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Good Housekeeping tip

(from my mailbox)

"TIP . . . Always keep several get well cards on the mantel..... so if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've been sick and unable to clean."

(Another I heard years ago was to set up the ironing board with accompanying paraphernalia so unexpected guests think you have been busy ironing.)Happy

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and don't forget

my old trick pull the vacuum oo the closet to the middle of the living room... Of course I was just getting ready to clean house....

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I've discovered

that the fastest way to have your neighbors show up to see what progress you're making on the landscaping is to thoroughly clean the INSIDE, then go OUTSIDE and trek all that crap back into the house on your shoes, barefeet, and clothes.....and then have them ask if they can use your now filthy again bathroom before they leave. I've gotten to where I hand them a shovel as they enter so they can dig their way into that room.......


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I Grab a hand towel real fast before answering the door.It gives the impression you were Starting/in the middle of/finishing the dishes(or loading dishwasher!)
BTW,I know there are more guys out there that house clean!Come on fellas,take off your apron and post a tip!
Besides,I clean house better than my g/f

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(NT) (NT) I just don't let anyone unannounced in the door ;-)
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i let the wife "entertain" for a few minutes

then i grab a dish cloth, crawl out the door and ask if it's ok to take a break...

works evry time Happy


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(NT) (NT) That made me chuckle!
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Here's how I do it

I tell my wife I'm having a small gathering for the coming weekend....''just family and don't do anything special''. By some miracle, the place becomes clean...It works every time. Devil

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The two worst jobs are cleaning the oven(I have to get really hungry b4 I use it again) and window washing(No birds are accidently crasing into MY windows)

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Toilets ...

... (or more accurately surrounding floors/objects) if there are men/boys in the house! They should all be trained to sit and tuck Wink

Evie Happy

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You need to read your own post

about window cleaning and apply it to toilets. If the outside is already dirty (because you have guys in the house) why bother cleaning the inside? Wink

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Derek got tired of having to scrub

the floor and seat all the time (I refused to do it for him) and he started going out on the porch and using the grass and bushes instead.......then I chased him to the fence lines since he was killing my stuff. Then he tried to be a real smarty and decided to crap in the woods....until he got poison oak all over his 9-year-old butt, couldn't sit down in school and I had to pick him up, bring him home, and watched his head hit the ceiling fan when I scrubbed his butt down with bleach.

He immediately stopped shaking his 'thang' so hard in the bathroom, and learned NOT to turn his whole body when he turned his head while daydreaming as he was going.


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Hubby used to go out back ...

... until we got neighbors. Unfortunately waiting for him to clean "his" toilet only makes it worse when I eventually do! Sinks & toilets are my job cuz he gets nauseous. I figure it's worse if I have to clean up puke AND the other stuff!

Evie Happy

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What's frustrating here is that we have a lot of iron in our well water. In the lesser used toilets, it's enough to settle out and leave a brown film that looks just like a toilet that hasn't been cleaned in months. It is especially embarrassing with the upstairs toilet that only gets used with guests. I have forgotten a time or two to clean that toilet before guests arrive, easy to forget since it hasn't been used since it was cleaned after the previous guests left!

Evie Happy

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Windows ...

... what a PITA most new ones are. My mom had windows that tilted in for easy cleaning of the outer surface. My newer windows offer no such option it really is a royal PITA to wash the outside. My motto is that if the outside is dirty anyway, why bother cleaning the inside?

Evie Happy

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