The Shine may be a little bit on the flat side, and I can see why you would say that it might become a problem with your fingers, but rest assured. The keys are spacious enough to text and IM with. Plus, it's stylish.

Pantech Duo might not be the top phone from reviewers and for specific reasons, but don't let a review select your phone for you. Try it out for yourself and see how you like it. You're going to be the one using the phone, so listening to someone else's opinion about it doesn't answer everything. Base a product on your taste and your needs.

Samsung Blackjack IS a smartphone or as some people like to call it a Blackberry-wannabe...and even though you don't activate the full blown email/data package it still has the basic functions like calendar, calc, notes, alarms, and pretty much all the standard functions. It's a nifty little thing, so if you want to travel like, this is the phone to get.

Now, do not get the Blackberry OR the Blackjack or any type of commercial smartphones that are really big into the email on the go deal if you don't want to activate it in the first place. That'll be a big waste of money, and you'll be better off with a simple phone. Motorola has a lot of useful phones for dirt cheap, so you should check out their website. Also, if you do want to put your keys and cell in the same pocket you can just by a plastic cover for the screens, or a protective case for it. There's a lot of designs that are light and clings to the phone so you don't feel weight down by the extra ounces.

Here's some phones you might want to check out:

Samsung A437
LG CE110
Nokia 2610