got a repair install windows 7 but it didn't work

win 7 64

Needed a repair install so I downloaded it here and I tried to install it twice and both times after about an hour it stopped telling me that there wasn't enough room to do the repair (one time the room was over 100g and the the other it was nearly 300g)

It surely doesn't need more room does it?

Thanks for any help

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Reporting: got a repair install windows 7 but it didn't work
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Try the native disc cleanup utility

There may be plenty of space to be had. Since you want to do a repair installation, I'd also use the option to remove all but the last system restore point. There are areas that the cleanup utility doesn't touch that you can do manually. For instance, it only cleans temp files and IE cache for the current user. You either log on as all the different users and do cleanup for each one or do this manually. You can also clean up IE under internet options. There is a setting to automatically delete the cache when exiting the browser and I set mine to do that. You'd be amazed at how much you can clean up using this simple method.

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one of the problems I'm hoping to fix

is there are no restore points and it hasn't allowed me to set any for a long time now

That's one symptom another is when installing a new game it takes 5 minutes to open the window to begin the install(the game will play but it takes 15 minutes to get ready to play(or to uninstall takes forever too))

BTW I'm not talking about big games just those small ones you can get online and play for an hour or so

The problems first began when after moving and not having internet(still don't in fact...writing this from work) I tried to watch some DVDs and they sometimes would work and other times it acted like the 2 drives didn't have a DVD in either of them...I asked here about that problem before but it was thought that my two DVD drives failed at once with same symptoms

Either I have a lot of unrelated troubles or my win 7 has gotten corrupted and fixing that will fix my other problems

My last resort is of course a clean re-install but I'm trying to avoid that until I've tried everything else first

What makes it harder to diagnose is with no internet currently at home I have to find possible solutions on the computer at work and download them to my thumb drive then try them on my computer

I really don't think a lack of room is why the repair installation didn't work...I know that's what it said but over 300gs isn't enough space?

I do have an unused external drive with 1t of space on it I can try putting that repair installation on but like I said if 300g isn't enough then I doubt 1 terabyte will be enough either in this case

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Did you ever try it with a SINGLE GOOD DRIVE?

I've encountered techs that can't accept that drives can go bad in pairs. All it takes is a surge or just a bad day.

I've seen this issue with bad drives as the OS goes south and slow as the drives are not responding as expected. I know to unplug the drives for a test run.

Again, you will encounter techs that can't work the issues. They don't stay in the business long.

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I'll try with a new drive if

You can explain how having two malfunctioning DVD drives can affect my computer in so many ways

Where did all my restore points go? Why can't I set new ones? Why when I restart does it take more than 5 minutes to get to the beginning of a reboot and once there go blazingly fast like it always used to do for the entire process? Why can't I do a repair install without somehow "running out of room" for the install despite having more than 300gigs of space?

Are you really telling me that two DVD drives can both become defective at the same the same way and do all that?

Or have I somehow corrupted my OS and fixing that will fix everything else?

I'm not trying to be don't have all the information I have...there are countless other symptoms I've noticed that I make it so hard for me to accept your diagnosis of faulty drives

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Where do restore points go?

Unless I'm there to witness it I can't guess. We do know that System Restore is unreliable. That's why you read so much about backup, restore, repair and more.

There are far more ways to corrupt this OS than there are ways to repair it. I am not there so a clue may be spotted in person that we can't see here.

-> I'm unsure if any discussion about optical drives will convince you. I find most techs follow a predictable curve where they can't believe the drives go bad so soon, then later become disenchanted with drive life span and most end up reaching for a new drive first rather than futzing with it. You seem to be somewhere in the middle of the tech curve and still learning. You'll get there.

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My computer was built by me and my drives aren't

the cheapest you can buy...I know drives don't always last as long as you'd hope

But I find it difficult to think they'd both go out at the same time especially since one was rarely used and with all my other troubles I can't think of any way them malfunctioning could cause everything else I've been seeing

This weekend I'm gonna attach the new external drive and re-try the repair installation again and if this doesn't work I'll finally give up and back up everything and do a total re-install of Windows

Then if my DVD drives still don't work I'll bite the bullet and buy a new DVD drive and see what happens then

I'll let you know how it goes either way

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Re: repair install

No, it shouldn't. So I think something is wrong indeed. Might be you need to do a full install by going back to factory conditions from your recovery media or partition.


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Today I've seen it need more than 100GB

It's rare but usually happens when there are a lot of updates installed. The backup copies as the repair install proceeds can be enormous.

Given no reason for the repair install, I can't offer much else. It could be one of those rootkits that causes it or something else.

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