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Great programs so why 23 trojans and no starting pc

After trying to battle the pc for weeks it finally stopped booting altogether - the start button on the tower would not even power on.I thought faulty HDD but after taking it to 2 repair places it seems it was trojans - both places said 23 in fact.
I want this to not happen again but i thought i had the pc safely set up.Maybe i am configured wrong or maybe too many?

Programs installed:
Winpatrol: always running

Malwarebytes Anti-malware free: i always run this same day i run any other scanner - once weekly.

SUPERantispyware free:always running although i have it on delayed start until 10 minutes after booting.I scan weekly and so far few results have been listed to delete.

Avast! 4.8 home edition free: I scan weekly and has not picked anything up in 18 months.( repairman suggested i remove this he did not know it and to install avg which i used to like but at one point it caused too much trouble a year or 2 back.He also said himself he isnt happy as much with it at the moment but still suggested i do this.I have not.

Windows Defender: always running

Comodo Firewall free: although its always running the firewall never seems to have stopped any intrusions.The defender part does have stopped 6 intrusions although i do not understand what it stopped.The second repairman i allowed to fix the pc but he suggested i remove this firewall as i have broadband and the router has a firewall.I have not done this.

Secunia PSI: always running.

CCleaner: i use maybe twice a week.

Lavasoft Adaware Free:I uninstalled that today not that i used it anyways as when clicking to open after starting to loadup i then get a connection error which then it would simply disappear.Besides i have Avast.

Windows firewall is disabled.

I use firefox only and have WOT and Adblock Plus.

IE i do not use.

Windows installer cleanup and software informer i have noticed - both of which the repairman would have installed as it is dated last week when he still had it.

Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 (build 6002)
2gb ram
2.10 gigahertz AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core
1000.20 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
577.78 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

I have automatic updates on and i always update any programs if needed.

I usually just allow the programs to install and remain default configurations.

Does anyone have any ideas if i have this setup wrong?

thank you

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RE: Great programs so why 23 trojans and no starting

Please make sure before you delete a file from the quarantined list of spyware/viruses that this is not a system file. People usually fully remove their infected files from the pc without reading the filename and its purpose on the computer which may end up with the same problem you faced. you dont need to use all these programs to protect your computer from a virus because they will conflict with each other too. becarful before using a USB try scanning it before double clicking it. I'm using my PC for 3 years now and i didnt't face any threat so far and trust me i work as an IT in a school where PCs are filled with viruses and still i manage fix the pcs and clean from viruses without formatting.
In conclusion my advice to you is to install one antivirus. Always try to backup you files so you wont loose it incase the repair shop formatted your pc.
and malewarebytes that your using is more than enough to support your antivirus incase you needed more protection. if you felt your pc is infected and your facing difficulties always search online on how to clean this specific problem or virus.

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viruses and trojans

i have several programs to protect my pc. the most important one is i use a Limited account, not an Administrative account whenever i use the internet.
software i use are threatfire, malwarebytes, ad-aware free, avast anti-virus, and superantispy. all a freeware. i scan with threatfire rarely, ad-aware every six months, malwarebytes every six months, avast, rarely, and superantispy once a week.
the only time i use an admin account online is to do only those updates that require it when they do not have a file save option, and to use microsoft updates which i use only as custom updates to keep things i don't want off.
when i suspect any kind of infection, and i can't rid it myself, i use pc help clubs which can analyze the logfile generated by trend micro's hijackthis analyzer.
the logfile is used to find and fix many infections, though using 2 or more online scans for infections wil also help. symantec, mcafee, nad other security software manufacturers provide them free of charge. they do, however, take a while to complete.

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I run this machine expecting to get hit.....that means "backups".

When I get hit....has not happened yet... if I can not fix it I give it an AW CRUD and spin back a backup.....good to go.

There's bunches of this stuff available.
Folks have there favorite mix.
Some have so much stuff running I'd get dizzy trying to figure out whose blocking what.

I prefer the KISS method.
Win firewall>on
Win def>off

Hosts file

Products such as mbam/sas/win def are...on demand.

Most folks are good at keeping windows updated but they fall a little short with things like.
Adobe or your favorite pdf viewer.

And then there are the folks that use p2p or think every e-mail is a x-mas present and must be opened.

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Doesn't sound like a setup issue.

But another member noted "And then there are the folks that use p2p or think every e-mail is a x-mas present and must be opened."

I continue to see folk install stuff and expect the antivirus or other protection to work. The ugly truth is that (1) such protection is only good for what's known and (2) once one trojan is installed, it can pave the way for more.

Then we have those old rootkit items where they can hide from all the products you noted.

Bottomline? We have to admit that protection software is not the answer. Our use of the machine is what matters.

I read you don't use IE but what about any version of Outlook?

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Does your virus program scan downloads?

Lots of things on the internet can bypass your defenses and infect you. I know we are always training people at work to stop downloading free desktop backgrounds or screensavers. Many of those are infected and many most of us purchase the cheaper AV products that dont have a scanning feature for downloads.

As someone mentioned above, P2P sites are just miserable. I have neighbors with teenagers and I have had to tell them to take it to a shop because I got tired of reloading their computers every two weeks after their kids downloaded a ton of viruses and locked up the computer.

The best advice is, use a good backup program like Norton Ghost or Acronis and make a backup of your entire harddrive. Keep a few different backups active and when you have trouble, just restore to a previous backup. I have not had any luck with windows system restore so I started using acronis and I love it.

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