1.) Bob takes the approach of offering key words, hints, etc, and leaving the rest up to you...instead of giving you the answer with step by step directions he gives you what you need to find the answer and instructions, hoping you'll learn more in the process. Don't take offense...it's just his style. (In this case he was suggesting you look it up on Google since it's a common question/topic.)

2.) I'm guessing your above reply was submitted as the start of a new thread due to a current forum glitch which should be fixed shortly. The workaround is to log into Cnet before clicking the 'reply' button.

3.) To answer your question, DRM is ''Digital Rights Management.'' It's a technology that limits what a user can and cannot do with the song/recording, protecting the author's copyright and preventing piracy. Examples would be it not being able to be burned to CD, expiring after so many fays, or not being usable on an MP3 player. All are valid limitations the author could impose, and such could be the case here. Thus, you should find out if the audio books you downloaded feature DRM.

Another possible cause of the problem is a corrupted file. Have you tried playing the audio books on your computer and see if the files are in tact? Do that first...if they fail to play then it is a problem with the files, not your player.

Finally, what format are these files in? (WMA, WAV, MP3, etc.) It could be that your MP3 player cannot handle the respective format, so you may have to convert them, if permitted.

Let us know.

P.S. If possible, please provide a link to some of the audiobooks. That should help immensely.