Look around & you'll see this home audio & video forum & c/net don't attempt to address such esoteric equipment. Not that we're against it, but it's just not the focus here. We rant & rave about more common things to try to have people choose speakers other than the all too promoted Bose "lifestyle" stuff & continually opine as to the current crop of HDTVs so folks from the masses can make an informed choice it they're making that step these days.

There are a few high end forums where folks can go on about the relative merits of true high end products. Those are about the rather impossible to define tiny incremental area above & beyond what ordinary people can can ever afford. Bread & butter performance can be appreciated for a small fraction of that kind of cost. Common sense is discussed here about junk science claims for connecting cables while the stratosphere can pay a grand for one meter cables.

I've had four sets of phones over 45 years & the real life concern is being able to cope with the inevitable discomfort of wearing them for hours on end. Upwards of a grand for a headset just isn't mainstream.