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GOPers really ought to stop talking about rape

Although I'm sure the Obama campaign would love them to keep on doing it.

Trying to distance himself from the "legitimate rape" comment that Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) made last week, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith (R) stirred up further controversy by comparing a pregnancy caused by rape to "having a baby out of wedlock."

Smith said Monday at the Pennsylvania Press Club that although he condemns Akin's comment, he agrees with Akin that abortion should be banned without any exceptions, including for rape and incest victims. Pressed by a reporter on how he would handle a daughter or granddaughter becoming pregnant as a result of rape, Smith said he had already "lived something similar to that" in his family.

"She chose life, and I commend her for that," he said. "She knew my views. But, fortunately for me, I didn't have to ... she chose the way I thought. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't rape."

When a reporter asked Smith to clarify what kind of situation was similar to becoming pregnant from rape, the candidate responded, "Having a baby out of wedlock."

He added, "Put yourself in a father's position. Yes, it is similar."

First he tried to say it wasn't like rape and then he corrected himself, saying "Yes, it is similar."

Ay yi yi. Again.

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Reporting: GOPers really ought to stop talking about rape
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As I've said before, if abortion services were provided free ONLY to black people, or ONLY to any other ethnic group, it might wake people up to realize it's a form of genocide.

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(NT) What does ethnicity have to do with his comment?
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Everything, and nothing

Depends on the rape victim and perp. It's foolish not to recognize one might be inclined more toward abortion following a rape resulting in conception, if the rapist was of a different race. However I'm not sure if you are asking about his comment concerning rape, or concerning abortion.

that abortion should be banned without any exceptions, including for rape and incest victims.

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You ought to run for office as a Republican

You're just as clueless about these things as they are, and just as willing to demonstrate it.

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I will take that

as a compliment, source considered.

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No doubt

I can just hear the thought process now. A woman has been attacked, beaten and raped, brutalized in an attack that will traumatize her for the rest of her life, and when she later finds out she's pregnant as a result of that assault and she's repulsed by that fact, her friends ask, "Well, was the guy white?"

Really, please, run for office and tell people all about the racial aspects of pregnancy from rape.


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I don't need to

Dispel your ignorance by asking any woman who wasn't just raped, but also conceived from a cross race rape. Ask the social services which babies aren't aborted are placed into state care instead of accepted into the existing family structure. Ask the abortion clinics how many abortions are due to cross race conceptions, both from rape and from casual sex. It's a fact. It might not be one you feel comfortable with, but nevertheless it's still a strongly motivating factor for many women when looking at how it will affect their existing families or future chances of marriage. It's a fact that most white women who give birth to a child of African descent (rape or consensual) will have a difficult time finding any white man who will marry her. I've seen it too often, for the most part nobody may be deliberately cruel to them, they just become shunned by white men. There's probably statistics on it somewhere you can check out.

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I'm not going to research your wild claims for you

You claim these are facts; back them up.

I think it's a lot of nonsense rooted in your own personal racial attitudes, and that you know even less about these matters than the Republican candidates who saw fit to opine on them.

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You might also be interested in the adoption side

of all this. Notice the terrible track record of using foster homes for children. I think the older setup of orphan homes managed to turn out better statistics for children who'd aged out of the system.

You might like to think race makes no difference in all of this, and maybe in a perfect world it wouldn't, but you'd be wrong to blind yourself to the reality.

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Some links for you
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I'd agree partly with you

but think most of it was over 20 years ago.

Besides doubting it's quite as bad, the interracial marriage rate now makes your insistence she can't find a white husband sound racists in itself.

I don't see a problem with the fact that many do prefer their own so to speak. It's true for all groups, not just white Americans.

In the 80's a woman worked in the same group as I did. Her daughter had two kids by a black guy. She actually called them Indian rather than talk about them as having a black father. I doubt you'd find much of that left. And although the experience is limited, the few younger people I've been around are even less aware of the difference.

Indeed, it seems now more awareness and prejudice against Hispanics than blacks in many communities.

How can you always see how race causes problems in every situation, but ignore associations like the peanuts to animals, other stereo types or common phrases racial connotations to many?

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Do a search

Google "white women, black children" or "white women, mixed race children" and "white women, biracial children". There's quite a bit of info out there on the continuing stigma of white women who are left single with biracial children. Some of the black women sites on the subject really get excited about it.

Also interesting is how few white men marry black women, but those who do have a much better chance of an enduring marriage than when it's the other way around. In fact such marriages have a higher success rate last I checked than where the couple is both white. Maybe some is due to income disparity between white and black men, but maybe other factors enter into it also.

It's still very much alive because human nature doesn't really change that much. I'm not sure if it works that badly against black females with a half white child or not, or if there's some difference in how they are treated by potential white or black male partners. Studies show black women are more devoted to same race when seeking partner, Asian women the least. I doubt race is a factor in that, probably more social influences of acceptance or rejection, otherwise how would one account for the differences for black males seeking partners outside their race more than men of other racial backgrounds?

Obviously society still has a large effect on who men of each race seek as a partner. Those raising daughters should at least make them aware of the way society might treat them based on their choice of partners, no matter what race they are. An idealist hope for society should always be tempered with a realist knowledge of what currently exist in society. These females shouldn't be left clueless on what they might face later on and how it might affect them, probably for the rest of their life.

As for the peanut question, I can't understand why everyone immediately assumes it's racist, my first reaction would have been they were hitting at her because of being a CNN (considered liberal) reporter. I guess I don't just immediately assume race as the factor in everything, not sensitized to it as much as liberals seem to be. As I asked, were they doing this to other black people, or maybe did they do it to any other liberal news media person?

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RE: did they do it to any other liberal news media person?
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"If I heard of any"?

I don't waste my time looking for stuff like that. A couple of people in no position of authority act up and you'd think that's the biggest story of the day to hear some Liberals go on about it. It's drivel. Useless info. Waste of bandwidth.

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RE: I don't waste my time
I don't waste my time looking for stuff like that. A couple of people in no position of authority act up and you'd think that's the biggest story of the day to hear some Liberals go on about it. It's drivel. Useless info. Waste of bandwidth.

However YOU do make post like this

Liberalism 101

I didn't visit your link, so I have no idea what in there except for the title you put on it.

Thank you for spreading the Liberal word? It's drivel. Useless info. Waste of bandwidth?

it appears YOU DO WASTE your time.
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Another "don't waste your time story".
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Oh good JP, you found it

Since you enjoyed the RNC story about the CNN reporter, I just KNEW you'd enjoy another story about reporters. Wink

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RE: asking any woman who wasn't just raped,
asking any woman who wasn't just raped, but also conceived from a cross race rape.

So, you're out having dinner with your friends and neighbours and you blurt out

You were raped by a person of another race and conceived from a cross race rape, weren't you?...What are your feelings?
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Stop digging, James

The hole is just getting deeper.

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I'll leave that for you to do

...on some dinner date.

The usual method is "Oh, I see you adopted a mixed race child, how nice". Typically said by a Liberal.

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RE: "how nice". Typically said by a Liberal.

that's understood, a Conservative would never assume anyone could do something nice.

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Yup, I've said "Oh, I see you adopted a mixed race child, how nice" so many times I've lost count.

You're priceless.

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No, I'd run on that as a Democrat

Because then it would become acceptable.

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