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Great Deal on Good Antivirus

Hey All!

I see a lot of people going with freeware antivirus programs. Freeware antivirus programs are now good enough for most people. I recommend Avast!

However, there is a great deal to be had on first class antivirus. CyberScrub is offering a pay one time for five years of upgrades and support for their new antivirus.
Kaspersky makes CyberScrub's antivirus and that is why I am recommending it to you all. If you download a trial version, you will get a number of great offers from CyberScrub over the 30 day evaluatin period. I believe the price is $49.00 to begin but you will get offers that go as low as 40% off. To make the offer even better CyberScrub has also partnered with Kerio Technologies and offers the Kerio firewall with their antivirus at no extra charge. The Kerio firewall is popular and good.
I have dealt with CyberScrub on a number of occasions. I own CyberScrub Pro 3.5. I can say that they are above board and offer good support for their products.
You can download it here :

I hope this helps you all.

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CyberScrubAntivirus-No professional review. NOT FIRST CLASS


How can you classify CyberScrub Antivirus as a "first class antivirus" program since the CyberScrub Company has not had it tested & reviewed by a CNET approved professional testing company, CNET's prerequisite to listing & rating software. In June 2004, I emailed & called the CyberScrub Company asking when they'll do this, no answers yet. So, I canceled my CyberScrub Affiliate Partner request due to non-response & apparent stupidity. If CyberScrub Antivirus is CNET listed and rated, its sales will increase many fold.

I'm temporarily disabled,money tight and thus cannot waste money. I'll consider the CyberScrub Antivirus program after it's rated by CNET.

Possibly CyberScrub Company has top software engineers since CyberScrub Pro is working excellently on my HP Pavilion 8390, Windows98, eliminating evidence and garbage.

My computer remains virus, trojan, mime & bug free. I have ZoneAlarmPro(ZAP 5.5.062), the four free programs AdAware, SpyBot, SpyGuard & SpywareBlaster and CyberScrubPro to remove evidence and garbage. McAfee VirusScan expired. ZAP's & Internet Options' Privacy settings stop all traffic in & out(ZAP) unless I approve it or it's listed "allowed". I advise against trying this without ZoneAlarmPro.

Know the above will help some and anger some. That's life.

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what did you say?

since when has cnet been the be all and end all of software approval?

a quick google shows that the following sites have at least looked at (and who knows? possibly checked,maybe even approved)


and the list goes on......


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CyberScrub AntiVirus's absence of a CNET review & rating

Thanks jonah jones for you response. I learn from everybody and all living creatures.

I received a call from the co-owner of CyberScrub. But I've forgotten what he said. I have congenital spondylolisthesis which prevented normal delopment of cognitive abilities, especially memory. 6 out of 100 babies born have spondylolisthesis.

CyberScrub AntiVirus will be soon reviewed and rated by CNET.

I've used 3 of the 9 review/rating sites on your list, but will check the others. In the past I found the 3 with varying degrees of agreement with CNET's reviews & ratings on purchased or downloaded free software I have tried and now use. In the past I would download the trial versions, some lacking abilities of the full version which makes for faulty comparison. Thus, I now try to find a succinct graphical review of the major reviews, ratings. Tired of the bs of company reviews.

An example of a possible excellent review of reviews & ratings of privacy software programs is at Top Ten REVIEWS: Includes links to each company. ALL SOFTWARE ADS SHOULD INCLUDE LINKS TO SITES WITH INCLUSIVE REVIEWS AS AT "".

The American competitive capitalistic free market is burning out workers at all levels. The only real solution is cooperation instead of the competition which the US tries to spread over the world. The American way is lacking heart. Tried thinking with your heart, not the brain. Enough.

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Huh? 'Tested & reviewed by a CNET Approved

professional testing company, CNET's prerequisite to listing & rating software."

A long time ago ZDNet (CNet) used to test and approve programs that they listed in their downloads. Thought that was discontinued some time ago and I'm not aware that they do this anymore on all programs listed in CNet does sometimes indicate a review when they do so on something they have used and will give a comment in the

CNet has had CyberScrub in their since August 2004:
Also at ZDNet downloads:

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This thread is 4 months old and whatever was

either true or untrue back in October when the original poster started this thread has probably changed by now anyway.

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over moderation?


I usually am NOT happy by being "sucked" in by old threads, but can you cite any facts that back up your contention that:

"This thread is 4 months old and whatever was either true or untrue back in October when the original poster started this thread has probably changed by now anyway."

I fail to see the point of your post if you cannot point to any substantial aspect that is untrue now that was true back then.

In short, sometimes I get tired of "over-policing" (can you say moderating?) when it comes to instances of people who post to older threads.

I LOVE moderators, but sometimes I wish you would take a break from your "gotta stay on top of EVERY FREAKING THING".

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I didn't mean to offend anyone William, I was just pointing

out that is was and old thread.

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Another member asked that the thread be locked...

Guess it's "different strokes for different folks," Bill.

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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