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GOP is starting to carpet bomb WV with commercials

We have both senate and house seats up for grabs this year, that have regularly gone to the same democratic candidates in the past.

The thing is... every commercial run for GOP candidates, has nothing to do with WV. These are WV elections, and all the GOP commercials talk about is Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Obamas agenda. There is no mention at all, of any issues that actually concern my state.

The Dems aren't much better, since all their commercials are countering the mud slinging that has occurred in the local papers, and don't really address WV issues.

I don't need my local election to be a referendum on national politics. I wish my state's candidates would remember that.


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Reporting: GOP is starting to carpet bomb WV with commercials
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Six of one...a half dozen of the other

Grim...there's no difference in either of them. Neither is better or worse. Personally, I don't even know the parties of many of the candidates here unless I look them up and many of the offices they are running for should have nothing to do with policy anyway. Our country's campaigning and election process is an embarrassment. Sad

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I watched 6 GOP commercials and 2 Dem ones in 10 minutes

I can tell already, that we (my state) is gonna be pounded with political advertisements that have nothing to do... with my state.

I'm writing in Robert Byrd for senate this year... because even a dead man has more concern for the state than the current crop of candidates.

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All I hear is that every candidate claims that

they will fight. That's a promise I know will be kept by all. Wink

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HA HA !!

Democrats are still running against Bush !!!

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And losing!


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huh ? What does your comment have to do with the topic?

The GOP is bringing an impressive amount of advertising money into my state.

The advertisements have nothing to do with State issues. They don't have anything to do with Bush either.

Should I assume you are just trying to be glib and provocative?

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"I don't need my local election to be a referendum on national politics"

Is it that hard for you to keep your own train of thought??

Democrats are still running against Bush.

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Very glib...

are you trying to be provocative?

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It's not my fault

People lose track of their own thought process

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I guess the dems are still running against Bush...

... because he was the reason the GOP lost in 2008. I mean, why change a successful strategy?

That only makes sense, since even the Tea Party stands against everything Bush did. It is amazing how many GOP candidates will be losing to Tea Party conservatives this coming fall.

All the Tea Party has to do is remind the country that the GOP is repeating the same empty promises of fiscal conservatism that they failed to live up to over the past 10 years.

I see what you mean now Mike. Thanks for brining it up !


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It's ironic that Bush is now more popular

than the Democrats including Obama. It doesn't seem like a good idea to run against someone who is more popular than you are.

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Bush is more popular?

That must be why he is spending all his time stumping on the campaign trail for the GOP right now.

Oh wait...

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The Dems are doing this in Illinois

They don't want to talk about their record so they mud sling with no sense of embarrassment. It is amazing to see candidates brazenly lieing as they look you in the face. Conversely, the Republicans are far better able to talk about the issues.

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(NT) Lies are pretty much all they have.

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