Thanks for the link, and the emphasis. Sheesh, indeed.

Sends many messages to teachers/students/parents/taxpayers; all of them bad (the messages).

I started sub teaching to supplement my SSI and found out I like it. We're told to watch for, and jump on, signs of any sort of problems with the kids; not warned to avoid causing. the problems, but that goes w/o saying.

Just today I took a girl to the next-door teacher (female) to look into a "smudge" on the girl's right cheek. I was right: It was a bruise, with some swelling. The girl cried when we asked her - as if it was her fault. The teacher and I didn't like her story, but all we can do at this point is send her to the nurse (who can't give detailed feedback to us, of course), and have the regular teacher keep an eye on it. Don't know what this has to do with your link, but thanks for listening.

Regards, Doug in New Mexico