Good work/light gaming pc

Hi! I'm trying to find a good PC for light gaming and schoolwork. I have a budget just about three hundred British pounds. I've looked at the surface 3 (and pro), anyone have suggestions on what PC (that I can get from eBay) would be good? An old macbook?

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Let's hear what that game is.

I'm running into folk that want to run OverWatch and call that light gaming. Another person meant light as in the weight of the unit.

At 300 £ and in the used market you'll be all over the map. To get a clear idea of gaming I can only answer if I know the make and model, then I can see if the game ran and if there were test results.

On top of that, I can't guess if the used machine has issues. I can only answer as if the machine worked like new.

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I want to play team fortress 2, unturned and some day maybe CSGO. I just want to know a few laptops that might be good so I can start from somewhere.

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Used changes all the time
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Here's a model I'm looking for

Well, as much as a two in one like the surface WOULD be good, I'll just stick with a laptop. Maybe something made by HP (The only company I really trust right now, my Lenovo pc used to go bonkers with the blue screen of death whenever I downloaded something and my Asus tablet.. It was supposed to be a gaming one, but couldn't even load up flappy bird)

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But used models come and go. I'm no HP fan as they couldn't rectify an issue with my (literally) last HP and burned me at 3 months. I can't guess why a big company like that would walk on a warranty and since they never said sorry or took care of the issue I can't write nice about them.

Let's read a specific model to go get specs and results. The used marked and that price point means you get to do the searching since new units are more than that.

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(NT) Got any suggestions?
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Let me write this.

"Gamers" and I mean all the gamers I know will never be happy with onboard Intel graphics. Those are OK for playing video and card games but TF2? You can find that it barely worked before updates years ago. Today? You need dedicated graphics.

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I could run tf2 on my old potato and I can run it on my current PC (which has 32 Mb of video ram) can run it. I don't really care about graphics, just an fps over 40 will do.

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(NT) I am not the typical gamer though ..
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OK, we have the beginnings of a specification.

So 40 FPS on unknown settings of TF2.

Now start posting what machines you are finding and members can see if there are TF2 tests on those.

Or you could google those results for faster answers.

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A PC name

So I want to play tf2 on medium settings, all gamemodes (and maybe make a replay). I also want to use the PC for some really light editing (basically cutting and placing an image over the footage). Are there any 2 in 1s that could do that well except for the surface?

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That's a much higher specification.

Recording gameplay so far seems to double the work and spec of a gaming PC. That's not light editing IMO.

The surface to do this would be the high end models. Remember you want me to advise what will do all that. So that removes what will be troublesome at times and moves my advice to what will play well.

Maybe you need to reconsider laptops for something from the PC MasterRace?

They are at

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Do you think..

the Asus transformer is a good idea? since it's a laptop but the keyboard can flex behind the screen and the tablet part can be used as a tablet.

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I own a t100 on W10.

It's a total miss for what you are asking it to do.

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What would you recommend thenm

The 100t? What brand?

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I can't given the criteria, price and location.

You gave up a very low price, so that removed all new laptops from the field.

Next it appears you are shopping used in a market that I don't know about so this is why you have to start supplying the forum with models for members to take shots at.

I've already written that no Intel graphics need apply for the gamers I know.

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Ill go with a Lenovo PC

Any normal PCs could you recommend used for that price? They could've costed more when originally released but now cost 300 on eBay.

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I guess I was unclear.

You have to share the models you are considering. Ebay in what country and more means I can't shop for you.

There are thousands of Lenovo models so I can't write that's it either.

This is an international and now Sol system forum so when you post with limits like this, there's a way but you have to work at it.

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Correction it was an Asus t100t

It has the keyboard with the 500GB HDD in it. Interesting machine but for TF2. Nope.

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Should I just get a think pad? They're powerful and normally around 200 hundred for the X230 and bellow

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I have a bigger budget

I did some math and now I have a 425 pound budget. Are there any powerful machines I could find?

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I have to write no.

Remember I'm not there to dig around Ebay for you but am more than willing to opine about models you found.

For the usual gamer today we want to see some minimums. That would be:
a. A laptop noted for gaming.
b. The i3 or better CPU (not as important really as c)
c. A dedicated GPU. Today I want to see the 960m or better.

Then I'm off to the internet to see if reviews are kind enough. I read notebookcheck and CNET reviews too.

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I found
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Very nice gamer.

Hope it's in good shape and game on!

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(NT) Thanks for the advice!

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