GPU crash into black screen with sound still on but no input

Hello guys,
i have a 20months old custom water cooled PC.
it worked smoothly the entire time untill last week when i was playing Battlefield Hardline which i have been playing for a while with no problems whatsoever. Last week the game froze and i got a crash error about directX hang, i looked over fourms and EA help and found out that its a common error, before trying any fixes i uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics card driver and installed directX(latest one was 12) my PC is running win10 x64bit i started the game again and instead of the freeze my monitors went black(i have 2 of them) and they gave me the "no signal" icon on the top corner like if they are not connected, the game sound kept going normally and i had a youtube page opened and the music didnt lag or stop.i tried everygame i could get my hands on(CS:GO, battlefield 4, battlefield 3, Dirt rally, project cars, just cause, gta v.. and so on) all of them gave me the black screen and i have no keyboard or mouse input at all since they both have LED lights and they turned off, i had to hold my power on key to force turnoff my pc, it doesnt freeze if not ingames, i tried a lower graphics game which is Heroes of Newearth and it took around 2 hours of gameplay to crash.(all the game i mentioned eariler were running on ultra settings, but i lowerd them to low and tried boarderless window mode. i suspected a gpu error so i ran prime 95 and furmark for about 35 minutes each and nothing happened. i underclocked my gpu and still the games crash. my temps are normal and they dont reach 70C even in the stress tests, then i ran ram Tests and tried the built in windows memory digiantostic and it gave me no error. i stress tested my CPU and no errors crashes or overheating, so i wiped out all my hard-disks and clean installed windows 10 x64bit again and downloaded few games again and they still crashed the same way with sound still normal, i wiped the hard-disks again and installed windows 8 same thing then 8.1 and the same thing happened and now i installed windows 7 and the same thing happened again. After reading alot of fourms and troublshooting i found out that it might be my PSU
which has a 650watt output and i checked using "fanspeed" and the UFEI bootmenu and found out that the +12v is at 12v and the 5v is at 5v and the 3.3v is at 3.34v so its pretty much normal i removed all my 4 RAMs and i know that the second ram slot from the cpu side is the "starting" slot so i installed and tried them one by one in that slot and windows launched normally which indicated none of them are faulty. i have no idea what i should do now and i do not want to buy a new PSU or GPU then find out that the problem was somewhere else.
Thanks you all for your time and effort.
My PC specs are:
ASRock Z87m motherboard
Asus GeForce GTX 760 DirectCu II
4 ddr3 4GB RAMs
Intel core i7 4700k
2 kingstone 120gb SSDs
cpu and gpu are watercooled and i have an extra 3 fans to keep everything cool.
I tried running Win7, 8, 8.1, 10 ALL x64bit
uninstalled and reinstalled every driver i could possibly install and tried all the 15 outdated drivers on nivida website.
Thank you again.

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Reporting: GPU crash into black screen with sound still on but no input
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Clarification Request
What PSU do you have

This does sound like a PSU problem.

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SeaSonic m12 ss-700hm 700watt

I really hope that it is a PSU problem since they are alot cheaper than anything i have in my setup and alot easier to replace since i dont have to redo the watercooling flushing and stuff.

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Wattage sounds good

But I believe this is a multi rail PSU .
I use single rail PSU's as I have been told they seem more stable.
Let's hear what the Pro's have to say.

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cpu was good enough for my rig for a year now

Yeah the wattage was more than enough for my rig but i think its some faulty cords or under/over circuit with the PSU that fried it a little or something, still better to buy a new PSU than replacing the cords. just gotta know for sure.

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That's a quad rail unit.
Not the best pick for gaming.
Shop for a 600/650 quality single rail unit.

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(NT) I had no idea that there are dual-quad-single rail units
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Forgot the message body ^-^

Do u have any recommendations to what i should buy, not cheap but not super high end either.

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I have two

of these Corsairs in separate computers and I can vouch for it.
I have yet to hear /see the fan run and have had no issues in 2 years now.

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IT doesnt say how many rails it has

Thank you for that i was thinking about the same one aswell but it doesnt say how many rails in the description of it though

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(NT) it is a single rail PSU
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my psu?

so i should try to remove dust from my psu so it might work?

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It's worth a try canned air is cheap.
Over time the psu can get loaded with crud.

The last time I blew out mine I was amazed at how much stuff came out.

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Gonna Give it a shot

Thank you for saying that, i clean my pc usually but i dont blow off air and stuff just like keep it clean on the outside thank you again.

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