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Google Pixel XL v. iPhone 7plus

Dec 16, 2018 1:37PM PST

Hello to all Happy.... Currently I'm using a Moto e4 and I'm having a hard time making the decision to stick with Android and get the Google Pixel XL, or make the big switch to iOS and get the iPhone 7 plus? If you have experience with one, or both phones, I'd love to know what their everyday use is like. Thanks:")

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Clarification Request
Why the old iPhone?
Dec 16, 2018 1:48PM PST

Seems odd given the story so far.

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Price range
Dec 16, 2018 10:41PM PST

Because the iPhone 7 plus is within my price range... I can't afford the newer iPhone models....and both phones were released in 2016..... If I'm correct.

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If price is the issue.
Dec 17, 2018 10:16AM PST

Go look at the Moto G 5th or 6th gen models. I carry the Moto G 5th gen and it works very well and love not having to charge it daily.

My brother has the iPhone 7 w/256GB storage and it fell victim to the "antenna module" failure. Seems there's a design bug in that model so be sure you get a long warranty.

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