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Google...ya' gotta love it

I made a typo when doing a search, a financial commentator made the comment that "Trump doesn't have a clue"...part of the search I entered was "Trump doesn't have a glue". instead of clue

financial AND GLUE?

So Google provided links about Trump's financial advisor Stephen Miller eating Glue.....

President Donald Trump’s advisor, Stephen Miller, ate glue in third grade, a liberal, 72 year-old teacher claims in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Wednesday.

In the piece titled, ”Stephen Miller's Third-Grade Teacher: He Was a ‘Loner’ and Ate Glue,” “as told to” Senior Editor Benjamin Svetkey, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District teacher Nikki Fiske makes the scandalous accusation, calling Miller “a strange dude”

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that's funny !

I think he's more than strange though - some photos of him (well, most!) he looks like either Zuckerberg's even less photogenic brother or a borderline psychopath. Kind of guy one would cross the street to avoid!


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That's Liberal Google for you.

Bing is better, they don't do that targeting and diversion in their search results, at least not so blatantly.

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I stopped using all search

engines other than Bing...AltaVista was really good and I used it exclusively but stopped using it when Yahoo bought them out. "AltaVista was a Web search engine established in 1995. It became one of the most-used early search engines, but lost ground to Google and was purchased by Yahoo! in 2003, which retained the brand, but based all AltaVista searches on its own search engine. On July 8, 2013, the service was shut down by Yahoo! and since then the domain has redirected to Yahoo!'s own search site."

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I came across duckduckgo and have used it

without trouble.
Remember, Bing is part of the hated BSOD empire! Happy

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other bygone search engines

I used and before google came along. Now those sites default to Disney.

When google was young I promoted it's use. Over the years however it's become a huge political-social monster now, trying to impose the will of the few at the top of it on everyone else, sort of an Orson Welles concept of mind control in his book 1984.

I have a gmail "trash" account, and had their "Voice" system added for awhile, but dropped it for lack of use. I had Youtube account before it was part of Google, and was really pissed off when Google bought it, and also started consolidating it all into Google, while part of it remains nominally a separate entity.

ATT became the main communications network 100+ years ago, but we finally used anti-trust action to break it up. We need to do that again for Fios/internet connections, keeping them as a utility, but one that doesn't interfere with content, only supply the transmission lines, like ATT did in past. Separate the content and control providers from the actual internet hardware structure, and break apart some of these huge social networks, keep an eye on them to avoid "content collusion" and anti-competitive practices, such as Standard Oil did when buying out all competitors, till it was broken apart, having become too large, too monopolistic, where it's power was wielded exclusively by Rockefeller.

Today, the social networking powers are Facebook, Twitter, Google, and to some extent Youtube (owned by Google). That places a huge amount of control over 2nd Amendment protected content at risk of their CEO's personal whims, on who can "speak" and who will be effectively "blocked" from "equality in speech, protection of their speech". Just look at one small example, such as what happened to actor James Wood. What he tweeted is nothing compared to the absolute vile that pours out constantly on Twitter from the Liberal side. Speech Controllers, not having proper balance between opinions, not even handed "moderation" which is a joke to even use "moderate" in relation to what Twitter does in their "speech control" system.

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There was a very small

footprint 3 part program that someone from ZDNET wrote long ago for W95/98 that stopped working for XP and was never 'upgraded'. Each part would install its own search engine on your desktop where it would find a news story and provide a URL for locations, or find a specific website and enter a URL for it, or actually find a specific file if you knew its name and provide a list of URLS that you could download it from. That suite was the coolest program I ever used.....when it went away I wrote the author and begged him to update it for XP and he told me it just wasn't worth the effort but he also wouldn't give me permission to take the program from him and get it updated by someone else so it went away forever. I was so sad you would have thought my dog died....LOL. I kept the suite (a zip file) for many years in an 'obsolete' folder on my external harddrive to remind me every so often to be grateful for the days when program actually were built for the user and not some advertiser bucks or that made it so bloated and invasive that your computer slowed to a crawl when none of that was necessary. I always had the attitude that if I really liked your program I would gladly pay for it after 30 days of use so you had money to keep it updated since they nearly all had the ability to turn itself off at that time slot.

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That file locator...more info

That part of the suite would, although it gave you a number of URLS where the file was located would ONLY download the file itself immediately from your NEVER took you physically to the website where you would wait for a site to load up on your screen so you ONLY got what you wanted without all the crap you get today when you try to get a file quickly. The other two parts of that suite would actually open up a window at the site you chose just like when you click a link to a URL today.

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sounds like a front page...

....for FTP content across many sites. That would be quite handy.

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Sergei will be first against the wall

when the revolution comes.

Sergei. Say, ain't that a Commie name?

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That's Sergey Brin, Toni. Look him up. On Yahoo.
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Yes, I know the internet says Sergey.

My spellchecker, common usage, and I prefer Sergei. We win.
Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Eisenstein ...

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... and your guy's screed is on ...?

That's why we stay with the Bible. Grin
Saw a lady online who proved that the Monster energy drink is a work of the devil. 'Convert their stylized M into Hebrew and you get 666.'

James, Paul had good advice for all at 1Tim 1:4 and Titus 1:9 (which we studied just last night). Expand the teaching to 'weird internet stuff', and you're protected.

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This is about Google

Anything else, which you have religious objections to what HE believes in, take it up with him. He's in Australia. Some sort of independent "Baptist" group there.

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Is that what's called "walking back"?

Your post; youtube video by a guy who's against youtube and Google; religiously motivated; thinks all "christians" should agree with him ...

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Youtube is owned by Google

It's not Google. It was Youtube before a part of Google. Other than combining the profile datas between Google and Youtube, the other problem is their main page presentation at Youtube. Get past that and it mostly was same as before, but lately Youtube had increased attacks on some Youtube accounts, which means it eventually will be just as bad as Twitter and Facebook on content control being used to direct toward a particular political or social leaning.

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In the news.
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hit me once

I did a video that had TV on, to the side. It wasn't published, so must have been that content ID stuff. As I recall it said something about control content and the creator could monetize it, or remove it. I clked OK for creator to get the blocker thing gone, and then removed it entirely. I don't monetize anything at Youtube. It was video I only wanted to use their editing software on it, and then copy back the edited mp3 to my computer, then kill it on site.

"Instead, the majority of claims are created through YouTube’s Content ID match system. This system scans videos uploaded to YouTube against a database of files submitted to the site by copyright owners. Then, when a match is found, the copyright holder owner can choose to block the video or monetize it themselves, and track the video’s viewership stats."

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That title.

Hope it didn't leave a mark.

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Yes, James, I know.

If it walks back like a duck ...

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RE: they don't do that targeting and diversion

they don't do that targeting and diversion in their search results,

Google does give you the option to include OR exclude certain words FROM the results.

Some people recall a couple items in a story and are looking for the "rest of the story"

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go google

"hillary's emails"

See how many of the results are all liberal "why should we care" sort of choices on google. The first ones are ALWAYS Liberal ones. Continue to go down the page, and liberal news sources are like 75% of those provided. Google does this crap ALL the time. So, for me, they are gone, ended, no more.

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Bill, you're so naïve.

(Saving taps) James, you're so naïve.

Someone always wants something from you.

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Santa Monica/Malibu.

They're all wackos out there. Run away! Run away!

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Of course he was a loner.

Who would want to give him a hug?

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Ate glue

What kind of nutty stuff did you do in 3rd grade?

If he's still eating glue today that's different.

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I suspect that teacher was a jerk then, and still one now. My first 3rd grade teacher was too, seemed to focus on me for her abuse. I got transferred into a different 3rd grade class and she was a wonderful teacher, and my grades improved. She came to the school in middle of school year and all teachers donated their "problem" students to her. We were an all boy class. We all improved. She was so great, we all wanted to please her, such a pleasant person, that she got the school award for "most improved class" at end of year. We were her "Lost Boys". Her name was Ms Andrews at Longfellow Elementary in Houston Tx. The kindly principal was Mr. Hood, who after talking with my parents, said he'd make sure I ended up in her class when she arrived. What prompted that, was I had run away from school one day when told to report to principal's office yet again, and instead left the school and walked 5 miles home, along some busy streets, but getting there later than I would have from bus. Police picked me up a few remaining blocks from home. I finally told my parents why I'd dropped from AB to CD student and how the first teacher had been treating me.

So, when I hear what this former 3rd grade teacher said, I was reminded of that, and suspect this teacher was likely just as bad.

Post was last edited on August 16, 2019 10:52 PM PDT

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RE: We were an all boy class. We all improved.

all boy class, eh?......NO (female) distractions then?...

Except for the teacher?.....

That's me over here trying to impress the ONLY female in the room?

Marks improved?....GO FIGURE.

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Few years ago we had a HS maths teacher

behaving strangely. She's gone now.
It's known as The Legend of Drunken Math Teacher.

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Thank you Mr Hood and Ms Andrews.

Good that you remembered, James; they live on here.
Mine was my HS French teacher, Mrs Robinove. I was an indifferent (l-o-u-s-y, indifferent) student, but she ran a tight ship. Had lots of fun learning from her, and all my grades improved. Years later I stopped in to see her, and told her the above. She said, "Why did you do better?" I said, "Because I was afraid of you!" LOL all around.

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If I was Stephen Miller

I would buy a box of glue tubes, and send that to his former teacher this coming Christmas. Include a spoon.

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