've tried using both vga and dvi connections, but both have the same result. However, when hooking up the tv to my newer laptop, there are no discolored pixels.

Any ideas?

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Just in case

I know this thread is ancient, but in case anyone else stumbles across it... I had this exact same problem--it was driving me bonkers. The solution was embarrassingly simple: I just needed to tighten up the connections from my monitor to my computer. Something had come a little bit loose, that was all. Really, really easy fix. So, if you have this problem, try that first. Worst case, it costs you all of a minute or so.

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OMG how stupid and simple i feel. Thanks daeghrafen that was the problem

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Didn't work

That didn't work for me, I hook up my ASUS AROG and it works fine, I hook my Dell XPS and flickering green things on my 24" External using HDMI cable..

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Good end to a so so bad day

Awesome, I am in IT and missed that simple thing as that. Must have something to do with the shielding around the pins, Thanks for a quick fix. Robert

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Another Option

Another option along the same lines is to replace the DVI cable itself. I was having this issue and tried tightening the screws on the connection with no luck. I blew out the ports just in case any dust was causing a bad connection. Finally I replaced the DVI cable and everything cleared up.

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Hours checking forums and changing settings and .....I read this post by daeghrafen and I think no f******* way is it that simple but I check and...wait a second, the mains cable is loose and I push it in and ***! it works! No more green screen or pixels, no more pink just a beautiful clear screen.


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Same here, Philips BDM4350, green flickering pixels

I have the exact same issue here, I haven't figured out a solution so far, I have tried different DP cable, different HDMI cable, or the different resolution/refresh rate combination: 3840*2160/30p, 3840*2160/60p, 1920*1080/60p but no difference. The only temporary fix is shutdown the monitor and turn it on again, the flickering pixel usually disappeared, but not 100% disappeared, it just makes the flickering dot less than before, but at some time it might appears again.

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Similar Problem in HP Pavilion TS 14 Sleekbook

Hello Everyone. Few days ago, when I turned my laptop on, I saw some parts of LCD pixels are
flickering green. I have this problem with some colors. For example I have no problem with white but I have this problem with blue. I know problem is from LCD because I opened paint and create a page with a color that has problem and took a screenshot and copied that in my phone and I see no problem in picture. I changed refresh rate from 60 to 40, It got better.
Note: I use HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook.

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Simplest of solutions.

An ancient thread, but I thought I would post my solution in case anyone else gets led here.

I had green speckles on my Samsung LCD screen that I use for my Mac mini. These moved depending on the desktop image and window locations and were also on the window banners etc. Connecting by VGA or HDMI did not get rid of them. However, a large dark rectangle drawn in powerpoint, showed no speckles at all, so I concluded (wrongly) that it could not be the TV at fault. Others have blamed connections, monitors or video cards. My problem was solved completely by turning the Samsung off and on again using the power button on the TV. Normally it is left in standby mode when I shut the Mac mini down.
It is surprising that so many different causes lead to the same symptoms, but the old adage of "turn everything off and on again" worked for me. Whether the speckles return because something is on its way out remains to be seen, but for now all is well again.

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