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You want to see countless hours of video and read the statements of certain Liberals who were for it before they were against it?

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Not really funny at all

And this has nothing to do with what any "liberals" said or didn't say. Here is **** Cheney saying we'd have been mistaken to topple Saddam, and even using the word "quagmire" in his reasoning. You know, that word the Administration has been objecting to the last four years.

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Another angle to offer

Of course there were circumstances and information that had changed from that time until the later invasion. I'd offer that, sometimes, it's felt necessary to go through with an effort knowing full well your feet will be walking in mud. This doesn't mean you've changed your mind about what barriers will be encountered.....just that options have run out. I've also heard plenty of argument by some that there'd have been no need for phase 2 if phase 1 was extended to include the ouster of Saddam. Unfortunately, we don't get to try both and pick the outcome we like best.

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Despite knowing a quagmire is possible...

... sometimes circumstances are thrust upon a nation, that requires a country to take action anyway. I accept this as reality. I can forgive someone for being ignorant of what their actions might bring but I can not forgive someone who ignored his own predictions in favor of pursuing an occupation where the policies are based on political dogma and fiscal nepotism.

This tape is old news... I saw it months ago. That doesn't make it any less of a smoking gun... Cheney's fingerprints are on the trigger... and future american credibility is the victim laying bleeding on the street. My only fear now, is that the dems are no better equipped than the neo-conservatives in saving the victim before she dies.

And no... this victim isn't going to apologize for getting shot in the face like Cheney's last target did.

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well said

I think the animator spilled his ink. big fonts and x!!! marks.

struck a nerve, I declare!!!

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OMG!! A politician contradicted him self!

That's never happened before! Or changed his mind over the course of a decade. Re-evaluated his perspective. Oh no!

You guys have got to grow up. You sound like hyper-ventilating school girls!

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I can't speak accurately to this specific incident but

I do think some spend way to much time dredging for perceived hypocrisies to sling as mud rather than build with it. Happy

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Got news for you

1991 is not 1994 is not 2003 and Liberals have everything to do with it

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(NT) BS and lies DM, and you well know this is the case.
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1991 IS 1994 IS 2003 and Liberals have NOTHING to do with it.

Ha ha ha...

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(NT) Monomania
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a one trick pony is better than no pony

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Not much of a trick...

no one said Iraq attacked us on 9/11. I doubt anyone really thinks that. Another myth of the moonbats.

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He had it right .......

.....on Apr 15, 1994, it was still right on Mar 20, 2003, and it
is yet being proven right today. Left to wonder "why" his opinion
wasn't prevalent in 2003.

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(NT) Dare I say... a clear cut case of flip-flop disease.... ;-P
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yep, he was right in 92 also

"Cheney changed his view on Iraq
He said in '92 Saddam not worth U.S. casualties"

instead of talking to himself; he should have listened to himself.

just another war-talker, all form no substance.

in less than 491 days (08 would have to be a leap year) another national nightmare will be over

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yup the dems will be in charge

and leave us defenseless just like vietnam Sad

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"Peace With Honor":

or who was our leader way back then:

and they followed us here to fish for shrimp. shiver, shiver

it will be difficult for the dems(if elected) to fix what powell predicted. I don't envy their plight. blame shifting to begin one second after new president elected. so it goes.

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Your post is a perfect example....

...of "not getting it." We didn't lose in Vietnam because of politics. We lost because we were in an unwinnable situation. We should never have been there in the first place.

Rent "The Fog of War" sometime. It's a documentary about Bob McNamara, JFK's Secretary of Defense. He doesn't mention Iraq but the parallels are striking.

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I think you are completely wrong...

Vietnam was "lost" because Congress would not back the effort. The North lost and made a peace deal which they broke when forces invaded. They knew Congress would stab the troops in the back and scuttle the government in the South.

Shameful, and the lefties are trying as hard as they can to repeat it.

It is YOU who doesn't "get it".

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(NT) So, how many mods have read this thread?
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(NT) One......Counting you?
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(NT) Has the ban on politics been lifted?

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