Graphics Runtime Error

Upgraded from a ryzen system to intel, retained the same GTX 1080 graphics card, I am now running into graphics runtime errors in multiple games

i-8700k @ 4.8 ghz OC (noctua u14s cooler)
16 gigs corsair LPX @ 3000 mhz (XMP)
GTX-1080 Asus Strix @ stock (up to date)
Asus Strix Z370 F Motherboard (up to date)
700 watt PSU
windows 10 (up to date)

windows doesnt freeze or crash, just the games, and only in some games. I never received a crash in league of legends or Overwatch. I get multiple frquent crashes in Destiny 2, world of warships and Warframe

The error code is always "loss of device" or "graphics runtime error"
the error code for destiny 2 is "broccoli"

when I search for the Crash_Info for destiny 2 it gives this readout

00007FF65409F9AF <unknown>
00007FF65409ED3A <unknown>
00007FF65409AA72 <unknown>
00007FF654A78674 <unknown>
00007FF65497BF38 <unknown>
00007FF654938944 <unknown>
00007FF65417C0BE <unknown>
00007FF65417634E <unknown>
00007FF65417694E <unknown>
00007FFBBFC06CC1 <unknown>
00007FFBBFC06693 <unknown>
00007FF6541739D7 <unknown>
00007FF654173B79 <unknown>
00007FF6540E7EC3 <unknown>
00007FF6540E7FA8 <unknown>
00007FFBBF4F3034 <unknown>
00007FFBBFE21461 <unknown>
halt information:
Graphics: device lost or removed.
fatal error detected, current status was:
init: init.txt
version: d2_rc tiger_final release pc_x64 67560. 18.08.24 1402
session_id: Sat_09082018_125406_002508@x64@301858882@7C_7C_7D_47_E6_04_75C2
GPU Device: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
GPU VendorId: 4318
GPU DeviceId: 7040
GPU SubSysId: -2052452285
GPU Revision: 161
silo_id: 1665943536965539840
signon_server_reported_content_version: none reported
authority-over-current-bubble: false - map slice set 'HASH(0x85871c5a)':12, activity slice set 96
authority-over-domain: false
world_controller previous_state: setup:o rbit
world_controller state: setup:activity_session_creation
world_controller state_reason: unavailable
environment_string: D2_ProdRetail:176
install type: 5
change-world: loaded orbit_d2
game_instance: 14C13BC9C0558110
game_is_playback: false
activity-slice-set-index: 96
map-slice-set-index: 12
in-public-bubble: false
AH active workspace: <no active workspace>
activity_host_fireteam_is_connected: no
activity_host_last_fireteam_session_id: Sat_09082018_092410_000388@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH03SRV027
NVIDIA Aftermath: [3] [1] shading_pass (13)
system_milliseconds: time 82797756
timezone_seconds_offset_from_UTC: 18000
is_current_bubble_authority: false
crash_folder_location: C:\Users\2018l\AppData\Local\Temp\Destiny 2\crash_folder\pc_x64\crash_folder_2508_20180908_130744\
primary_bap_server_port: 7501
world_controller state_status: setup:activity_session_creation (goal:002:activity:in_world) (requested tasks: 0x000000000000003f) (active tasks: 0x0000000000000022) (pending tasks: 0x000000000000000c)
player_position_x: unknown
player_position_y: unknown
player_position_z: unknown

I am wondering if my motherboard is ******, or is my GPU broken? despite it running other games just fine

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Clarification Request
What PSU is that?

I've seen that happen on split rail PSUs too often. It could be a driver or game issue but let's vet the hardware first.

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Power Supply

Corsair something I double checked its a 650 CM series I thing

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PSU looks OK.
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Possible still

I do remember crashing occasionally on the ryzen system right before I gave it up to my brother, its using that same cx650m I am using now, so its possible its lost efficiency maybe?

The first troubleshoot I did was flash the newest bios and make sure i was running the latest drivers

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Start with.

1. Set that ram back to stock speed.....test.
2. Unplug that usb drive.....test.
3. Test with one monitor.
4. Your seagate disk is junk.....bin that.

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1,2, and 3 it crashed before I had/used those things. I don't really see how the disk drive would affect this, since i have league on the SSD it doesnt crash, I also have D2 on the SSD and it crashes. But sure.

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(NT) Do whatever you want.
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Trying again

Do whatever you want.
I gave my opinion of things to try to narrow it down.
Perhaps another member will be along to give you a click on this fix.

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Iffy to failing HDDs do result in many issues.

And it's too common to give you a full treatise on why this is. But in short, if you come across a complaint like yours and the HDD is in sad to failing state, you remove that from the system and retest. There may be more issues but you remove this fast or you don't bother with this customer. Just put it back on the return to customer shelf with a note and don't charge them or they will be upset.

I'll read the report for anything else as well.

1. Failing HDD.
2. Overclocking.

More later.

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I just had a graphical artifact

the screen was glitching while playing league, diaganol haze on the screen if that makes sense, grey hazeyness on the screen then the screen went black and it came back normally

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A Speccy reading.

1. The system has been running for over a day. REBOOT then retest.

2. No overclocking. Also since we want to leave all settings as tame as we can when we see errors.

3. More than one monitor. The 1080 is good for what you have but when artifacting and more, we go back to one display until solved.

4. The ST1000DM003 looks to be failing. 01, 07, are very high numbers. Can cause many issues.
Remove from the system until cured and then only use in some USB case as a backup copy, detached when you need the PC to work right.

5. SanDisk Ultra USB Device. Unplug during gaming and only use when required.

6. Memory looks overclocked. Try the XMP profile or stock speeds.

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I turned down to stock settings for CPU and GPU, ram running at XMP, no USB stick anymore, no second monitor. I still have the seagate drive, but I need it for the large files i use for school currently. Would you mind recommending a decent drive to me?
I have yet to test since I have a calc test tmrw.

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For me

I'd get another SSD. Prices have dropped. Of all the makes, that make drive you have there with bad numbers is the brand I don't buy unless it's so cheap and then I test it right away. I can't trust the maker's test set. I'm sticking to reading smart values.

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Power Supply

I aquired a Corsair cx-750m for free from a friend and today put it in, I was instantly greeted upon opening world of warships the same crash. I am now going to unplug the Disk drive to see if it does anything.

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